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Things to do on a First Date

There are a couple of things you should know about a first date...

First of all, don't spend a lot of money on a first date. It is easier to tell if the person is interested in YOU if the activity doesn't cost a lot of money. It also allows you to then have an expensive date (nice restaurant, etc) down the road if things are still going well.

Second, it is usually better to double date on the first date. Here's why...

  1. If you end up not linking the other person it is easier to still have fun if other people are there

  2. Often you both really like each other, but if you always have to be coming up with things to say on your own it can become awkward even when it wasn't to begin with. Being with others lets them take part of the conversation.


Important note about watching movies on a first date...

It is usually not a good idea to go to a movie on the first date. Here's why...

1.) As fun as movies are, they don't really give you the time to talk to your date. This means that by the time the date is over you really haven't gotten to know them. It also makes it kind of awkward afterwards. It is better to do something more creative for a first date and do a movie later.


So what should you do on a first date? Well, it's best to be as creative as possible. To begin, check out our list of date ideas.



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