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Question and Answer 38

1687:  On 03/22/00, a visitor asked:   I am looking for information about methods that the Mormons use to resolve bad situations or problems.  Like differences in religion, tradition, and culture.

See Tolerance

1686:  On 03/22/00, Adam asked:   [Are Latter-day Saints generally more condervative?]

See Social Characteristics

1685:  On 03/22/00, a visitor asked:   I would like more information about how Mormons believe about the soul.   What happens when a Mormon dies?  What happens to the soul when a Mormon is alive?  I would like as much information as possible regarding your beliefs about the soul.  You could just point me in the direction of the website regarding the soul.

See Teachings About the Afterlife home page

1684:  On 03/22/00, Amber asked:   . i am doing a project at school on brigham young and the coming of the mormon pioneers, and i was wondering if you would put some imformation on your page about it. the history, events, and details about it.

See and Church History c. 1844-1877, Exodus And Early Utah Periods

1683:  On 03/22/00, Janine asked:   do you have any dress code?

See Modesty in Dress

1682:  On 03/22/00, Janine asked:   could you please tell me what if any food restrictions you abid by.

See Word of Wisdom

1681:  On 03/22/00, Steve asked:   I get the holy spirit of promise and the second comforter mixed up.  I always thought they were the same thing.  Can you define the difference between the two?

The Holy Spirit of Promise is the Holy Ghost in his role as the one appointed to ratify, validate, and seal eternal blessings.  The term "Second Comforter" refers to Jesus Christ in his role of ministering personally to his faithful followers (John 14:21-23; D&C 93:1; 130:3).

(See The Holy Spirit of Promise; Jesus Christ: Second Comforter)

1680:  On 03/22/00, a visitor asked:   If you women can only be in the Celestial Kingdom if your husbands make it there, then are you trusting in your husband or the Lord Jesus?

Unfortunately, you have been misinformed.  Latter-day Saints believe that salvation is an individual matter.  A person's salvation is not dependent upon the actions of his or her spouse.  It is true that we believe that the blessings of exaltation are only received as a married couple.  However, if only one marriage partner is worthy of these blessings, then he or she will not be denied these blessings because of the unrighteous attitudes of his or her spouse.  Instead, they will be allowed to accept another marriage partner in eternity.  From an eternal perspective, no one can deny another person of the opportunity for salvation. 

(See Teachings About the Afterlife home page)

1679:  On 03/22/00, Denise asked:   I have been hearing that Joseph Smith was convicted of raping a 13 yr girl...but no one can give my sources that they got the information from...I would like to know what happened and were this came from..if it was true...etc...can you help me?

No, it is absolutely false.  (See Legal Trials of Joseph Smith; Are Church Leaders the Most Evil Men who Ever Lived?)

1678:  On 03/22/00, Cheryl asked:  I joined the church 7 months ago and married 3 months ago.  My husband has been a member since age 8 (we are 40) and has held many various callings thru the years.  We have a disagreement concerning the WOW.  He says anything with caffine is wrong, my understanding was that coffee, tea, alcohol.and tobbaco were the only thing mentioned.   I drink hot chocolate and soft drinks with caffine-- am I breaking the WOW? 

See Cola Drinks

1677:  On 03/22/00, Dave asked:   hi in the book of revelation it says do not add not take away from the book of the bible, so with the book of monmon that is taking away from God's word and adding your own belief into that he said not to do, so why do u do it then. 

See  Adding to the Bible:  Revelation 22:18

1676:  On 03/22/00, Ray asked:   When Jesus appeared to the 'Americans' was his physical appearance recorded in any way?

See The Physical Appearance of Jesus

1675:  On 03/22/00, Thomas asked:   How come I don't find Mormon doctrins in the book of Mormon?

See Why Doesn't the Book of Mormon Contain the Fullness of Gospel Doctrine?

1674:  On 03/22/00, Mike asked:   [Do you believe that Joseph Smith made some prophesies that did not come true?]

See Did Joseph Smith Make Some False Prophesies?

1673:  On 03/22/00, Brian asked:   Was Jesus Christ married? 

See Was Jesus Married?

1672:  On 03/22/00, Robert asked:   Who is the current President/Head of the Mormons?  What number is he?

