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Activities Committee

Linger Longer--Stay after church to socialize, share treats and snacks, say hello to new ward members, say good-bye to members moving away, celebrate a happy ward occasion

Ward Dance--learn ballroom, line dancing, square dancing, etc. and then enjoy your new knowledge

Adult Prom--get all fancied up for a fun dance in a wholesome atmosphere, maybe youth could help serve

Ward Birthday Party

Play pin the tie on the bishopric
Name that Hymn/Primary song
Here's Your Life (feature ward members)
Mixer--find someone who _______ list (Fact Finding Mission for example)
Newlywed/Longwed game show
Did you know?  Ward history trivia
Birthday cake or picnic
Bring a friend

Adult Prom

Ward Pinewood Derby

Have a "heat" for each organization, then have an overall race based on the winners

Give matchbox cars for prizes

Serve food that you find at car races

Pioneer Party

Cricket Toss (black clothes pins tossed into a barrel or bucket for points)
Relay games--eat a cracker and whistle a hymn, pull a handcart to "Promised Land," dress in pioneer clothes and pull handcart back to next team member
Pie for refreshments
Broom pull
Taffy pull
Square dance
Fishing (for prizes)
Bob for apples
Dress as pioneers, decorate wagons, have a parade (indoor or outdoor), prizes for costumes and participation

We had a Pioneer Day celebration in which each auxiliary built a handcart for handcart race at the park.  It was a
lot of work, but was great fun. ~Karen

Halloween/Fall Party

Costume party with awards and parade
Bob for apples
Chili cook-off
Trunk or Treat or decorate rooms in the Church
Carnival games and activities

Christmas Party

Night in Bethlehem (recreate 1st century Bethlehem with Middle Eastern food, shops, coins, tax collector, then actout Christmas story)

Christmas song program and good food

Act out Christmas Story--use most of ward for various parts, good costumes, lots of songs

Service Project--collect food, clothes, supllies, make quilts

White elephant gift exchange

Sing along hymns and slide show about Christ

New Year's Eve

Family Game Night

Elegant Dinner/Dance for adults or families  (see Dance ideas and Etiquette Dinner)


Skit Night--pick a theme or let each group choose their own.  Give a bag of stuff for them to incorporate into skit if you wish.  Theme ideas--nursery rhymes, sesame street, dating disasters, at school, movies, musicals,

Lipsync competition--choose lighthearted LDS appropriate songs.  Try 50's songs, children's songs, silly songs, etc.

Perform church ads--give each group a product and perform the ads 20 minutes later (for a pioneer theme try cricket control, seagull treats, wagon replacement parts, the flour cookbook, hunting equipment, bonnets, public service message against "menaces to society," etc. For modern theme, try missionary needs stores, food storage, minivans, Jell-o cookbook, tablecloth gallery, BYU games, LDS books, missionary videos, future  activities, etc.)

Improv Theater night

Talent Show and Sing Along

Testimony Developing Activities

Book of Mormon Night

Bible Night

Doctrine and Covenants Night

Carnival of Life

Do You Have My Name?

Fun and Games

Share your favorite childhood games night

Touch Football

LDS Holiday party (celebrate 24th of July, anniversary of 1st flower arrangement in Relief Society, the invention of Jell-o, the development of the minivan, and other uniquely LDS holidays)

Get to know you games
1.  M&M  (Tell Me About It)
Everyone chooses an m&m.  then the host brings out a chart (or even several charts) with colors that  match  topics such as:

yellow = something about childhood
red       = something about yesterday
blue     = something learned at church on Sunday
brown = something that happened at a high school dance
orange = what happened on your 10th birthday then you tell about yourself according to the color of m&m you chose. 

2.  Pass around a roll of toilet paper. Everyone tears off as much as they 'use'.  Then for every square they  have to tell something about themselves. This is great because people don't know what your about to do.    Some have much to tell

3.  Draw It Out - everyone picks a name from a hat, of some who is at the party and tells no one.  Then they  have to draw something about the person that will help others guess who it is.  Can be hysterical.

4. Nearly Dead - older version of Newly Wed game.

5. Liars Club - Each person makes three statements about themselves. 2 statements are true, 1 is a lie.  This  is very fun because many people have done things that sound untrue. Everyone tries to guess.  Very  fun.

6. Most Embarrassing Moments - all guests write their most embarrassing moments and put into hat. Pass hat around have people read different ones and try to guess who it is.  

7. Couple and Easels -  They had 2 easels set up with paper on them.  2 couples were at the easels.  The  husbands were given a tool or object and they had to describe it to their wives who had to draw it on the  easel and guess what their husbands were holding.  The one who guesses first wins. Actually you could do it with just one easel and one couple at a time if there are not a lot of people there.  It is really funny to hear  the one person describe something and the partner try to draw it and figure out what it is.

8. Put names of famous people (prophets, scriptural characters ) on 3 by 5 cards.   Put one on each person's back...they have to get hints about who they are by only asking "yes" or "no" questions. 

9. A fun game that we played at our last High Priest social was a name game. We made a list of all the last names of High Priests and had the men fill in the blanks for the wives names.  The one with the least  answers won a can of prunes.  It was a great ice breaker and a wonderful get to know you for the new  members in the ward.  


1.  The Friendship Game - Everyone stands in a circle and just grabs someone's hand.   You will end up  holding hands with two different people.  Then the circle must be untangled with no break in the hands.   Very fun.

2.  I Have NEVER -  everyone is seated and one person standing, but there is no seat for them.  The person  standing says, (for example) "I have NEVER been to Salt Lake City". Only those who have never been to  SLC can remain sitting. Everyone else must find a seat  ;o)  the person left standing is 'it'  and the game  continues, with the person who is 'it' making another 'I have never' statement.

3.  The Blanket Game - divide group into 2 teams.  Have each team gather on their own blanket. They  must, as a team, turn the blanket over without touching the floor, if they touch the floor they must  straighten out the blanket and start over. The first team to accomplish this wins.  Size of blanket depends on size of group. If it's a smaller group use crib blankets.....

4.  Do You Love Your Neighbor? 
Everyone sits in a circle except for whoever is "it".  The stand in the center and will ask one person the  question, "Do you love your neighbor?"   Most of the time the person will say no, and then they will follow  with, but I do love people who........  and put in something like majoring in science... Then everyone who is  'majoring in science' has to jump up and change seats. This also gives the person who is "it" an opportunity to sit down.  Whoever is left in the middle becomes the next "it"   The person being asked also has the option of saying "Yes, I do love my neighbor" and then the two people sitting on either side of that person  have to trade seats without the person in the middle of the group taking one of their seats.

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Bowling or ward sports tournament

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