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Every BODY A Missionary

I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked

Pioneer Activity

CTR Activities

Have a Bishop Bash

Learn about the Bishop. What is a bishop? What does he do? Who are the people in his family? What does the Bishop like to do? What was the Bishop like when he was little?

Serve the Bishop's favorite treat.

Have each child have his picture taken with the Bishop.

Have a Book of Mormon Party

For the senior Primary, have a Book of Mormon News Conference.

Book of Mormon Puzzle

See Book of Mormon Night for more ideas

Book of Mormon Games:

HOLD TO THE ROD: The object is to hold to the rope and make it blindfolded over obstacles (rope tied to chairs etc)

TITLE OF LIBERTY TAG: The person who has the flag (with a Primary Sacrament meeting song sheet taped on one side) reads a verse to someone and if they can't identify it, they must take the flag and carry it around until they find someone else who can't identify one of the songs and so on . . . while other games are going on.

GET THE GADIANTONS: The participant throws velcro balls at target with Gadianton names on them.

LOST 116 PAGES: Before the meeting, I stick 116 blank post its up all over the building and those who wish may go and retrieve as many as they can find.

BoM HALL OF FAME/SHAME: The participant draws a name from a hat and then must tape it on the fame or shame side of a black board. (I will have a couple BoM's around to look up those obscure names :-)

PLAIN AND PRECIOUS: Those who wish may "engrave" a short testimony (with a paper clip stylus on aluminum foil "plates"). They must write in my "deformed Egyptian" code. The aluminum plates will then be bound and saved to be interpreted at a later date. (Game ideas from Kathy)

For refreshments, try these ideas: Ammonade, Neefries, Laman Meringue pie, Sariah Salad with Gadianton Dressing. The dressing recipe is "a secret combination." Make a vegetable tray (especially with broccoli and cauliflower) and call it the forest of Mormon. The dip is the waters of Mormon. Or make a gingerbread city fortress. The wall around it could be sugar wafers, pretzels could be the sticks which were on the top of the walls to keep people from climbing over easily.

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