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Question and Answer 39

1781:  On 03/25/00, David asked:  I looked through the website "All About Mormons" and did not find anything about Mormons and storing food supplies.  When I dropped my son off at the Ward the other day, I saw an advertisement for a year's supply of food posted on the bulletin board.  I'm not aware that my neighbors who are Mormons have any such supply on hand, but I have heard rumors that Mormons do stockpile food.  What can you tell me about this practice? 

See Emergency Preparedness

1780:  On 03/25/00, Doug asked:  I have a question I'm hoping you could answer. How large is the Mormon faith today in terms of worldwide membership in the Church? Are there millions, or tens of millions?

See Membership Distribution

1779:  On 03/25/00, a visitor asked:  What is the LDS position on Psalm 110 as a Messianic prophesy?

In the chapter heading of Psalm 110 of the LDS edition of the King James Version of the Bible, it states:

"A messianic Psalm of David--Christ shall sit on the Lord's right hand--He shall be a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek"

(See Prophesies About Jesus Christ)

1778:  On 03/25/00, a visitor asked: Do mormons believe that the bible is true. Or do they believe in the book of mormons as only true.

See Do Latter-day Saints Believe in the Bible and Biblical Christianity?

1777:  On 03/25/00, a visitor asked:   I believe that faith alone in jesus will give eternal life. Do mormons believe the same?

See What Do Latter-day Saints Believe a Person Must do to be Saved?

1776:  On 03/25/00, a visitor asked:  Do mormons believe that you can have more than one wife?

See Plural Marriage home page

1775:  On 03/25/00, Robert asked:  I have a question.  What if someone joined the Church, but then left for a homosexual relationship.  But, they decided that it was a mistake and wanted to come back.  They are an Elder, but have not gone to the Temple.  They were planning on going on a mission, but left the Church before going.  What would be the penatlies put on them when they returned? 

Church discipline is decided on a case-by-case factor, taking into account a number of factors.  (See Disciplinary Procedures; Homosexuality)

1774:  On 03/25/00, Mandy asked:  LDS believe in marriage for time and all eternity.  Why is it not considered adultery for a sealed wife to re-marry if her sealed husband dies in this life?  I thought once sealed, they were married forever and ever AMEN.  The pains of death do not separate them.  This is what I have been taught all of my life.   How then, can a wife re-marry if she's married eternally to someone else?

Our Heavenly Father allows widows to remarry so that they may have companionship during their mortal sojourn.  Even if they were sealed to a previous husband, this second marriage is not considered adultery because the relationship is allowed and sanctioned by God.  Any children born to the second marriage would be considered as the children of the wife and the husband to whom she is sealed.  He is simply "raising up seed unto his brother", similar to ancient Biblical practices.  (See Matthew 22:24)

(See Teachings About Marriage home page)

1773:  In 03/25/00, a visitor asked:  We were discussing infant baptism and we were trying to find in the old or new testament were it is mention.

Infant baptism is not taught in the Bible.  President Lorenzo Snow noted:

"Faith and repentance go before baptism, and baptism before the remission of sins and the reception of the Holy Ghost. Hence, we see the useless and unscriptural practice of baptizing infants. They cannot exercise faith and repentance, qualifications necessary previous to baptism; then why require the outward work?"

(See Baptism)

1772:  On 03/25/00, Gregory asked:  What is the Holy Ghost?

See Teachings About the Holy Ghost home page

1771:  On 03/25/00, Keren asked:  Can you show me where it say to believe in prophets or face damnation?

See Why Do I need a Prophet?

1770:  On 03/25/00, Mandy asked:  Is plural marriage going to be required in order to receive exaltation? 

See Is Plural Marriage Necessary for Exaltation?

1769:  On 03/25/00, a visitor asked:  [Do Latter-day saints only appeal to their feelings in defense of their faith?]

See Do Latter-day Saints only trust in their feelings (e.g., a "buring in the bosom") and ignore facts and common sense?

1768:  On 03/25/00, Debbie asked:  Often in the Church, plural marriage is compared to Abraham, Issac and Jacob as an exalting and enobling practice.   I recently read these accounts in the Bible and found them less than inspiring. ..... Is THIS suppose to be what plural marriage is about?

See What is the purpose of Plural Marriage?

