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This page reviews just a few of the many comments we have received regarding LightPlanet.com

Dear Sirs, I am a religious affairs reporter in Canada.  I write about different religions and denominations and, through my writing, try to promote inter-faith understanding and dialogue.  I cannot say enough good things about your website.  I recommend it to people wanting a better understanding of LDS doctrine, whether they be a Mormon or non-Mormon.  It is a rich resource.  Please keep up the excellent work.  -- Robert Barlow

Your website has been such a big help for me.  When I first decided I wanted  to learn more about the church, I found your website.  Since then I have had  my first lessons from the missionaries and I'm hoping to get baptized this  summer.  The teachings have brought me much joy. -- Michelle Costa

I am astounded at the phenomenal job you do with LightPlanet.com. It will definitely be a Top-20 site -- once again -- in the next edition of Mormons on the Internet. And you can quote me! :) --LauraMaery Gold, Author   -- Mormons on the Internet

Hello! My name is Byron Shirah, a 17 year old member of the Athens, Georgia Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.I am writing to compliment you on the awesome work you do on LightPlanet.com. Not only do you present correct and authoritative information about our church to non-members, but you also give well-researched and complete answers to anti-Mormons' accusatory statements and criticisms. Each time I read your answers, my testimony strengthens and my faith grows. I just wanted to thank you for all you've done in defending the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for sharing your conversion story. It was quite interesting. I don't  know if I should take this as a sign but a missionary called me at work while I was reading it. -- Cindy

I know that you are very busy, obviously, with all the time that you put into your website but I just wanted to sincerely thank you for it. I know that you will be greatly blessed several-fold for all of your missionary efforts.  Your website has had a tremendous impact on my life as I have been able to sort through so much Anti-literature quickly by getting real Church sources.  I visit your site every day and since I have only been a member for less than five months; I still have a lot to learn before I serve my mission in 15 months. -- Jose Chernich

I am a 43 yr old woman who has finally found the true church and will be baptized in my local ward this Sunday. Your web site has been an extremely valuable resource for me, and I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and your family.  Thanks so much, Kathy Shepard

I just wanted to tell you thanks for providing the info on your site.  My wife and I have been studying in Germany for the past year.  We were not able to take a lot with us so we left a lot of our books at home. Furthermore, I'm serving as Ward Mission Leader and investigators have often had questions which I needed to research.  It is nice to have the information so handy.   I've often printed out some of the articles and given them to investigators to help them answer their questions as they read and pray.
We are moving back to Ohio on the 1st of July.  However, we have bookmarked your site and will continue to use it as a resource.  I appreciated reading your testimony.   It is wonderful how the gospel can literally change lives. -- Robert Rehl

Your site is very impressive and thorough.  I have read a great deal of your pages and feel safe in recommending them to anyone.  Keep up the good work.  -- James R. Wolfe, MD

Thank you for offering this service.   I appreciate it very much.  -- Becky Roberts

Your site is wonderful. It is so complete and interesting.   My husband and I enjoyed reading your conversion and testimony.  -- Molly

Although I am not ready to convert... Good lord I am a 55 year old wanderer.......... I was much impressed by the last several hours I spent visiting your web-pages. Truly interesting and inspiring. The LDS may be an enigma to others but if they spent any time exploring your site they would come away intrigued.  I have book-marked your site.   I thought you were all humorless, and then I find you have a very funny section called "Mormon Jokes"!  And the way you addressed your critics is brilliant. Not yet a convert, but perhaps some day............ I will certainly recommend your site to my more literate friends!  I am so intrigued that I am going to read " The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ" that I was given many years ago, and was left un-touched. In fact I am going to start that read right now! Finally, and I doubt anyone will actually read this...... the LDS ads on television are the finest, most poignant advertisements on American/Canadian TV.   Keep up the good work!   A non-believer who is with you, and your wonderful deeds. , Lee Vogan

Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work in providing this wonderful source of information!  -- Julia

Excellent site!  The clean humor is most uplifting in a world where most humor is off-color. -- Shiela Douglas

I am a comparatively new Mormon (two years May 4th), and I find your website to be profoundly useful, both in my home-teaching tasks, and in my Sunday School assignments.  I teach 12 - 15 year-olds, which is certainly a BIG challenge ... and now I am also teaching prospective Melchizedek Priesthood classes during last period. -- Michael Spiering

