People in the Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon Peoples
"At least fifteen distinct groups of people are mentioned in the Book of Mormon. Four (Nephites, Lamanites, Jaredites, and the people of Zarahemla [Mulekites]) played a primary role; five were of secondary concern; and six more were tertiary elements."

"Abinadi was a courageous prophet (150 B.C.), and the best known martyr in the Book of Mormon."

Alma the Elder
"Alma 1 (c. 174-92 B.C.) was the first of two Almas in the Book of Mormon. He was a descendant of Nephi 1, son of Lehi, and was the young priest in the court of king Noah who attempted a peaceful release of the prophet Abinadi."

Alma the Younger
"Few individuals have had greater influence upon a civilization than Alma 2, son of Alma 1. He was a key figure in the rise of the Nephite church and republic, serving as the first chief judge in Zarahemla, commander-in-chief of the Nephite army, and high priest (c. 90-73 B.C.)."

"Amulek (fl. c. 82-74 B.C.), a Nephite inhabitant of the city Ammonihah (Alma 8:20), was a wealthy man in his community (Alma 10:4). Formerly rebellious toward God, he heeded an angel of the Lord and became a missionary companion to Alma 2 (Alma 10:10)."

Brother of Jared
"The brother of Jared (c. 2200 B.C.) was the first Jaredite prophet. He led his people from "the great tower" in Mesopotamia to the Western Hemisphere. "A large and mighty man, and a man highly favored of the Lord" (Ether 1:34), he is remembered most for his very great faith that allowed him to see and converse face to face with the premortal Jesus Christ (Ether 3:13; 12:19-21) and to be shown in vision all the inhabitants and events of the earth from beginning to end (Ether 3:25)."




"Ezias was a prophet of Old Testament times whose prophecies were apparently recorded on the plates of brass, a record brought to the Western Hemisphere by the Book of Mormon prophet Lehi."

A description of three different men in the Book of Mormon known by the name of Helaman.

King Benjamin
"Benjamin, son of Mosiah1, was an important king in Nephite history (d. c. 121 B.C.)."

"Laman was the eldest of six sons of Lehi and Sariah. Lehi was the patriarchal head and prophet at the beginning of the Book of Mormon, and Laman opposed his father and his younger brother Nephi."

Lamanites are one of the major groups of people from the Book of Mormon.

"The patriarch and prophet Lehi led his family from Jerusalem to the western hemisphere about 600 B.C. and was the progenitor of two major Book of Mormon Peoples, the Nephites and the Lamanites."

"Mormon was a prophet, an author, and the last Nephite military commander (c. A.D. 310-385). The Book of Mormon bears his name because he was the major abridger-writer of the gold plates from which it was translated."

Moroni (son of Mormon)
Moroni 2 is the last prophet and author of the last book in the Book of Mormon. His life spanned the latter part of the fourth century and the early fifth century. He is often seen as the Angel Moroni on mormon temples.