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Presidency Helps

A Good Presidency--

Receives Training

( ) Completed the Teaching the Gospel course

( ) Knows Church policies, procedures and direction

Prepares Spiritually

( ) Studies Scriptures

( ) Prays and seeks revelation

( ) Is united

( ) Invites spirit into all meetings and all matters related to Primary

( ) Are humble, dedicated, prepared


( ) Has regular meetings (weekly if possible)

( ) Meets with Bishopric member regularly

( ) Divides responsibilities, follows up by reporting on how duties were carried out

( ) Plans ways to encourage reverence

( ) Plans ahead (at least one week, have ideas for at least one month)


( ) Knows names and faces of primary children

( ) Has a good relationship with each child

( ) Loves Primary children individually

( ) Helps reactivate less- active children

( ) Remembers and nurtures new members


( ) Supports parents in their role as main teacher and support for children

( ) Visits classrooms

( ) Offers support to teachers (training, information, ideas, encouragement)

( ) Encourages parents to teach Gospel principles at home (by assigning children talks, scriptures, prayers and asking parents to prepare them; by providing resources such as tapes of sacrament presenation songs or handouts about the yearly primary theme with Family Home Evening ideas for children to learn more about the yearly focus at home

( ) Interviews each teacher

( ) Finds out about library materials and share the information with teachers and other leaders

( ) Plans and holds teacher improvement meetings


( ) Helps children come unto Christ using goals of Primary

( ) Shows good examples

( ) Bears testimony often to the children

( ) Plans and conducts Primary each Sunday--including sharing time

( ) Encourages each child to participate and develop their own testimonies

( ) Uses scriptures in teaching

( ) Teaches the gospel basics

( ) Establishes good environment for learning

Makes Goals and Evaluates Progress

( ) Sets specific goals to see how to make their Primary more effective

( ) Regularly evaluate how various elements of Primary are meeting Primary goals


( ) Attends other important meetings including stake leadership meetings and ward council (Pres. or delegate)

( ) Keeps records and appropriately uses funds

( ) Recommend names for filling Primary callings

(See the Primary chapter of the Church Handbook of Instructions for detailed responsibilities, esp. 231-2)

How are we doing?

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