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Roles of Parents

Building a Strong Family
You will want to study this section carefully. It can help you better understand your children and improve communications with them. This is a concern of most dedicated parents. It provides many real-life examples of how to effectively resolve some difficult family situations or problems when they arise.

Family Home Evening
"Family Home Evening is a weekly observance of Latter-day Saints for spiritual training and social activity, usually held on Monday evenings" Encyclopedia of Mormonism

Your Greatest Challenge, Mother
"I know of no better answer to [the] foul practices that confront our young people than the teachings of a mother, given in love with an unmistakable warning."
President Gordon B. Hinckley

Parents in Zion
President Boyd K. Packer discusses how to balance family and Church responsibilities.

Like a Flame Unquenchable
M. Russell Ballard suggests "four ways we can build a fortress of faith in our homes and particularly help prepare our youth to be clean and chaste and pure, completely worthy to enter the temple."

Talking with Children
One way parents can strengthen their friendship and communication with their children is to interview them regularly. This article discusses the interviewing process and gives twelve tips for parent child interviews.

To Mothers in Zion
President Ezra Taft Benson discusses the sacred calling of Motherhood and suggests ten specific ways our mothers may spend effective time with their children.

To the Fathers in Israel
President Ezra Taft Benson describes the sacred calling of a father as the most important calling in time and eternity for a man; and one from which he will never be released. He also gives 10 specific ways to give spiritual leadership.

Strengthening Families: Our Sacred Duty
Elder Robert D. Hales teaches parents how to strengthen their familes.

How to Encourage Scripture Study
A listing of specific ways to encourage your family to study the scriptures. Additions from site visitors welcome.


Teaching about Intimacy

A Parents Guide
The Lord has placed on you as a parent the primary responsibility to teach your children. Though this is a great responsibility, it is also a divine privilege to have Heavenly Father's children entrusted to your care. One of the most important concepts that the Lord expects you to teach your children is the righteous meaning and use of intimate physical relations between a man and a woman.

Intimacy and the Purposes of Earthly Families
This chapter will help you review and better understand the ultimate and eternal purposes for which you are raising your children and will explain how the teaching of human intimacy fits into these purposes.

Principles for Teaching Children
A discussion of ten principles to use in all your efforts to teach in the home, especially as you teach your children about human intimacy.

Teaching Infants and Toddlers
The period of life from birth to approximately three years of age is the time when a child becomes aware of gender—of being a boy or girl. As you read this chapter, remember that one of your important goals is to help your child understand that he or she is a son or daughter of God. Children are privileged to be males or females by divine creation. Help them feel that whichever gender they are, they are of great worth.

Teaching Children
These years are relatively free of rapid physical changes and emotional stress. Parents should enjoy this interlude. These years provide a time when you can help your children refine their characters and gain a proper sense of their role identity.

Teaching Adolescents
Adolescence can be a very confusing and puzzling time for both you and your children. Just when your children are trying to learn who they are and where they belong in the world, their bodies begin the profound physical changes of puberty....This section will help you teach your children to understand, put into proper perspective, and control the newly awakened desires for physical intimacy they will have during their teenage years.

Mature Intimacy: Dating and Marriage
Dating and marriage are the culmination of the development that has taken place throughout the first eighteen to twenty years of life. Dating allows your children to practice in a limited way the roles and virtues necessary in marriage. Marriage permits them to practice the roles and virtues necessary in eternal life.

Teaching about Procreation and Chastity
Principles that we should teach our children and some ways to help them live those principles.


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