1767:  On 03/25/00, Ronald asked:  what does the Church think of miracle healings done by non-members who do not necessarily give the credit for these healings to Christ.  If a person is healed by one of these television evangelists or any person claiming healing powers, does it necessarily mean that the healing is done through the powers of Satan? Are there only 2 powers on earth, Christ's and Satan's?  And does Christ do any healing through people who do not recognize Him as the healer? How can we be sure the power is of God or rather of Satan?  Please tell me where to go to find quotes from the General Authorities on this

See Improper Channels:  Astrology, Fortune-Telling, and the Occult

1766:  On 03/25/00, Ronald asked:  Why do all of the statues on the temples face east?

Most (but not all) LDS temples face east, symbolic of the anticipated second coming of Christ, which Jesus compared to the dawning in the east of a new day (Matt. 24:27). (See History of Latter-Day Saint Temples From 1831 To 1990)

1765:  On 03/25/00, Christopher asked:  I have some questions about the urim and thummim and the seer stone that Joseph Smith used.  First of all, what is the difference between the two?  What exactly did Joseph Smith translate with them and who has possession of them at this time.

See Seer Stones and the Urim and Thummim

1764:  On 03/25/00, Christopher asked:  have a question about the dead sea scrolls.  I have a very vague idea about what they are and how exactly they are helpful.  I mean, if they are really books of the bible, shouldn't they be used by members of the church as scripture.  What does the First Presidency have to say about all of this and where can I find more information on them?

See Dead Sea Scrolls

1763:  On 03/25/00, a visitor asked:  as far as I know Adam and Eve must have sinned to be able to have children - so they had to eat from the forbidden fruit. In the Bible I can read that God gave them the order to "become many and fill the earth" BEFORE they sinned. So, in such a situation it is hard to do the right: They knew that they had to fill the earth - but to be able to do this they had to eat from the forbidden fruit, too. In fact, either they sin against the commandment of having children or against the commandment of not eating the special fruit. Well, if this is so, God isn't a fair guy (he wouldn't perfect!!!)!

See The Fall of Adam home page

1762:  On 03/25/00, Loren asked:  I have been reading about the life of Joseph Smit and see that it is on our WI state public TV station tonight, and I'm going to tape it. A question came up recently as I read about his life and his murder in Illinois. What is the term that is used for the murder of a prophet? Is it assassination or do you know of another word for murdering a prophet?

Random House Webster's College dictionary (1991) states that a martyr is:

1. a person who willingly suffers death rather than renounce his or her religion.; 2. A person who is put to death or suffers on behalf of a cause.; 3. A person who undergoes severe or constant suffering.

(See Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith)

1761:  On 03/25/00, Stephen asked:  i am thinking about converting from catholic beliefs to mormanism, but to me they pretty much sound like the same thing, with a few minor differences. i was wondering if you could tell me how mormanism differs from catholic beliefs. And why you think people should join the morman church.

See Catholicism and Mormonism and Why Should I Convert?

1760:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  I fell in love with a Mormon and he fell in love with me, but I am not Mormon.  We were friends and eventually fell in love with each other.   I have been very respectful of his religion and we have made sure he does not commit any sins.  I am not a religion, but I do believe in god.  We love each other more than anything.  Are there any exceptions of him marrying outside of his church or do I have to become a Mormon?

Whether your friend marries in the Church or not will be his own decision.   However, Church leaders encourage everyone to marry within the Church.  (See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers home page)

1759:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  Hello, I looked all over your site and could not find any information about the first resurrection.  Could you please tell me where I could find it or share your knowledge with me? 

See Resurrection

1758:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  What are the beliefs of Mormons concerning apocalypse or the end of the world?

See The Last Days home page

1757:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  Where can I find info about the Mormon Temple in Israel?

The Church does not have a temple in Israel.   We do have an educational center called the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies.

1756:  On 03/24/00, Jay asked:  As I understand it, a Christian is one who as of this very moment possesses salvation and KNOWS he/she possesses that salvation [1 John5:11-13]. In that the two forms of LDS salvation [i.e., resurrection and exaltation] are attained posthumously, haw can any living Mormon now have salvation--be a Christian? Again, I am not speaking of potential benefits; I am speaking of a right-now, know-so salvation that is the guarantee of every believer.

See Are Mormons Christians?

1755:  On 03/24/00, Ashley asked:  I have to give a a speech about to Mormons.  Why was it okay to marry more than one life?  Was it because there was not enough men to go around at the time saints practiced it?! 

