Second Coming of Christ

by Ezra Taft Benson

President Ezra Taft Benson

This is the last and great dispensation in which the great consummation of God's purposes will be made, the only dispensation in which the Lord has promised that sin will not prevail. The Church will not be taken from the earth again. It is here to stay. The Lord has promised it and you are a part of that Church and kingdom—the nucleus around which will be builded the great kingdom of God on the earth. The kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God on the earth will be combined together at Christ's coming—and that time is not far distant. How I wish we could get the vision of this work, the genius of it, and realize the nearness of that great event. I am sure it would have a sobering effect upon us if we realized what is before us. ("I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go," Church News [23 November 1946]: 8.)

I solemnly declare that the Lord has established His latter-day kingdom upon the earth in fulfillment of prophecies uttered by His ancient prophets and Apostles. Holy angels have again communed with men on the earth. God has again revealed Himself from heaven and restored to the earth His holy priesthood with power to administer in all the sacred ordinances necessary for the exaltation of His children. His Church has been reestablished among men with all the spiritual gifts enjoyed anciently. All this is done in preparation for Christ's second coming. The great and dreadful day of the Lord is near at hand. In preparation for this great event and as a means of escaping the impending judgments, inspired messengers have gone forth to the nations of the earth carrying this testimony and warning. (Stockholm Sweden Area Conference, 18 August 1974.)

This great time is drawing near. There is every evidence that His second coming is near at hand. I do not say that wars are over. I wish I could tell you that permanent peace is with us. I wish you would read that revelation given to Joseph Smith on Christmas day in 1832 regarding wars to come and in which the Civil War of my own country was predicted—in which it is recorded that war will continue to be poured out until nations will be no more (see D&C 87). Then the great theocracy, with Christ at the head, will be established. ("I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go," Church News [23 November 1946]: 8.)

Not many years hence Christ will come again. He will come in power and might as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And ultimately "every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ" (Romans 14:11; D&C 88:104; Mosiah 27:31). ("Joy in Christ," Ensign 16 [March 1986]: 5.)

All nations will see Him "in the clouds of heaven, clothed with power and great glory; with all the holy angels…. And the Lord shall utter his voice, and all the ends of the earth shall hear it; and the nations of the earth shall mourn, and they that have laughed shall see their folly. And calamity shall cover the mocker, and the scorner shall be consumed; and they that have watched for iniquity shall be hewn down and cast into the fire." (D&C 45:44, 49-50.)

When the Savior spoke of these signs and prophecies to His disciples in Jerusalem, they were apprehensive. He said to them, "Be not troubled, for, when all these things shall come to pass, ye may know that the promises which have been made unto you shall be fulfilled" (D&C 45:35). Do we realize we are living in the days of the fulfillment of these signs and wonders? We are among those who will see many of these prophecies fulfilled. Just as certain as was the destruction of the temple at Jerusalem and the scattering of the Jews, so shall these words of the Savior be certain to our generation. We know not the day nor the hour of His coming, but of this we may feel assured: We stand close to the great day of the Lord! (Come unto Christ, pp. 114-15.)

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