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Instant Involvement--Submitted by Gay

1. Make a TV out of a cardboard box. Pictures can be drawn or mounted on a long sheet of paper to be rolled through box to make a "program."

2. Music can be used effectively to create different moods, tell a story, and serve as a rest time. Any of the following are fun:

a. Records--tape recorders.
b. Songs using actions.
c. Rhythm instruments--make your own.

3. A role play can be an excellent way to review a section of last week's lesson. The teacher could dress the children to fit the characters, or the children could be given a sack of props and let them prepare all.

4. The teacher could come costumed or dressed as story is told.

5. Puppets can be used in almost any situation. (Look at Sesame Street)

6. Make up a cross-word puzzle using key words of lesson and draw it on the blackboard before class. Fill in proper words during the lesson. Or, you could have one make for each child in the class to fill in.

7. Start a mural one week and add to it each week to create interest and help review.

8. Well known games can be adapted to lesson objective. Old Home Evening Manuals have good ideas and games in them.

9. Make maps more interesting by outlining them in yarn or accounting important points in different colors.

10. Make a peep box with scene inside depicting lesson objective.

11. A similar scene could be done in a fishbowl.

12. Odd shaped flannel boards could be a car, house, mountain, etc. Scenes can also be drawn on the flannel board.

13. Groove boards are an alternative to flannel boards and make a 3-dimensional effect.

14. A collage that the teacher has made can create interest at beginning of the lesson. The children could make one to take home.

15. Mobiles might be a refreshing changes from pictures.

16. Dolls dressed as characters would be fun.

17. Pipe cleaner dolls can create interest and children could take them home later.

18. Have a guest speaker come.

19. Have a treasure hunt with a special picture or object at the end of the treasure.

20. Try puzzles. As you give the lesson, put a different piece of the puzzle up on the board. When finished, it should depict the principle of the lessons that was taught such as prayer, tithing, etc.

21. Use a treasure chest and pick questions out of it or children’s names to be a special helper, etc.

22. Use a scroll to tell a story.

23. Use a scrambled word game or crossword puzzle.

24. Have a special little rug that you bring to class with you and when a story is told, have them sit on the special rug.

25. Use a paper bag or pretty decorated package sitting on your table during lesson. Once in a while peek inside or pick it up and shake it. You have their immediate attention. At the end of the lesson choose one of the students open the package and have a special object pertaining to the lesson in it.

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