The current President of the Church is Gordon B. Hinckley, who is the 15th President of the Church.   (See Who Were All the Past LDS Prophets (Church Presidents)?)

1671:  On 03/22/00, a visitor asked:   Where does the General Conference in Utah take place? Are visitors allowed to go? Do you have to pay or buy tickets or anything?

General Conference takes place in the new conference center next to Temple Square in Salt Lake City as of the year 2000.  Previously, it occurred in the tabernacle on Temple Square.  The new building is much larger and can accommodate more people.   Tickets are free and available from local LDS congregations.  Visitors are very welcome.  Since not everyone can attend in person, the conference is also broadcast to many places in the world.  (See General Conference)

1670:  On 03/22/00, a visitor asked:   How long do you have to be Mormon before you can go to the temple? Get   married in the temple?

Members, twelve years and older, may go to the temple to participate in baptisms for the dead immediately after joining the Church.  For higher ordinances like the Endowment and Temple Marriage, you have to be a member for at least one year and be deemed spiritually prepared by your local priesthood leaders (e.g., Bishop, Stake President).

1669:  On 03/22/00, a visitor asked:   How do you go about becoming Mormon?

See Joining the Church

1668:  On 03/22/00, a visitor asked:   believe if I have this correct Mormonism believes Joseph Smith to be an apostle. Well, there are many apostles. why is this entire religion founded of off that one apostle. There are no religions off of the many other apostles what makes smith so important that Mormons deflect from the beliefs of all the other Christians?  I am sorry if this letter sounds rude but I don't understand this Mormonism religion.

Latter-day Saints consider Joseph Smith to be a Prophet of God and Apostle of Jesus Christ similar to those men mentioned in the Bible like Moses, Samuel, Isaiah, Peter, Paul, and John.  (See The Prophet Joseph Smith home page)  However, the Church is not founded and sustained by only Joseph Smith.  Latter-day Saints believe and accept all of the prophets and apostles that God called anciently and we also believe he has called prophets and apostles today.  A belief in prophets and their messages lies at the heart of LDS doctrine. (See Prophets)   Latter-day Saints believe the true church of Christ must be

"...built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner [stone]" (Ephesians 2:20)

It is essential to note that Latter-day Saints believe that the resurrected Jesus Christ serves as the head of the Church, not Joseph Smith. (See Head of the Church)  Joseph Smith is considered an important servant of God because he was the one Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to when they personally visited the earth and called to found The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (See First Vision)

1667:  On 03/22/00, a visitor asked:   Why can women not hold the priesthood? What are the women's roles in the church?

See Why Can't Women Hold the Priesthood?

1666:  On 03/22/00, Sam asked:   In which countries is the Mormon religion most spread?

See Membership Distribution

1665:  On 03/22/00, a visitor asked:   When should I not partake of the sacrament?

A member of the Church should not partake of the Sacrament when he is unworthy.  The Book of Mormon teaches:

"And now behold, this is the commandment which I give unto you, that ye shall not suffer any one knowingly to partake of my flesh and blood unworthily, when ye shall minister it; For whoso eateth and drinketh my flesh and blood unworthily eateth and drinketh damnation to his soul; therefore if ye know that a man is unworthy to eat and drink of my flesh and blood ye shall forbid him." (3 Nephi 18:28-29)

President Joseph Fielding Smith taught:

"The Lord has said that we should not permit anyone to partake of the sacrament unworthily. This means, as I understand it, anyone in the Church who has been in transgression of some kind and who has not repented." (Doctrines of Salvation, Vol.2, p.350)

If someone has any doubt as to their worthiness to partake of the sacrament, then they should pray to Heavenly Father and ask for confirmation through prayer.  A private conversation with his or her bishop may also be helpful. (See Confession of Sins)

1664:  On 03/22/00, a visitor asked:  What explanation does one give for those who point out that there couldn't have been elephants here during the reign of Emer?  See Ether 9:19.

See See "Missing" Plants and Animals in the Book of Mormon

1663:  On 03/22/00, Amy asked:   I am Presbyterian, my best friend is Mormon. She asked me to come to an informational open house type thing about her church. I have been really interested in it. Is she trying to convert me? Is it better to be Mormon then to be Presbyterian?

