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Artificial Insemination

by Frank O. May, Jr.

Artificial insemination is defined as placing semen into the uterus or oviduct by artificial rather than natural means. The Church does not approve of artificial insemination of single women. It also discourages artificial insemination of married women using semen from anyone but the husband. "However, this is a personal matter that ultimately must be left to the husband and wife, with the responsibility for the decision resting solely upon them" (Church Handbook of Instructions, 11-4). Children conceived by artificial insemination have the same family ties as children who are conceived naturally. The Handbook of Instructions (1989) states: "A child conceived by artificial insemination and born after the parents are sealed in the temple is born in the covenant. A child conceived by artificial insemination before the parents are sealed may be sealed to them after they are sealed."

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General Handbook of Instructions, 11-4. Salt Lake City, 1989.



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