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Law of Consecration
"The Lord revealed several purposes for the law of consecration: to bring the Church to stand independent of all other institutions (D&C 78:14); to strengthen Zion, adorning her in beautiful garments, as a bride prepared and worthy of the bridegroom (D&C 33:17; 58:11; 65:3; 82:14, 18; etc.); and to prepare the Saints for a place in the Celestial Kingdom (D&C 78:7)." Encyclopedia of Mormonism
United Orders
""United orders" refers to the cooperative enterprises established in LDS communities of the Great Basin, Mexico, and Canada during the last quarter of the nineteenth century in an effort to better establish ideal Christian community and group economic self-sufficiency." Encyclopedia of Mormonism
Consecration in Ohio and Missouri
"The principles of consecration were implemented in various forms in Ohio and Missouri in the 1830s to provide for the needs of the poor and of a financially struggling Church" Encyclopedia of Mormonism
The Proper Role of Government
n this address, President Ezra Taft Benson defines the proper role of government in the lives of citizens.
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