Your friend is probably the best person to speak about her intentions.  Is is better to be a Latter-day Saint than a Presbyterian?  I suppose it depends upon who you ask and how you define better.  Most Latter-day Saints who are familiar with both faiths would say that being a Latter-day Saint is preferable.  On the other hand, most Presbyterians who are familiar with both faiths would probably day that being a Presbyterian is preferable.  After all, if you thought the other Church was better, isn't that the one that you would attend?  Latter-day Saints do believe that we have a number of benefits to our Church which are not found elsewhere.  For further discussion, see Why Do Latter-day Saints Try to Convert Others? 

1662:  On 03/22/00, a visitor asked:   I have been asked to give a talk on sustaining the Priesthood, and I have looked all through this web site and I need an idea or game, or both.

See Following the Prophets home page

1661:  On  03/21/00, Matt asked:  Is God the Father all powerful?  Can He do what ever He wants?   Must he follow any laws?  Can He make triangles have two sides, or 2+2=5?   If he must follow any law or regulation, then he can not be all powerful.   Wouldn't you agree?

Latter-day Saints believe that God lives by principles which are co-eternal with him.   One of the reasons that he is God is because he conforms himself to these principles.  If he would cease to obey these principles, then he would cease to be God.  In other words, God cannot do anything ungodlike or he would no longer be God.   Latter-day Saints do not believe in a capricious God.  We also do not believe his consistency limits his omnipotence. (See Theodicy)

1660:  On 03/21/00, a visitor asked:   I'm doing a research paper for nursing school for nutrition class. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me any information regarding any dietary restrictions the Mormons practice.

See Word of Wisdom

1659:  On 03/21/00, Christopher asked:  Where can I find more about God's mortal existence?  Wasn't he just a man at one point in time just like us before he became a God?

See What Do Latter-day Saints Mean When They Say God Was Once a Man?

1658:  On 03/21/00, a visitor asked:   I am a new member to this church.  I am white and my husband is black. He feels that it is a slap in his face for me to belong to what he calls a "racist" church.  I am struggling with this as I have 2 little girls that I want to raise in the church also.  What would their chances be of being accepted by the other kids and even finding a man to marry in the church.  I do not want them feeling like there is something wrong with them.  Do you have any information to support that the church is not a racist church?  I have to think of the long will it effect my daughters to be raised in this church.  Why aren't there any other races besides white, and now I notice we have a Hispanic service also. Searching and praying and wondering,

See Are Mormons Prejudiced?

1657:  On 03/12/00, Tammy asked:   John can you help me defend the book of Mormons telling of the horses in the book at the time of when it was written the book tells their was horses on the American continent during that time and they say that the horses apparently had become extinct 8000 years b.c. is their any proof of either side??

See "Missing" Plants and Animals in the Book of Mormon

1656:  On 03/12/00, a visitor asked:   does sex exist in the afterlife?

See Eternal Increase

1655:  On 03/12/00, a visitor asked:   Was Jesus Christ Married? 

We don't know whether Jesus was ever married during mortality.  (See Why Was Jesus Never Married?)

1654:  On 03/12/00, a visitor asked:   My son is Catholic and is dating a Mormon girl.  They are planning on getting married.  What are the rules and regulations for mixed marriages in the Mormon religion?  He is not wanting to change his religion, but loves his girlfriend very much.  Will he be able to remain a Catholic and still marry his Mormon girlfriend?

See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers

1653:  On 03/12/00, Heidi asked:   Would you send me a list of all the scripture signals prior to the second coming please.

See Signs of the Times

1652:  On 03/12/00, Ken asked:   [The Book of Mormon seems to teach a Trinitarian view of God.  Doesn't this conflict with modern LDS teachings?]

See The Nature of God in the Book of Mormon

1651:  On 03/12/00, Marilia asked:   I have a question, that none of my LDS friends knew the answer.  I know that you believe in eternal marriage. and that after one gets married, if the spouse dyes, one can get married again in the temple. Now, what happens if one get married twice in lifetime, after he/she dyes? Do this person have two spouses for eternity?