See What is the Purpose of Plural Marriage?

1754: On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  How do Mormons feel about homosexuality?

See Homosexuality

1753:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  If Mormons marry outside the faith will they have to be excommunicated? Can they date other's who are of a different faith.

See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers

1752:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  Are Mormons prejudice about any religions?

See Interfaith Relations home page

1751:  On 03/24/00, Greg asked:  do latter-day saints believe that Jesus was married? if so, to whom was he married? (i have heard it said that he was married to Mary and her sister, Sara)  what support can be offered for such a claim?  are there any presidential statements on the subject? or apostle statements?

See Was Jesus Married?

1750:  On 03/24/00, Ritchie asked:  [Joseph Smith made many changes to the Bible.  Doesn't this violate the principles laid down by Revelation 22:18-19?]

See Doesn't the JST Violate Revelation 22:18-19?

1749:  On 03/24/00, Liam asked:  I am a GCSE student in Norwich, England, and I am studying the AMERICAN WEST. At this present stage in time, we are learning about the Mormons, and what they believe. Our assignment at the moment is to find out about the gold plated book that Joseph Smith apparently dug up in 1823 in Palmyra. I am just wondering if you have any information on this book , for example an artists impression of what it may have looked like, and what symbols might have been written in it. If you have any information at all on these gold plates, I would be very grateful, and would help me in my studies.

See Gold Plates

1748:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  I am a Young Women's president in Montana.  I recently had a young woman visiting from another ward, claim that the "sons of perdition" was only for men and not women.  I have searched many scriptures and doctrine to try to find a reference to women being included and have not found one. I am aware that the scriptures often refer things to "men" or "man" in a general sense.   I am concerned about this because she says her father is a bishop and that it is doctrine and being that she is very popular in school, many of the young women are believing what she said to be true. We took this to our bishopric as well.  I hope you can help.

See Sons of Perdition

1747:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  I wanted to know how many members of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we have

See Membership Distribution

1746:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  How can I find out how many temples we have and the names of them. 

See Temples of the Church

1745:  On 03/24/00, Mike asked:  Why does someone believe in a god? You cannot prove it exists nor can I prove it`s non-existence.

The existence of God is proved from both reason and personal spiritual experience (See Reason and Revelation).  For example, many people believe the perfect way the universe has been designed is evidence of a governing hand.  And every person who desires to know whether God lives can receive a personal spiritual manifestation from him.  If someone called you on the phone and said, "My name is Bill" you would have evidence that Bill exists.   Likewise, when you receive a spiritual manifestation from God you know he exists as well.  For information about how to receive your own personal manifestation, see the Prayer, Fasting, and Revelation home page

1744:  On 03/24/00, Susan asked:  Can you tell me the Chinese meaning of the word Mormon ?

See Isn't it True that Mormon in Chinese means "Gates of Hell"?

1743:  On 03/24/00, Chris asked:  I was asked the question if you can leave the church for good if you have joined and no longer believe in it.  Can you is there a official process because I don't know the answer to this question.

Yes, members can ask their Bishops to have their names removed from membership rolls.

1742:  On 03/24/00, Neil asked:  Does Satan have power to tempt those who have died a physical death, while they are in the spirit world? Are there scriptural references or any Prophet's words to tell us?

President Joseph Fielding Smith taught:

"Permit me to quote to you a few passages from the Doctrine and Covenants and the Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith:

And he who breaketh it shall lose his office and standing in the Church, and shall be delivered over to the buffetings of Satan until the day of redemption.( D&C 78:12)

And the soul that sins against this covenant, and hardeneth his heart against it, shall be dealt with according to the laws of my church, and shall be delivered over to the buffetings of Satan until the day of redemption.( Ibid., 82:21)

Inasmuch as ye are cut off for transgression, ye cannot escape the buffetings of Satan until the day of redemption. (104:9)

. . . but they shall be destroyed in the flesh, and shall be delivered unto the buffetings of Satan unto the day of redemption, saith the Lord God.(132:26)

The spirit of Elijah was manifest in the days of the apostles, in delivering certain ones to the buffetings of Satan, that they might be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus. They were sealed by the spirit of Elijah unto the damnation of hell until the day of the Lord, or revelation of Jesus Christ.(Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 228)

The Wicked are Subject to Satan

Perhaps the power of Satan to persuade them may be limited in that spirit world, but it is a reasonable thought to think that they have their agency, and that he will endeavor to entice them to follow him, for he must exert great power over them when they are subject to his jurisdiction." (Answers to Gospel Questions, Vol. 3, p.194)

(See The Spirit World)

1741:  On 03/24/00, Rebecca asked:  Do the LSD believes in reincarnation?