I'm a member of the church who enjoys "hitting" your site a couple of times a month.  I enjoy the site and appreciate the time and effort you make to maintain the site.  God bless. -- Kurt Wickham

I am so impressed with your web site.  I'm a member of the church and have never found information so thorough and pointed as you have included here.  Thank you for your work.  -- Ann Meade

I also want to thank you for providing this much needed information about the church and our beliefs.  It's a valuable resource. -- Jacque Askew

I want to use this opportunity to thank you for all you have done with your web site.  It has been invaluable to me and also to a friend who read your site extensively during the first year after baptism.   It was key to his understanding of the gospel and the church.  Keep up the good work. -- Your sister in the gospel, Jacque Askew

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful, inspirational site. -- Ron

I stumbled across your site asking a question at ask.com and your site was listed. Wow! What a terrific site! Very positive and well done! -- Steve

I think that its a neat thing that you've done with this web site!  Its great to find clean wholesome web sites out there.  It helps explain a lot of things about us mormons.  I just wanted to thank you and tell ya to keep it up!  You're doing a great job!
Thanks luv ya  -- Kim

My name is Sister Margaret Al-Jamal from Coushatta,La. I have enjoyed viewing your web page today. Found a lot of great ideas to use in Relif Society and Young Women's. I'm a single mom with two teenage girls and a 11-year son, so some of the things I read were great for my family and the sisters here in Louisiana. Thank you for putting together such a lovely web site. I will visit often. Your Sister in the Gospel Margaret AlJamal.

I go to your site often and I find it very informative and helpful. -- Rowan

I want to personally thank you guys for the awesome work you do on the website. I find myself coming to your site several times a week just to browse around and I always learn something new. The effect you have on members and non-members alike is something you may never fully realize. I know the work is massive but you will be truly blessed for it. -- John Rea

I like your site.  --  Craig Hepworth

I enjoyed this site and think you two have done an excellent job!  -- Dave Hansen

Thank you.  Really enjoy the ideas and information! -- Tracy Goertzen

I really thank you for your kindness. I have had many interesting moments  with the mormon chat line. I wish you all the best -- Alessandro Grisolin

Thankyou for such a clear and helpful site. I have printed many articles to read and study in my own time. I wish the way would come clear for me to join the Church. My husband is very opposed, as he is a fundamentalist Christian- you may have met the type- he's the only one who's right! However, after twenty three years of marriage, I think I'm a big girl now and should be allowed freedom to do what I think is right!  Life is never straightforward, is it? -- Hilary Dowson       

Thank you for maintaining such a comprehensive and well organized website.  I hope to use it often as a handy resource.  -- Chad Shumway

I am an LDS engineer working in S. Korea on the Arirang satellite. The stake here in Taejon is small but growing steadily. I found your site to be refreshing. No "faith promoting rumors". I appreciate your citing of primary sources. I get too much e-mail from my friends proporting to be some near-death experience cited in a sister's ward meeting attended by some general authority. It seems that the internet is rife with such things that I'm sure are usually started with good intentions and quickly get out of hand. -- Stanton Bailey

Thank you for making sure that the chat room is within LDS standards.  I have much enjoyed this area before and am sure I will continue to do so.  Thanks again. -- Lynn Burris

Your site is the greatest yet.   -- Fred Shobby

I  love your site and would love to receive your e-mail newsletter. As a just recently released Young Women leader I have enjoyed your updates on what is added to the Young Women Corner and the links to other sites. I have referred to this site so often when I was looking for ideas to use as object lessons for the girls(and for family home evening and I just want to thankyou for having something that is uplifting and fun!     As I strive to better myself in this life, I have enjoyed picking
subjects that have been address here and your links to other faith promoting and uplifting sites.  Thanks so much for your hard work that you do to keep this site updated! May you be blessed in your life as you help others keep focused on our purpose of the Gospel and in your missionary efforts to reach others who misunderstand the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.
Sincerely, Mrs. Sandra Brower

Absolutely love this site. A great help in my investigation process. My wife and I (Denise) are to baptized this Sunday (4-18) and while Parker, Az. is probably to far to come we would like to invite you anyway. -- Scott

Dear Brother John, Thank you for your explanations.  May God richly bless you and all the staff there. You have an excellent web site!  My congratulations to you and the webmaster!  The site represents a fine tribute to the Church. Yours in Christ,

I am somewhat new to the internet, and I thrive on good LDS sites.  This one seems to include everything I was hoping for.  -- Paul Cluff