If a widower remarries, he may be sealed to a second woman.  Assuming he was sealed to his first wife as well, and all were true and faithful to their gospel covenants, then he would rise in the resurrection with the full expectation that both women would be his wives in eternity.  Assuming a widow was sealed to her first husband and she remarries, the second marriage is for time only.  If the widow and her first husband were faithful to their covenants, she would expect to be reunited with her first husband for eternity. In other words, it is possible for men to have multiple wives in eternity, but a woman will only have one husband.  (See Plural Marriage home page)

1650:  On 03/12/00, Miquel asked:   I have a question about who are the ones that will become a sons of perdition? Obviously (?) the 1/3  that followed Lucifer earlier, but who else?   I vaguely remember someone ones told me that you really have to have a sure knowledge of Christ (seen him?) and then deny him. Meaning that nobody from the general membership of the church qualifies as a future son of perdition. Is this right in your opinion?

The sons of perdition are those priesthood holders who deny Jesus and raise up in open rebellion against God in full knowledge of the truth.  To commit the unpardonable sin, a person "must receive the Holy Ghost, have the heavens opened unto him, and know God, and then sin against Him. After a man has sinned against the Holy Ghost, there is no repentance for him…. he has got to deny Jesus Christ when the heavens have been opened to him, and to deny the Plan of Salvation with his eyes open to the truth of it" (TPJS, p. 358; cf. Heb. 10:26-29). In theory, any endowed priesthood holder could become a son of perdition.

(See The Unpardonable Sin; Sons of Perdition)

1649:  On 03/12/00, Hannah asked:   And also, how can you believe in any other book but the Bible???

See How can the Latter-day Saints justify having additional books of scripture and adding to the Christian canon?

1648:  On 03/12/00, a visitor asked:   You say you believe in Christ's life, death and resurrection after 3 days. So, what do you suppose was the purpose in Christ's death and resurrection?

Jesus Christ offered his life, including his innocent body, blood, and spiritual anguish as a redeeming ransom (1) for the effect of the Fall of Adam upon all mankind and (2) for the personal sins of all who repent, from Adam to the end of the world.  To summarize, Jesus died and was resurrected so that all men might return to live with him in his Father's Kingdom, upon conditions of complete repentance.  (See Teachings About Jesus Christ home page)

1647:  On 03/12/00, a visitor asked:   I am currently a catholic dating a Mormon and was wondering what kind of rules Mormons have about dating people of other religions and just general dating rules.

See Dating and Courtship home page

1646:  On 03/12/00, Mark asked:  I have been reading some of your web site and I am interested in your views regarding Revelation 22, 18-19 KJV.  How would the KJV and the Book of Mormon be compatible?

See Adding to the Bible:  Revelation 22:18

1645:  On 03/12/00, a visitor asked:   what is the churchs stance on cohabitation of male and female partners before marriage?

See Premarital Sex

1644:  On 03/12/00, a visitor asked:   Do all Mormons tithe ten percent?  Are there ever any exceptions to the rule?

Yes, a member must be a full tithe payer to hold a temple recommend.  (See Tithing)

1643:  On 03/12/00, Mike asked:   Why if this book of Mormon is so old, around 312BC to 216 AD, why did the book of Mormon in II Nephi take words almost identical to a well know line from Shakespeare's Hamlet?

See Did Joseph Smith plagiarize from Shakespeare when writing the Book of Mormon?

1642:  On 03/12/00, a visitor asked:   What is the LDS's response and belief on [suicide]?

See Suicide

1641:  On 03/12/00, Laura asked:   If a woman's husband dies and she remarries, which husband would she live with in the celestial kingdom?

She will be reunited to the one to whom she is sealed to for time and all eternity, assuming that both she and her partner have been individually faithful to their covenants. (See Eternal Marriage)

1640:  On 03/12/00, Laura asked:   Are single people allowed to be members of the highest degree of the celestial kingdom? 