See Reincarnation

1740:  On 03/24/00, Lisa asked:  I am 16 years old and have always known that God and Jesus are a part of my life.  I would like to start attending church, but my parents won't allow me to, even though they say I can choose my own religion.  I believe the Bible says to obey your parents, so what should I do?

Latter-day Saints believe that children should obey their parents until they reach the age of majority.  The Holy Bible teaches:

"Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right." (Ephesians 6:1)

When you turn 18, you will be old enough to make your own choices about which Church to join.  People under 18 may only be baptized if they have their parents' permission.

(See Teachings About Children home page)

1739:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  What exactly are Mormons?

See Mormonism

1738:  On 03/24/00, Kevin asked:  What do the Mormons believe that you have to believe in to get to heaven?

See What do Latter-day Saints believe a person must do to be saved?

1737:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  I have a question regarding on the delicacy of some nation I've heard, where they mix the blood of pig to its meat and it will become DINUGUAN(Pork's Meat mix with its blood) but it is cook thoroughly. Some religious organization here maintain a doctrine written in genesis where it says, you should not eat the blood. But this is in Old Testament... Does the New Testament superseded eating of blood of pork mix with its meat(pork).

The Old Testament states:

"Moreover ye shall eat no manner of blood, [whether it be] of fowl or of beast, in any of your dwellings.  Whatsoever soul [it be] that eateth any manner of blood, even that soul shall be cut off from his people." (Leviticus 7:26-7)

Latter-day Saints believe this is part of the law of Moses, which was fulfilled by the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  Since it is fulfilled, we do not believe God still commands us to obey it today.  Instead, the Lord has issued different dietary restrictions crafted especially to meet the needs of the people of our day. (See Word of Wisdom)

1736:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  Why are the Aaronic Priesthood Purposes (6) not published by the Church as the Young Women's Values are?

You would need to address any curriculum to the people actually responsible for compiling the curriculum.   I suspect its because the responsibilities of the priesthood are already adequately covered in the scriptures and priesthood manuals. (See Aaronic Priesthood home page)

1735:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  [Do you have blood oaths in the temple?]

See Do you have blood oaths in the temple?

1734:  On 03/24/00, Liz asked:  I have been a member almost all my life.  Around 7th grade, I began to start considering being a vegetarian.  I prayed and searched the scriptures, and almost miraculously, I turned to the page in the word of wisdom where it says that it is only pleasing to our Heavenly Father that we use animals for meat in times of winter or scarcity.  I have since then not eaten meat once.  The question I pose to you is, why is this rule not taught to primary children like all the others are?

See Does the Word of Wisdom Require Latter-day Saints to be Vegetarians?

1733:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  I am a non member and dating a member, is that looked upon as being bad for the member? (the non member is thinking about joining but is just not 100% sure yet)

See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers

1732:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  what do the symbols on the undergarments mean?

See Why don't Latter-day Saints openly discuss the teachings of the temple in detail?

1731:  On 03/24/00, Krista asked:  Does the church have any official statements or positions, or have any general authorities offered opinions on the status of children lost to miscarriage?  Are these spirits reassigned to later pregnancies, or does the embryo or fetus suffice as an earthly body for them?  If the latter is true, will the parents have an opportunity to raise them someday?  I know that only children born alive are included in parent/child sealings at the temple.

See Are Miscarried Children Resurrected?

1730:  On 03/24/00, Derek asked:  Why do the LDS claim that the King James Version of the Bible is supposed to be the 'purest' form of the Bible?

See King James Version

1729:  On 03/24/00, Keren asked:  What do you think about this quote?  Do you agree? "I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God, that this is the Gospel of salvation, and if you do not believe it you will be damned, every one of you." Brigham Young, March 29, 1857 Journal of Discourses 4:298

I agree that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and those who do not accept him as such will face damnation.  Likewise, I believe that Moses was a prophet of God and those who do not accept him as such will face damnation.  And the same goes for all the prophets and apostles that God ever called as his servants and witnesses.   Because if you do not accept the servants God has sent, then you are rejecting God, the sender, as well. And those who reject God cannot be saved.  (See Following the Prophets home page)

1728:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  why do they believe that it is wrong to be involved in a sexual relationship if the two people are committed to each other?