Your site is very well organized and I can see you have put a lot of time and effort into it.  Congratulations on your good work! -- Lorence Carr

Dear John and Jenny, I'm a mormon and a 2nd counceler in the beehive class.I admire you for setting up this internet site. There are so many cruel things on the internet and you give me something clean to read and study. I sincerely thank you and I
will do all I can if I see anyone in a chat room using profamity. Your Friend, Jennifer Pugmire

Nice web site. I enjoyed just perusing. Thanks for all the resources. -- Tommie Sue

Thanks for info I have joined the church and never been this happy in my life and that is what a person needs to know that the Spirit is in the church and with you -- T. Bar

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Walsh,   Hello, my name is Vanessa and I have visited your site a number of times in the past few months.  My boyfriend of over 2 yrs. is a member but I am not.  He left last weekend to go serve a mission in Managua, Nicaragua.  He has been an excellent role model for me and he has inspired me to be a better person.  I believe that most of his strength is derived from his faith.  This is something I truly admire. One day I was just browsing the web for more information on the church and I came upon your site.   I found it to be very informative and interesting.  You have answered many questions that I had and I just wanted to thank you for that.  I think you have a really great website and I wish you all the luck in the future. Sincerely, Vanessa Tirre

I love your web-site. I can't believe how comprehensive it is. Thanks for providing such a great place to visit! -- Joe Evans

John and Jenny,    I know you're probably busy, but I wanted to take a minute to tell you what your site has done for me. I joined the Church a little over a year ago, and I've had the usual doubts and questions. Plus, I've been beset with anti-Mormon material that made accusations I had no idea how to counter.     Putting the word "Mormon" in a search engine will give you a world of anti sites, and can lead you into even darker areas, but mine led me to your site, and I've hit it almost daily since. Your site is a blessing: amazingly deep and well thought out, you've answered all my questions and more. When I needed it most, I found the information I wanted here. I hope you realize how important your work is-it's helped me find faith when I wasn't sure what I believed anymore. There is no doubt at your site-only answers. I tell everyone I talk about the Church to-friends and critics-to check out your site. Please -keep up the good work.      Oh, yes-I'm teaching a class Sunday on the Word of Wisdom-guess where I dug up some of my material?  Thanks again! -- Rodney Stonestreet

My wife and I just discovered your website last night and haven't had time to see everything yet, but we just wanted to take a minute to thank you for this tremendous contribution to the world.  Extremely well done! -- Chris & Lisa Griffith

I have really enjoyed your all about Mormons site. It is full of information and helps give me a better understanding of the Mormon religion. Two missionaries knocked on my door about 3 weeks ago and I have since become very interested in finding out more about the religion and Mormon way of life. It must have been a blessing. It makes me mad hearing all the negative information about Mormons that is out there and it seems that the Mormons are persecuted more then anybody for no
reason. Keep up the good work for soon I may become a Mormon -- Billy Howard

Thanks for the information you provided on your website.  Presently I am teaching a course at Montgomery Community College on "Religion in America."  One of the lectures deals with the Mormon Church.  The material which I was able to obtain will help me explain what the Mormon Church believes.  Glenn Hancock, minister and teacher.

This site is AWESOME. Keep up the good work. -- Charles Jones

thank you guys so much....I find your newsletter not just uplifting to the soul but also informational.  I'm a member of the church and i'm in New York....The church here is great...I LOve it!!!! sheila

I'm new to the web, and was told to beware of false sites that contain anti literature.  I found the official site first, yours after.    Since I knew where the official site was, I became suspicious of your site, and was going to leave until I saw the Christus.   By the way, thanks for a great peice of wall paper. I really enjoyed your site.    Good Show.   I was even surprised that you
are paying out of your own pocket and not asking for donations.    I think it is better than the official site.   My compliments to you.      I don't know how to help, but if I can, please let me know. Meanwhile, keep up the good work.   I sure hope that church headquarters appreciates what you do too. Yours, Harry and Kelly Kuczak

I found your site about 4 months  ago and just want to tell you how much I love it!  I have found so many great for Ym, Yw and dating.  I really appreciate such a comprehensive and interesting site about us LDS!  I've learned so much from the articles you have!  Thanks again!  -- Jessica Laitres