No, neither single men nor single women are eligible for exaltation, the highest glory God bestows on his children.  The Doctrine and Covenants teaches:

"In the celestial glory there are three heavens or degrees; And in order to obtain the highest, a man must enter into this order of the priesthood [meaning the new and everlasting covenant of marriage]; And if he does not, he cannot obtain it. He may enter into the other, but that is the end of his kingdom; he cannot have an increase." (D&C 131:1-4)

When the scriptures speak of an increase, they are speaking of the doctrine of "eternal increase", or the ability to have children after the resurrection, which is the crowning blessing of the gospel.  Since both a father and a mother are needed to create children, neither a single man nor a single woman will be eligible for this blessing.  Church leaders have continually stressed that we should do all within our power to achieve a temple marriage.  President Spencer W. Kimball has taught:

"The Lord has said that man is not without the woman, nor the woman without the man in the Lord. In other words, to marry is an obligation as well as an opportunity. Every normal person should find a proper mate and be sealed for eternity in the temple of the Lord. Failure to do so is disobedience and a sin of omission, unless every proper effort is made." (The Miracle of Forgiveness, p.97)

However, Church leaders are well aware that not everyone will have the opportunity for worthy marriage in mortality.  If someone is unable to find a worthy mate through no fault of their own, they have the sure promise that they will have the opportunity to marry in the afterlife.  President Ezra Taft Benson taught:

"Not all women in the Church will have an opportunity for marriage and motherhood in mortality. But if you in this situation are worthy and endure faithfully, you can be assured of all blessings from a kind and loving Heavenly Father—and I emphasize all blessings." (Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, p.550)

1639:  On 03/12/00, Jenny asked:   What is does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believe about Psychics? I am a Mormon and I have a friend who was recently baptized. He has been to psychics before and I am curious what the church believes in regards to psychics.

See Improper Channels:  Astrology, Fortune-Telling, and the Occult

1638:  On 03/12/00, a visitor asked:   I read something a long time ago that said male LDS receive some sacred word or words that they are allowed to tell no one. . . ? Could you help me out with this- Thanks.

Latter-day Saints do not discuss the sacred teachings of the temple outside of its holy walls (See Why don't Latter-day Saints openly discuss the teachings of the temple in detail?) For general information on the temple, see our Teachings About Temples home page.

1637:  On 03/12/00, Scott asked:   How do I become a Mormon?

See Joining the Church

1636:  On 03/12/00, a visitor asked: Do Mormons only drink certain drinks? Are certain drinks forbidden like Coffee, coca-cola, and tea?

Latter-day Saints abstain from all forms of alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea.  In addition, Church leaders have encouraged Latter-day Saints from drinking caffeinated cola drinks. (See Word of Wisdom)

1635:  On 03/12/00, a visitor asked:   I've got to write a paper on the founding of Zion and I really have no idea where to begin. I'd like to know who founded it and why, and if you could help me out with any information about the city (not the national park like every other website), then I'd be extremely grateful.

See Zion

1634:  On 03/12/00, a visitor asked:   l would like to conclude by saying, that l have been personally told by a number of LDS missionaries that Heavenly Father had physical sex with Mary in order to produce the body of Jesus.

See Was Mary a Virgin?

1633:  On 03/11/00, Kelly asked:   I know that Jesus' death and resurrection is very important, but why don't Mormons use the cross as any kind of symbol?

See The Cross

1632:  On 03/11/00, a visitor asked:   does it not say in the bible that they should have no other bible

See Adding to the Bible:  Revelation 22:18

1631:  03/11/00, Skye asked:  This is a little odd, I guess, but are garments worn in addition to regular underwear? Or instead of?

Garments are worn instead of underwear. (See Sacred Garments)

1630:  On 03/11/00, a visitor asked:   I would like to know what section I can go to read about family home evenings. Some of the topics and things that family home evenings help provide within the home

See Family Home Evening home page

1629:  On 03/11/00, Joshua asked:   and I attend Year 12 at Northpine Christian College in Brisbane, Australia.   I have chosen to study the Mormon Church, and more specifically how important the Sabbath is to a Mormon.  This has been difficult to find on the Internet as many Mormon sites cover this topic.  I would just like to know some information on the Sabbath- Which day is your Sabbath?, Is the whole day of the Sabbath regarded as holy?, Events and activities you can and can't perform on the Sabbath, etc.

See Teachings About the Sabbath Day home page

1628:  On 03/11/00, a visitor asked:   I thought that all LDS males must go on a mission after they graduate high school.....if this is true, then why do I have several Mormon friends with older brothers that have graduated and then gone straight to college without going on a mission?