See Personal Purity

1727:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:  Why do Mormons believe that it is wrong to drink alcohol, even if done moderately

See Why Are Certain Things Forbidden by the Word of Wisdom?

1726:  On 03/24/00, Tony asked:  [My concern is] The writings that contradict the virgin birth.  Brigham Young and Joseph Smith both said that God the Father actually had a Physical and Legas relationship in order to conceive Jesus.  Don't buy it...

See Was Mary a Virgin?

1725:  On 03/24/00, Tony asked:  [My concern is] The kingdoms...never once mentioned in the Bible.  Unless, of course, you take what was said in Conrinthians out of context.  The bible clearly talks of a Heaven and a in between.

Latter-day Saints believe that the final destiny of every man is either in heaven or hell.  We don't believe that there are any in-between states.   (See Teachings About the Afterlife home page)

1724:  On 03/24/00, Tony asked:  [My concern is] The false interpretation of the Kinderhook plates by the Prophet Joseph Smith...and the church admitting in the Aug 81 issue of ensign that the plates were a hoax....does not the bible teach that if a so called prophet makes one mistake in his prophecies then he is not a prophet at all?

See Kinderhook Plates

1723:  On 03/24/00, Tony asked: [My concern is] The "eternal progression of our father and Saviour" and the quote that Joseph Smith says about our eternal progression...God once was as man is now, and man may become as God is.  When the Book of Mormon teaches that God and The Christ are both eternal and never changing.

See Isn't God the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever?

1722:  On 03/24/00, Tony asked:  I won't go into depth on the Trinity because there are numerous amounts of scripture concerning both our views.  My concern is more where the book of Mormon plainly teaches a Monotheistic God as where the doctrine of the Church teaches polytheism.    

See The Nature of God in the Book of Mormon

1721:  On 03/24/00, Jenifer asked:   I just found a reference to "earrings for boys" on your website, without clear reference to WHAT ABOUT earrings for boys.  My wonderful son would like an earring, and since he is such a good boy, I have agreed.  Are you suggesting there's something unChristian about an earring for him?

Latter-day Saints are taught to avoid avoid extreme styles in their clothing.  For men, earrings are considered an extreme style.

(See Modesty in Dress)

1720:  On 03/24/00, Lynette asked: What are the differences between the sects of this religion (if any)?

See Interfaith Relations home page

1719:  On 03/24/00, Lynette asked: What is the moral code of Mormonism?

The Articles of Faith state:

"We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul--We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things."

1718:  On 03/24/00, a visitor asked:   [Do you have to be a virgin to marry in the temple?]

Latter-day Saints believe that premarital sex is sin.  Those who engage in it are subject to Church discipline and are not allowed to hold a temple recommend, and therefore enter the temple.  It is possible for those who have transgressed to be forgiven through true repentance, however the road is often difficult and not easily traveled.  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland noted:

"If some of you are carrying such wounds, to you is extended the peace and renewal of repentance available through the atoning sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. In such serious matters the path of repentance is not easily begun nor painlessly traveled. But the Savior of the world will walk that essential journey with everyone willing to undertake it. He will strengthen you when you waver. He will be your light when it seems most dark. He will take your hand and be your hope when hope seems all you have left. His compassion and mercy, with all their cleansing and healing power, are freely given to all who truly wish complete forgiveness and will take the steps that lead to it." (See Personal Purity)

(See Teachings About Sexuality home page)

1717:  On 03/24/00, John asked:   I guess my question is how do i go about getting into this religion.

See Joining the Church

1716:  On 03/23/00, a visitor asked:   Our family dog of 12 years died today.  I thought maybe I could put a FHE lesson together about this.  I have learned that ALL things were created spiritually before temporally, but I have never heard what happens to animals after they die.  Can you please direct me to some information  about this topic?   Thank you very much for your help.

See Animals

1715:  On 03/23/00, Bret asked:   I have seen a couple of things on your web page saying that if a couple chooses a civil ceremony over a temple marriage, they must wait a year to be sealed, but I can't seem to find anything about a couple choosing a temple marriage, but then choosing to do separate civil ceremony afterwards so that the non-members are able to participate in the ceremony.  What is the church's view on this subject? 

