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Family Home Evening Lessons

family home evening

Sample Family Home Evening lessons, including lessons for special occasions and holidays. At the end of each lesson, there are several additional ideas for future family home evening lessons.

Building an Eternal Family   Loving and Serving Our Heavenly Father
  1. Building Our Family through Home Evenings
  2. The Commandments--Gifts from a Loving Father
  3. The Gospel in Our Daily Lives
  4. Studying the Scriptures Together
  1. I Am a Child of God
  2. Nature--Evidence of Heavenly Father's Love
  3. Heavenly Father Answers Our Prayers
  4. We Can Choose
  5. Heavenly Father Provided Us a Savior
Developing Faith in Jesus Christ   Gaining the Guidance of the Holy Ghost
  1. Jesus Made Repentance Possible
  2. My Faith in Christ Can Grow
  3. Jesus Is My Example
  4. Baptism and the Name of Christ
  5. Partaking of the Sacrament


  1. Learning to Recognize the Spirit
  2. Gaining a Testimony through the Holy Ghost
Improving Our Family   Loving Our Neighbors
  1. Love at Home
  2. Unity through Family Prayer
  3. The Priesthood in Our Home
  4. A House of Order
  5. Family Unity
  6. Our Extended Family
  1. Loving Our Neighbors
  2. Understanding Those Who Are Different
  3. Developing Compassion
  4. Sharing Our Blessings
Special Occasions    
  1. A Child from God
  2. A Name and a Blessing
  3. Preparing for Baptism
  4. A Priesthood Ordination


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