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Family Activities

Activities and games for family fun and learning, plus activities to teach emergency preparedness

Family Unity Activities

Our Cultural Heritage

Notes: A Great Way to Communicate

Serving Others Together

Buzz Sessions


Role Playing


Reunions by Mail

Large Group Fun

Play DDR Dance Pad

Learning Activities

Making Work Fun

Learning Fun for Infants and Toddlers

Learning Fun for Preschoolers

Travel Games

Memory Magic

Strip Puzzles

Mind Stretchers

Magic Tricks



Making and Keeping Aids for Family Home Evenings

Creating Fancy Foods

Fun with Games

Cultural Activities

Sing Praises: Learning Our Hymns and Children's Songs

Appreciating Music

Arranging Flowers

Arts and Crafts

Christmas Crafts

Fun with Stories and Poems

Creating Pictures and Things

Enjoying Dance and Drama

Nature Activities

Hiking with Small Children

Activities in the Rain

Gardening in Containers

Bird Watching Close to Home


Making Snow Sculptures

Collecting and Preserving Shells

Physical Activities

Carpet Square Challenge

Number and Alphabet Grid Challenge

Marked Yard Games

Physical Fitness Award Program

Rhythmical Exercise Program

Family Physical Activity Center

Family Superstars

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Family Preparedness Activities

Emergency Supplies

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation

Treating Choking

Treating Shock

Treating Bleeding

Protecting Your Home against Fire

Coping with a Blackout

Making Your Home a Tough Target for Thieves

Earthquake Preparation

Making a Survival Kit

Water Safety Skills

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