The Church requests every young man to serve a 2 year mission, starting at age of 19.   President Ezra Taft Benson taught:

"As a young man, are you earnestly preparing to serve a full-time mission? The Lord needs every young man between the ages of nineteen and twenty-six, worthy, prepared, and excited about serving in the mission field." (Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, p.178)

Normally, this allows a young man to complete one year of college before he serves his mission.  (See Missionary Work home page)

1627:  On 03/11/00, a visitor asked:   I'm wondering what you can tell me about the unpardonable sin

See Unpardonable Sin

1626:  On 03/11/00, Robert asked:  The Book of Mormon mentions: wheat (Mosiah 9:9), horses (1 Nephi >18:25), chariots (Alma 18:9-11; 20:6; 3 Nephi 3:22), cows (Enos 21),  elephants (Ether 9:19), silk (Alma 1:29; 4:6; Ether 9:17), linen (Mosiah 10:5; Helaman 6:13; Ether 10:24), money-pieces of gold and silver (Alma 11:3-20), steel (2 Nephi 5:15; Jarom 1:8; Ether 7:9). None of these items were here before the Spaniards.  

See Book of Mormon Accusatory Questions

1625:  On 03/11/00, Bret asked: Why do your web site's pictures show Jesus as a blue eyed man with light brown or blond hair? In one scene, he is talking with some equally Nordic-looking children. Do you  think that is historically accurate or even representative? If so, of what? 

See Physical Appearance of Jesus

1624:  On 03/11/00, Stofferlund asked:  I'm a student in Norway who is going to write an article about the essence of Mormons. I wonder if you could help me and send me about one page of essential information of Mormons.

See Overview of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

1623:  On 03/11/00, John asked:   Hi, I am a member of the church and I was asked by a friend why don't Mormons drink since Jesus did drink of wine back in his time. Can you help?

See Why Are Certain Things Forbidden By the Word of Wisdom?

1622:  On 03/11/00, Anthony asked:   I am a convert to the church and took out my endowments last June (1999).   I recently was involved with a woman (single).......heavy petting was involved.     Can I be forgiven....or since I am ENDOWED, will Heavenly Father not forgive me because I have made covenants with Him?

The Church teaches that petting is sin.  President Spencer W. Kimball taught:

"The early apostles and prophets mention numerous sins that were reprehensible to them. Many of them were sexual sins—adultery, being without natural affection, lustfulness, infidelity, incontinence, filthy communications, impurity, inordinate affection, fornication. They included all sexual relations outside marriage—petting, sex perversion, masturbation, and preoccupation with sex in one's thoughts and talking. Included are every hidden and secret sin and all unholy and impure thoughts and practices." (The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p.264)

It is true that the penalties for endowed members of the Church are more severe than for those who have not been to the temple, for "of him unto whom much is given much is required; and he who sins against the greater light shall receive the greater condemnation." (D&C 82:3)

However, forgiveness is available for everyone, including endowed members, if they will follow the path of true repentance (See Remission of Sins).  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland taught:

"If some of you are carrying such wounds [of transgression], to you is extended the peace and renewal of repentance available through the atoning sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. In such serious matters the path of repentance is not easily begun nor painlessly traveled. But the Savior of the world will walk that essential journey with everyone willing to undertake it. He will strengthen you when you waver. He will be your light when it seems most dark. He will take your hand and be your hope when hope seems all you have left. His compassion and mercy, with all their cleansing and healing power, are freely given to all who truly wish complete forgiveness and will take the steps that lead to it." (See Personal Purity for Elder Holland's full comments)

To begin the path of true repentance, you should contact your Bishop and arrange for a private and personal interview.  He can tell you about all of the steps required.

(See Teachings About Sexuality home page)

1621:  On 03/11/00, Jim asked:  Were there any Christians before Joseph Smith was born?

See Do Latter-day Saints believe that they are the only Christians? 

1620:  On 03/11/00, Josh asked:  I'm wondering if an investigator can take all six discussions and then be baptized someone else? Cause in my case I hold the Melkezedek Priesthood and my friend wants to be baptized my me but she lives in another state. But she is willing to come here to be baptized by me. Can this be done? Let me know thanks          

Yes, you can baptize your friend.  She can choose any worthy Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood or any holder of the Melchizedek Priesthood to baptize her.  Investigators do not have to be baptized by the Missionaries. (See Baptism)

1619:  On 03/11/00, a visitor asked:  what if someone who was not a non member of the church, then learned about it and was baptized there, then could they date someone of the church? even if they are a new member,and the other person has been there their whole lives?

