Premortal Life


Triangulum Nebula, courtesy of NASA (Hubble Telescope photo PR96-27B)


Premortal Life
"Prior to mortal birth individuals existed as men and women in a spirit state and thus coexisted with both the Father and the Son. That period of life is also referred to as the first estate or pre-existence." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

"Foreordination is the premortal selection of individuals to come forth in mortality at specified times, under certain conditions, and to fulfill predesignated responsibilities." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

"In LDS discourse, the term "devil" denotes anyone who promotes the cause of evil, but it is especially applied to those unembodied spirits who rebelled against God in the premortal life and were cast down from heaven to this earth." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches that every person experiences a series of "births." All were born as spirit children of God in a premortal life. Second, these individual spirit children received a mortal, physical body when they were born on earth. Third, those who accept and live the gospel of Jesus Christ go through a process of being born again in a spiritual sense (see Born of God). Although these births are real, they do not in any way constitute any type of reincarnation." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

When Does the Spirit Enter the Womb?
"The time of quickening is when the mother feels the life of her unborn infant."  President Joseph Fielding Smith

"This theory is rejected by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Encyclopedia of Mormonism