The Church very strongly discourages couples from having a civil ceremony after a temple marriage.  Such an action is considered a lack of respect for the sacred sealing ordinance.  (See Teachings About Temples home page)

1714:  On 03/23/00, Michael asked:   Is the religion based in Salt Lake City in the US?

The administrative offices of Church Headquarters are located in Salt Lake City.

1713:  On 03/23/00, Michael asked:   How do people join or leave your church ?

People join the Church via the ordinance of baptism.  They leave the Church by requesting their names be removed from the membership rolls. (See Joining the Church)

1712:  On 03/23/00, Michael asked:   What does your church believe in respect to marriage,sexual relations and also,gay/lesbian people?

See Teachings About Sexual Relations home page

1711:  On 03/23/00, Michael asked:   Why are Mormons not allowed to drink alcohol?

See Why Are Certain Things Forbidden by the Word of Wisdom?

1710:  On 03/23/00, a visitor asked:   In the Book of Abraham, chapter 4, is "the Gods" referring to the Father, Son
and Holy Ghost or the council of Gods or ???  Please give reference with your answer.   Thank you.

See Creation Accounts

1709:  On 03/23/00, Sharyl asked:   The unpardonable sin which leads to becoming a son of perdition...Question - Can a female become a son of perdition?

See Son of Perdition

1708:  On 03/23/00, Jami asked:   I just want to know one more thing is it best that i get baptized here soon so god will except me in heaven?

Yes, the prophets repeatedly emphasize that we should not delay in obeying the commandments:

"And now, my brethren, I wish from the inmost part of my heart, yea, with great anxiety even unto pain, that ye would hearken unto my words, and cast off your sins, and not procrastinate the day of your repentance..." (Alma 13:27)

(See Joining the Church)

1707:  On 03/23/00, Glen asked:   If the Book of Mormon is true, why is it that when an Indian becomes a Mormon why doesn't he turn white?  ( 2 Nephi 30:6 - prior to 1981 revision)

See Why Don't LDS Indians Have White Skins?

1706:  On 03/23/00, Glen asked:   If LDS teach the virgin birth, why do they also teach that God came down and had sexual relations with Mary? ( Journal of Discourses Vol 1Pg. 50 )

See Was Mary a Virgin?

1705:  On 03/23/00, Glen asked:   If LDS teach that a man (who lives the true LDS lifestyle) can become a God, why is it that  Moroni is still only an angle? ( Doc & Cov 132:17,37 )

See Why Isn't Moroni a God?

1704:  On 03/23/00, Christopher asked:  I have heard from various members of the church that Satan controls the waters.  Is this true?

One of Satan's names is The Destroyer.  Elder Bruce R. McConkie noted:

"This name for Satan signifies that his great labor is to destroy the souls of men. Incident thereto he rejoices in bringing to pass temporal, spiritual, and mental ruin and waste of all degrees. William W. Phelps, in daylight vision, saw the destroyer riding in power upon the face of the Missouri River; and thereupon the Lord revealed to the Prophet the perils to be wrought upon the waters in the last days by the destroyer. (D. & C. 61.)" (Mormon Doctrine, p.192)

(See Devils)

1703:  On 03/23/00, Nancy asked:   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has ________members in approximately ________ nations in theworld. _____ members are in the United States.   The world headquarters is located in ___________________.  Also would you tell me the difference between the world headquarters and the Temple in Salt Lake City?

As of 1998, the Church had 10,354,241 members with 5,023,158 in the United States.  Members can be found in most countries. (See Membership Distribution).  The Salt Lake Temple is a house of worship where sacred ordinances are performed (See Teachings About Temples home page).  The World Headquarters Building is an office building in Salt Lake City where the daily affairs of the Church is run. 

1702:  On 03/23/00, a visitor asked: I need to know what life in 1896 was like,more about religion,

See Pioneer Life and Worship

1701:  On 03/23/00, Sara asked:   hey i am Baptist and i found out that my boyfriend was Mormon.  to you, Mormons, what do you have to do to get to heaven?  or is there a heaven?  do you believe in heaven and hell?

See Teachings About the Afterlife home page

1700:  On 03/23/00, a visitor asked:   [Where was Jesus born?]

See Birth of Jesus

1699:  On 03/23/00, a visitor asked:   Hi. I was wondering if you could tell me what you are supposed to wear to General Conference.Dress clothes? And are sleeveless or spaghetti strapped dresses inappropriate?

