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Dating Tips


How do you have fun and be safe at the same time while dating?


1. Don't date seriosuly before age sixteen.

2. Look for opportunities to go on group or double dates.

3. Dress modestly and be an example in thought, speech, action, and appearance.

4. Avoid dark places, parked cars or empty homes, and all other environments that might lead to problems.

5. Talk about dating activities with your parents.

6. Keep yourself physically and morally clean and worthy to enter the temple.


Tips for Treating a Girl Well

Remember that since every girl is different, not everything you do for one girl will flatter another. However, there are some general thing you can go to show girl that you care.

  1. Be nice to her. Remember that most of all, a girl wants to be appreciated. The more genuine and specific you are, the better.
  2. Find out her hobbies by asking her questions about the kind of music she likes, observing her environment, and asking about clothes or pictures she might have.
  3. Compliment her. Say that her hair looks nice or she has a cool shirt on. Mean it. Keep it real.
  4. Tell her she is pretty. No matter how ugly a guy is, a girl will usually be flattered when she is told this. Say "You've got the most beautiful eyes/hair/skin/hands/etc. I've ever seen" and again - mean it!
  5. Take a shower, put on deodorant, and brush your teeth right before you see her - every time. Nothing makes a girl more uncomfortable than body odor and/or bad breath.
  6. Listen! You need to be a good listener. That works with most of the girls, they need someone who will patiently listen and understand them! There is a HUGE difference between "Hearing" and "Listening" so make sure you don't just "hear" her. Pay close attention to what she is saying and really "listen" to her from your heart!
  7. Let her know about things she might be interested in. This will show her you know about things she likes.
  8. Don't forget about special occasions, especially her birthday.
  9. Be truthful, there is no need to lie.
  10. Make her feel comfortable.
  11. If a girl is upset with you, listen and try to fix things. Just try and compromise. Tell her that you love her all the time and mean it don't play games with her let her know that she is special.

General Tips

* When you are at a restaurant, sit across from her at the table (unless the table is really long, in which case you should sit next to her). Allow her to sit facing the room, while you face the wall. This way you give the impression that you require no view other than her beauty.
* Some girls won't want you to pay for them; if that's the case, don't press the issue. It's the thought that counts, and she's sure to recognize your courtesy.
* Taking her to places that cost lots of money isn't the best idea, because in restaurants you don't really talk, you eat, and in movies you just watch the movie. Take her to the park, maybe buy ice cream on the way; that way you interact more with her. It's also cheaper.
* Don't try to rush things - just take it slower.
* Look her directly in the eyes when you speak to her or when she is speaking to you.
* Pay careful attention to your manners at all times.
* Show that you are impressed by her, but don't forget to impress her with something different. Show her something that only you have got.
* Girls are constantly analyzing you, what you do, how you dress, dates you take them on and lots of other things.
* Do not put her on a pedestal. You are there to be an equal human, not a doormat. If you act like you worship the ground she walks on, you will come across as needy and clingy.
* Arrogant men don't get all the girls, confident guys do. Women are less visually-oriented than men are, so even if you're not the most attractive guy in the world, your confidence will suggest that you're someone worth being with and your personality will back up that suggestion.


* Make sure you don't act nervous; just be calm, relaxed, and straight to the point. Don't stutter, mumble, or say "Um" or "Uh"; that will make her think you're bored.
* If she tells you about a problem, in general don't try to fix it. Just listen to her.
* If you have a speech disorder (or something similar), be open about it - not embarrasseed - as if it's no big deal, and you'll be okay.
* If you exaggerate your compliments or are insincere, a girl will see right through it and no one likes a kiss-up.
* Make sure you're being yourself. If you act like a gentleman when you are alone with her, and then like a jerk when you're with you're friends, she will catch on and you will run into trouble.


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