Nice Site! You have taken on a major task to create and maintain it. Thanks for your notes stating that it is not the 'official ' church site. I try to make the same distinction when refering students to reference materials, etc.  Keep up the good work. --
Al Mullenbach

I have been poking around in your website for several days, and it is ( if not THE best), at least one of the very top LDS sites I've seen.  Congratulations, and thank you for making all the information available. ( BTW, I am not LDS)  If other churches were as open, there would be much less misunderstanding in the world. -- David

I really appreciate your website.   While it is by no means all inclusive, it has served as a resource for me various times.  You do a real service to the church, and I think the portrait you give of the church is accurate.  I just wanted to express my thanks for
the site. Loren Anderson

I think this is cool! I am member of the church and I just look at your web and I learn new things and I think it great to have!!! -- Jenny Howell

LightPlanet.com is a tremendous site. Thanks for all the hard work. Please keep it up and growing! Best wishes.  -- Bob Seegmiller

Your site is very comprehensive and extensively examines every detail.  J. Lee

Hi john and jenny:  My name is Raúl Benítez, I am from Mexico and i was very happy because i found this site. I apreciate your effort for share the beliefs of the church.  I´m a bishop for the Floresta ward of the Irapuato stake. Tomorrow we will have a special program of norms and yo page helped so much.

Your website is one of the best LDS websites I have ever seen.  It helped me a lot with some of the scout stuff I had to take care of. -- Kevin Billings

I found your site 15 minutes before my lesson on strengthening the family for Elders Quorum.  Good info and examples.   I rearranged my whole lesson!  Thanks,  I am a webmaster for a website design company in Utah and just thought you'd like to know that someone appreciates your work.   Alan Dunn

I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding site.  It's a great refernce fro talks, lessons and just for my curiosity.  I can't imagine how much work it must involve but thanks so much for doing it. sincerely, david sundwall

John,  I just wanted to take a minute and write you a thank you letter.  I think that what you are offering on the internet is a huge missionary tool.  I have been able to look up subjects of interest and have received answers to prayers from reading talks from your web site.  The Lord must've prompted you to do what you are doing. "for every thing which inviteth to do good,
and to persuade to believe in Christ, is sent forth by the power and gift of Christ; wherefore ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of God."  Thank you for using your time and talents to build the kingdom. Adam Sorensen

Thanks for a great web site that has answered many questions for me. I am a recent convert who was pummeled by anti-Mormon propaganda, and your site has helped me deal with the rumors and half-truths wonderfully. Thank you. --    Rod Stonestreet

I am greatful for your hardwork at keeping up such a wonderful web page.  We are active members and recently had a military transfer.  In the process several boxes of church books were lost.  I am greatful for the ability to log on and get information to help with our FHE.  Thanks for being a support to so many. -- Naomi Johnson

I have been doing some research on mormon temples for my Pearl of Great Price class at Ricks College.  In the process, I have found a lot of sites on the Internet that just don't seem to reflect the same atmosphere that the Church usually has.  Yours is the exception.  I have liked your site very much and have found the information to be very accurate and the links up to date. Thank you.   Joseph Nelson

I Want to commend you on what a wonderful thing you are doing.  There is so much of value and I will visit very often!  Thank you!!! -- KP Whaley

Jenny-- I received my first All About Mormon's newsletter and I'm so glad I did!!  It brightened my day.  I also wanted to tell you that I use your website frequently in my calling as YW 1st Counselor.   We did the "Do You Have My Name?" fireside for our youth and it touched ALL of our hearts. Thanks for your efforts on our behalf, Jan Cone

Dear John and Jenny, Thank you for the inspiring messages in your newsletter.  This is the first time I have read it and I really gained much from it. Keep it up. Thanks a lot again, Sincerely yours, Nalani K. Fonoimoana

I love your site! The breadth of resources you make available in incredible. It also has a very nice look and is easy to use. I am sure I will be back many times. -- Jason Caldwell

Hello.  My name is Jason Dunnam.  I am a student at Motlow State Community College in Moore County, Tennessee.   I am also Second Counselor in the Elders Quorum Presidency in the McMinnville Ward, McMinnville Stake, married and a father of two. I just wanted to tell you of the great job you have done on your web site.  It is just awesome!  It is extremely informative without being too righteous.  It also gives just enough information before getting into deep doctrine.  Your use of the Ency. of Mormonism, quotes from General Authorities, and the pictures used really invites the Spirit and leaves no room for question.
Again, bravo on the site. 


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