Yes, those who were raised in the Church are allowed to date adult converts. (See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers)

1618:  On 02/27/00, a visitor asked:  If Mormons are Christians, They must also follow the Christian bible, right?

Latter-day Saints are indeed Christians and use the King James Version of the Bible for their official Bible (See Are Mormons Christians?; The Holy Bible home page)

1617:  On 02/27/00, David asked:  [Doesn't the Bible teach against eternal marriage?]

See Doesn't the Bible teach against eternal marriage?

1616:  On 02/27/00, a visitor asked:  I am a member and I have a friend that has been asking me questions about the church.  I have tried to answer them to the best of my ability, but she asked me one yesterday that I could not answer.  "Why do women not have the priesthood?"  I simply told her that we are ordained to different roles than men, but I didn't have any concrete evidence to tell her.  If you could help me that would be great!!

See Why Don't Women Have the Priesthood?

1615:  On 02/27/00, a visitor asked:  [Do Latter-day Saints believe Adam is God?]

See Adam-God's Last Stand

1614:  On 02/27/00, William asked:  Why member are not allow to date none-mebers? 

See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers

1613:  On 02/27/00, William asked:  Why do I have to pay one tenth of my income to the church?  Doesn't this go against Jesus beliefs

Latter-day Saints tithe because Jesus commanded them to do so.  (See Tithing)

1612:  On 02/27/00, a visitor asked asked:  What does the church of Latter-day Saints say about the use of contraceptives?

See Birth Control

1611:  On 02/13/00, a visitor asked:  What is the LDS view on abortion?

See Abortion

1610:  On 02/13/00, a visitor asked: Regarding Adultery, I get the impression that one penitent offender could confess to a Bishop and not be required to seek forgiveness from the betrayed spouse or be placed on probation; while another equally penitent offender could confess to a different Bishop and be placed on probation and be required to seek forgiveness from the betrayed spouse? Why should there be any differentiation or subjectivity with such a sin?  Why shouldn't all first time Adulterers be placed on probation and be required to seek forgiveness from their spouse no matter what? Should not the betrayed spouse always be told the entire truth of such an offense?

The Church's system of discipline is based on the same principles that the Lord will use for eternal judgment.  Since the Lord judges us based upon how much light and knowledge we have, we will not all receive the same rewards or punishments for the same thoughts or behavior.  The Doctrine and Covenants teaches:

"For of him unto whom much is given much is required; and he who sins against the greater light shall receive the greater condemnation." (D&C 82:3)

For example, a man holding the Melchizedek Priesthood will generally receive a greater punishment for adultery than a man holding the Aaronic Priesthood.  As a holder of the higher priesthood, he is generally expected to know more and is therefore judged more accountable.  Likewise, the circumstances in which a sin is committed must be taken into account.  A young teenager who gets carried away and unintentionally violated the Law of Chastity will receive a lighter punishment than a married person who deliberately plans an illicit encounter.  Also, the contrition of a person can affect the judgment pronounced.

While the punishment for adultery will vary according to the factors mentioned above, to my knowledge, everyone is required to seek forgiveness from their spouse as a condition of repentance.

(See Adultery; Judgment; Final Judgment; Accountability)

1609:  On 02/13/00, a visitor asked:  I understand that you still practice polygamy in the spiritual sense.  That is a person can be married to someone spiritually and do not need to be bound together as man and wife according to the laws of this country.  Is that true?  I'm not sure about this.

No, the Church only allows people to be married in the temple if they are legally married as well.  However, a widower with a temple marriage is allowed to remarry in the temple and he would have the full expectation that both women would be his wives in eternity, if they were all faithful disciples of Christ.  (See Plural Marriage home page)

1608:  On 02/13/00, a visitor asked:  Do you believe that people will have sex after this life and procreate?

See Eternal Lives, Eternal Increase

1607:  On 02/13/00, a visitor asked:  Why do you have secret rites?  And wear secret clothes?   And have a secret priesthood?  There is no such thing in the New Testament.   All Christians are  priests.  All Christians are saints.  All Christians are one in Christ.  No secret clothing was ever advocated in the New Testament or the old.  Why do you do that?