Latter-day Saints are counseled to avoid sleeveless attire at all times.  (See Modesty in Dress)  People wear normal Sunday attire for General Conference.   Most women choose to wear nice dresses of knee length or longer.   Skirts and blouses are also common.  (See A Visitor's Guide)

1698:  On 03/23/00, Caroline asked: I've been searching on many Internet sites, and I didn't find what Mormons believe about the creation of the world.  I know that they believe in the Bible, so they must accept the story of Adam and Eve.  But I also understand that they're doing their own particular interpretation of such things, and I was wondering how they interpret the story of the Genesis.  In Christianity, some people believe this story to be exactly true, while others think because of the new discoveries about the Big Bang and the rest of sciences - Darwin's theory on evolution, etc.) that this story is "only" symbolic.  What do Mormons think of it ?  Why did God create Earth according to them ?

See The Creation home page

1697:  On 03/23/00, Christopher asked:  I had a friend ask me why it was okay for Nephi to kill Laban in the book of Mormon.  I know it was justified by why exactly?

The Book of Mormon records:

"And it came to pass that I was constrained by the Spirit that I should kill Laban; but I said in my heart: Never at any time have I shed the blood of man. And I shrunk and would that I might not slay him.  And the Spirit said unto me again: Behold the Lord hath delivered him into thy hands. Yea, and I also knew that he had sought to take away mine own life; yea, and he would not hearken unto the commandments of the Lord; and he also had taken away our property.  And it came to pass that the Spirit said unto me again: Slay him, for the Lord hath delivered him into thy hands;  Behold the Lord slayeth the wicked to bring forth his righteous purposes. It is better that one man should perish than that a nation should dwindle and perish in unbelief. And now, when I, Nephi, had heard these words, I remembered the words of the Lord which he spake unto me in the wilderness, saying that: Inasmuch as thy seed shall keep my commandments, they shall prosper in the land of promise.  Yea, and I also thought that they could not keep the commandments of the Lord according to the law of Moses, save they should have the law.   And I also knew that the law was engraven upon the plates of brass.  And again, I knew that the Lord had delivered Laban into my hands for this cause--that I might obtain the records according to his commandments.  Therefore I did obey the voice of the Spirit, and took Laban by the hair of the head, and I smote off his head with his own sword." (1 Nephi 4:10-18, emphasis added)

It was a righteous thing for Nephi to kill Laban because the Holy Ghost, a member of the Godhead, commanded him to do so.  Why did the Spirit command such a course of action?  Some of the reasons noted in the scriptural account include:  1) Laban tried to murder  Nephi and his brothers to steal their property.  2)  Laban did not keep the commandments.  3) The Lehites needed the plates to preserve their spiritual heritage and they could only obtain them with the death of Laban. 

While the Lord is patient with his children, there eventually comes a point when we will face the divine justice that we deserve.  As a matter of doctrine, Latter-day Saints believe in capital punishment.  In this case, Nephi was the one appointed by God to administer it.  (See Capital Punishment)

1696:  On 03/23/00, David asked: My investigator friend happened upon some anti-Mormon literature and asked me about this, in the History of the Church vol 6 p 408-409, Joseph Smith said something along the lines of "I have more to brag about then any man. No one could hold this church together like me. Not Paul, or Peter, or even Jesus." I looked it up and I was hoping you could help me to understand the context.

See Is Joseph Smith Greater than Jesus Christ?

1696:  On 03/23/00, Debbie asked:   In the spirit world, are many churches' doctrines taught there or simply (and finally) the truth?  We know that Christ went into the spirit world to establish the church, but He also established here...and others copied.  In the spirit world, will there be one church ONLY? (Remember, we are taught that even during the Terrestrial state there will be other religions on the earth.)   Thanks for your time.

We know that missionaries are sent to dead spirits.  The Doctrine and Covenants teaches:

"I beheld that the faithful elders of this dispensation, when they depart from mortal life, continue their labors in the preaching of the gospel of repentance and redemption, through the sacrifice of the Only Begotten Son of God, among those who are in darkness and under the bondage of sin in the great world of the spirits of the dead.  The dead who repent will be redeemed, through obedience to the ordinances of the house of God,  And after they have paid the penalty of their transgressions, and are washed clean, shall receive a reward according to their works, for they are heirs of salvation." (D&C 138:57-9)

