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Primary Achievement Day Activities

Arts and Crafts

Learn how to crochet a small baby blanket

Learn a song and perform it together (for Church, community performance, Primary activity, etc.)

Tie a quilt (try small ones for dolls or babies)

Make coin purses out of material and learn how to sew on Velcro, buttons, snaps, or a zipper. For the purse body, try animal head, rainbow, unicorn, cloud design, or big flower shapes and decorate them.

Learn a new kind of dance and practice it together.

Make a decoration for your room.

Make sachets filled with potpourri to put in your drawers and make your clothes smell great.

(For more ideas, see Craft Ideas in The Young Women's Corner)

Education and Scholarship

Learn to use the local library. Learn how to use the computer system, card catalogues, etc.

Check out books on birds, famous people, plants, or other subjects of interest and prepare presentations and posters about what you learned

Go to the zoo and find out about all of the animals.

Learn about other cultures and learn how to say a few things in another language. Check out tapes from the library to learn how to say hello, how are you, I'm fine, what's your name, my name is ____, happy birthday, I like you, etc. You could serve food from various countries. See Cultural Night at The Young Women's Corner.

Family Skills

Plan a menu for a well-balanced meal. Use the nutritional information on labels or provided by grocery stores in the produce section. For a follow up activity, learn to cook an item on the menu.

Learn how to clean windows. Get permission from the ward custodian to practice on your building's windows.

Learn to repair clothing: patch pants, hem skirts, fix unravelling sweaters, or repair or replace zippers that don't work.

Learn about using biodegradable and inexpensive ingredients for health and beauty products and/or cleaning supplies (ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, Bleach, baking soda, vinegar, salt, lemon juice, egg, cucumber, alum powder, garlic, etc.)

Learn about child development and learn some fun activities for children of each stage of development.

Health and Personal Grooming

Learn about the various food groups and what foods fill each requirement. Read the Word of Wisdom (D & C 89) and talk about how our health can benefit from following this revelation.

Learn an easy aerobics routine and practice it to fun music.

Learn how to buy pretty clothing that doesn't cost too much and how to take care of the clothing.

Learn to take good care of your skin, hair, teeth, etc.

Learn about how to use hairstyles to enhance physical beauty.


Make pretty stationary using stamps, cutouts, stickers, and scissors that make different edges. Discuss letter etiquette.

Play telephone--Provide several scenarios for the girls to act out using toy phones and their best telephone etiquette. Scenarios could include:

A girl answers the phone and 1) the person asks for one of her parents, who is not there, 2) the person asks for one of her siblings, who is not there, 3) the person asks for one of her family members, who is there.

A girl 1) calls up a friend to invite her to spend the night, and the friend is not home, 2) calls up a friend to invite her to spend the night, and the friend is home, 3) orders pizza over the phone.

Learn how to set tables for fancy dinners.

Learn how to make decorative napkin designs.

Learn to arrange flowers or make tables look beautiful.

Learn how to make introductions and shake hands properly.

Learn how to sit appropriately.

Outdoor Fun and Skills

Go on a hike. Mark the trail you follow with stacks of rocks or other identification so you can return without getting lost.

Go on a nature walk with several good out books. Learn to identify 30 different plants, birds, insects, or other animal life.

Make up a Playground Olympics. Then do all of the events, or invite others to participate while you judge them. Make lots of prizes.

Learn how to tell north by the stars. Learn to identify several constellations and learn the stories that go with them.

Personal Preparedness

Learn how to prioritize, schedule time, learn value of being prompt

Start a collection of favorite quotes, stories, and scriptures for future talks. Put it in a recipe holder or card file for easy storage and quick access. Label the tops of the cards with subject headings and alphabetize the subject headings.

Learn how to write checks, balance a checkbook, and budget money. Learn to pay "bills."

Learn to organize school papers, closets, rooms, etc.

Learn how to type more efficiently.

Learn to speed read.

Learn techniques to memorize better and practice them.

Learn how to conduct music and practice with the radio or a tape of music.

Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Learn First Aid--bandaging, CPR, infant CPR, treating shock, burns, etc.

Make 72 hour kits

Learn what to do during any of the emergencies that could happen in your area (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, floods, flash floods, lightning storms, avalanches, etc.)

Practice escape paths to get out of the building in which you meet. Pretend the fire is in different parts of the building and act accordingly. Practice things to do if you or someone else catches on fire. (Stop, Drop, Roll. Cover the other person with a blanket to smother the fire, etc.)

Service and Citizenship

Have a Service Road Rally. Divide up into groups. Go to various houses of members or friends and offer to provide a service or two from the list. Have a person at the house sign the list next to the service completed. Whichever group completes the most services on the list wins. See the Service List for ideas of things to include on your list.

Clean up a road or park.

Make food baskets for the needy.

Collect recycleable materials and take them to a recycle center.

Collect food or clothing for a homeless shelter.


Write a play based on a Book of Mormon or Bible story and perform it. Bring bathrobes, towels, bandanas, and blankets for costumes.

Have a quiz show with questions about scripture stories and characters.

Spend the whole activity time sharing your favorite scriptures with each other and telling why they're your favorites.

Learn a Primary song that you don't know yet. Draw pictures to remind you of the words or to show what the song is about and how it makes you feel.

Sports and Physical Fitness

Go running, hiking, biking, or sledding.

Take a walk along a fitness trail or make an ordinary path a fitness trail. Every 100 yards or so, stop and doing a fitness activity. Fitness activities could include walking on a balance beam, doing a chin up or flexed arm hang, doing sit-ups or stomach crunches, doing push ups, doing toe-raisers (slowly go from a standing to a tip-toe position), doing jumping jacks, etc.

Show off your gymnastic skills.

Have a snowball fight.

Go on a walking field trip.

Climb a tree.

Learn to play basketball, softball, volleyball or other sports.



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