Just like the ancient Israelites, the Holy Temple is the center of Latter-day Saint religious worship.  For more information about what occurs inside the temple, see the Teachings About Temples home page.  On this page, you will find descriptions of all the ordinances performed within the temple.   LDS beliefs regarding sacred vestment are consistent with ancient Israelite practices.  The Holy Bible discusses some of the sacred garments worn by a priest of God:

"And these [are] the garments which they shall make; a breastplate, and an ephod, and a robe, and a broidered coat, a mitre, and a girdle: and they shall make holy garments for Aaron thy brother, and his sons, that he may minister unto me in the priest's office." (Exodus 28:4)

For more information on LDS garments, see Sacred Garments

1606:  On 02/13/00, a visitor asked: I understand that Mormon's believe it is necessary for a person to be married to enter into celestial blessings.  If that is true then Jesus will be on a lower level than the Mormons who are married because he never married while on earth. Since Jesus is the Savior how can you treat him in that way?

See Was Jesus Married?

1605:  On 02/13/00, a visitor asked:  How do you justify celestial marriages in view of Jesus clear teaching that marriage between men and women doesn't exist in the next life?

See Is There Eternal Marriage?

1604:  On 02/13/00, Margaret asked:  Could you please enlighten me on when and who first instigated the 3 fold mission of the church

During his tenure as President of the Church, President Spencer W. Kimball suggested that the Church has three primary objectives to help people come unto Christ, sometimes identified as its three principal missions.   The first is to proclaim the gospel to all mankind. The Church does this through a large missionary force, as well as through the efforts of individual Church members. The second mission is to perfect the Saints, which includes teaching them the gospel of Christ, administering the essential ordinances of salvation, and assisting them in a lifelong process of repentance, discipleship, and preparation for eternal life. The third mission of the Church is redeeming the dead, making it possible for generations of the deceased, who had no opportunity to accept the gospel in mortality, to receive the truths and ordinances of salvation. This work is accomplished by proxy ordinances performed in the temples of the Church. It leads to Church encouragement of family history research. Later, Church Presidents may alter or add to these missions as directed or inspired by the Lord.

(See Overview of the Church)

1603:  On 02/13/00, Benjamin asked:  I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and during a video about the Salt Lake Temple I'm pretty sure it said it got it's name from an Indian tribe and I was wondering if you could tell me exactly what tribe. Because I have always been interested in Native American tribes because I think I have Indian blood in me. So I would be thankful if you could answer my question when you can.

"...when a territorial government was granted to the colonists in 1850 the name of Utah, which was derived from the word 'Ute', the name of the large tribe of Indians who inhabited the vicinity, had been chosen. (Encyclopedic History of the Church, p.180)

(See Church History home page)

1602:  On 02/13/00, a visitor asked:  Do you believe that Christians (again, I am referring to the born-  again  Christians) changed the Bible? And if so, where and how?     And why do you believe this; is there proof? (I do not mean this critically, in all honesty)

See The Bible

1601:  On 02/13/00, a visitor asked:  What are your views of the Born-Again Christian Church?

See Christian Interfaith Relationships

1600:  On 02/13/00, a visitor asked:  Why do you call yourselves Christians?!

See Are Mormons Christians?

1599:  On 02/13/00, Suzy asked:  I am wondering how children of a non-member who are brought into a marriage with a member of the Church are viewed ?

The Family:  A Proclamation to the World states:

"All human beings—male and female—are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of Heavenly Parents. And, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny."

Since Latter-day Saints believe all people are literal offspring of God, we believe everyone deserves love, respect, and friendship.   Because of the special needs of part-member families, local Church leaders often try and take special efforts to fellowship these families so that they will feel included and welcome.  Primary, Young Men, and Young Women leaders will often be asked to give special attention to ministering to the needs of the children in these families.

(See Fellowshipping Members home page)

1598:  On 02/13/00, Emily asked:  I am LDS and recently my attention has been brought to the issue of blood atonement by a Christian friend concerned for my spiritual well-being. My friend presented to me a pamphlet written by an ex-Mormon explaining the blood atonement among other not very well known Mormon practices. I would like to get a complete explanation of blood atonement that contains arguments of both sides. I just want the facts. Thank you.

See Blood Atonement

(See Question and Answer home page; Question and Answer 37)

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