Therefore, we know that people do not immediately become aware of the truth as soon as they die.  Therefore, it seems logical that they will hold the same beliefs that they held in mortality. However, eventually every knee shall bow and recognize Jesus as Lord and Savior.  The Holy Bible teaches:

"That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of [things] in heaven, and [things] in earth, and [things] under the earth; And [that] every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ [is] Lord, to the glory of God the Father." (Philippians 2:10-11)

Certainly, all the residents of the Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial Kingdoms will do so.  As noted in the Doctrine and Covenants reference above, all heirs of salvation are dependent upon the sacrifice of the Only Begotten Son of God.  Until they are offered Jesus' sacrifice and accept it, they remain unredeemed in spirit prison.   Therefore, after the final judgment, only the sons of perdition will hold different beliefs.

(See Salvation of the Dead)

1695:  On 03/23/00, a visitor asked:   DO we have sins as infants from adam and eve are are belifes the same as catholic in the baptismal part im very confussed on what i should do.

See Original Sin

1694:  On 03/23/00, a visitor asked:   Hi, I have a question and i hope you have an answer for me i was raised as a Mormon i was never Baptized , my  question is will i go to heaven or hell ? 

The Book of Mormon teaches:

"And if they will not repent and believe in his name, and be baptized in his name, and endure to the end, they must be damned; for the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has spoken it" (2 Nephi 9:24)

(See Teachings About the Afterlife home page)

1693:  On 03/23/00, Kandy asked:   I am in an egroup that discusses religious truths. I..... I know I can ask them to prove to me in scripture that there would be no more prophets after the Bible prophets, but is there any other scripture that would even hint that prophets would be as necessary today as in times of old?

See Doesn't the Bible teach against modern prophets? and Isn't the Bible Sufficient?

1692:  On 03/23/00, Jenifer asked:   Recently my boyfriend who is Mormon broke up with me. I have no set religion but I choose to go to a catholic church. Our relationship wasn't serious, nothing more than kissing because of our moral beliefs and so forth. When he broke up with me he told me he was thinking more and more about going on a mission for his church and that he wanted to "clean up" and fallow the rules of his church more. I totally respect his decision I just don't understand it. Is it because Mormons aren't allowed to date outside of the church?

As to the specific reasons why he broke up with you, you would need to ask him yourself.  It is true that Latter-day Saints are counseled not to date nonmembers of our Church.  (See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers; Missionary Work home page)

1691:  On 03/22/00, Christopher asked:  Where is the Sword of Laban right now?

As of the beginning of the restoration of the gospel, the Sword of Laban was in the custody of the Angel Moroni.  Elder Bruce R. McConkie noted:

"The Three [Book of Mormon] Witnesses were shown the Gold Plates by the Angel Moroni, and they heard the voice of God bear record that the translation was correct. They also saw the breastplate, the sword of Laban, the Urim and Thummim, and the Liahona." (Mormon Doctrine, p.841)

1690:  On 03/22/00, Charlene asked:   If you are sealed to your spouse in the temple and later in life you become civilly divorced from that individual,  can you unseal yourself from that person and later be resealed to a new temple worthy spouse? It wouldn't quite seem right to go through all time and eternity with a person you divorced on earth.

First, a marriage is only valid for eternity if it has been ratified by the Holy Spirit of Promise, who only ratifies the marriage if both partners have been faithful to their gospel covenants with God.   If one or both partners has been unrighteous, then the marriage is not ratified and therefore of none effect.  In other words, if you have an unworthy spouse in mortality, then there is no chance you will be married to that person in eternity, temple ordinances notwithstanding.  If a person obtains a civil divorce, then he or she may also request a cancellation of sealing from the First Presidency.   A divorced person may be allowed to be sealed to another individual depending upon the circumstances of his or her divorce, as reviewed by his or her local priesthood leaders. (See Eternal Marriage)

1689:  On 03/22/00, a visitor asked:   [Regarding the Book of Mormon Witnesses], what kind of validity can be given to people of this character, and the lack of impartiality among the 2nd group of witnesses?

See Comments on the Book of Mormon Witnesses and Impartiality of the Book of Mormon Witnesses

1688:  On 03/22/00, Derek asked:   If the King James version was translated from the original documents, what is to stop us from re-translating the bible to a "purer" form from these same texts?  What happened to the original records, who owned or controlled them, and are they still around in some dark and forgotten archive?

See King James Version (KJV)

(See Question and Answer home page; Question and Answer 38)

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