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Question and Answer 40

1886:  On 07/01/00, Jessica asked:  Where and when was the Mormon religion started? Who started the Mormon Religion?

See Overview

1885:  On 07/01/00, Kathryn asked:  What has a person to do, to have salvation, to be saved?

See What do Latter-day Saints believe a person must do to be saved?

1884:  On 07/01/00, Steven asked:  with a yes or no answer, do I have to believe in the teachings of the LDS church to receive salvation or can I believe in what I have always been taught in the OLD and NEW testament of the Holy Bible to receive salvation. (I am a Baptist by preference)

See Do Only Mormons Go to Heaven?

1883:  On 07/01/00, Abby asked:  Do Mormons believe that the only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ? Or do they believe that they get to Heaven by what they do? I have very close friends who are Mormons and I want to know if they're saved.

See Grace vs. Works

1882:  On 07/01/00, Melanie asked:  In the Bible it says that you are not to add to or take away from the Bible, however by creating and writing these other books and so-called testaments you are not following this principle and therefore are defaming the Bible and its teachings. My question is that, how can you call yourself Christians if you are basing your religious beliefs on things the Bible directly forbids and does not condone?

See Adding to the Bible:  Revelation 22:18

1881:  On 07/01/00, Gary asked:  How do Mormons understand these verses [which say there is one God], since they seem to be in direct contradiction to Mormon doctrine.  As I understand it, Mormon doctrine says that these three are in fact three Gods, not one God.

See Is There One God or Many Gods?

1880:  On 07/01/00, Michelle asked:  Is it morally wrong to report our tithing as a tax deduction?

Latter-day Saints are encouraged to take advantage off all the blessings of citizenship, including legal tax deductions.  It would only be immoral to claim a deduction not allowed by law. (See Tithing)

1879:  On 07/01/00, Mark asked:  Could you explain about the glasses Joseph Smith had allowing him to read the gold plates. We notice they are briefly mentioned on the visions of Joseph Smith page ("Other Heavenly Manifestations").

See Seer Stones and the Urim and Thummim

1878:  On 07/01/00, Paul asked:  i was hoping you could explain to me your beliefs on death and the importance of and beliefs about funerals. Thanks!

See Death and Dying

1877:  On 07/01/00, Don asked:  I am a member of the Church and am opposed to the death penalty. I would like to know whether you consider there to be an official position of the Church on the death penalty and if so, what is it and what is the basis for such a position.

See Capital Punishment

1876:  On 07/01/00, Joanne asked:  Do you have any dietary restrictions.

See Word of Wisdom

1875:  On 07/01/00, a visitor asked:  How does the Mormon doctrine respond to Galatians 1:6-9?   In defense of the Book of Mormon and continious new revelation through the appropriate oracle, how do you hermenueticaly harmonize the above scripture?

See Do You Preach a Different Gospel?

1874:  On 07/01/00, Amara asked:  What kind of diets are Mormons supposed to be on?  I just recently became interested in Mormonism.  I heard that you are supposed to stay away from caffeine or something else.  Could you please help me to understand.

See Word of Wisdom

1873:  On 07/01/00, a visitor asked:  The Mormon religion has made there own Bible, 'The Book of Mormon' ,
therefore the Bible says they shall go to Hell

See Adding to the Bible:  Revelation 22:18

1872:  On 07/01/00, Kelly asked:  To be honest with you, I really don't know a lot about the Mormon faith, but I wish to learn more.  What is supposed to be done for a person to be worthy to enter the temple?

See Temple Recommend

1871:  On 07/01/00, Stephanie asked:  Our friend's nephew is marrying a Mormon girl in the local Mormon Temple.  The grooms parents were told they will not be allowed to be a part of the ceremony.  The parents were informed they would be allowed to remain in another room whilst the wedding ceremony took place.  Is this typical?  If so, is it because the young man's parents are not Mormon?   2.  Would there be a problem if a second wedding ceremony took place, to honor and include the parents and relatives of the young man?  This would be a Catholic ceremony and celebration.

1.  See Why Is a Temple Recommend Required to Enter the Temple?  for a discussion of nonmembers at Temple Weddings.  2. Yes, Latter-day Saints are requested not to hold a second ceremony.  We believe it mocks the sacred temple proceedings.  However, as mentioned in the article previously referenced, Latter-day Saints are encouraged to make their nonmember friends and family members an active part of all the public celebrations of the day (e.g., reception).

1870:  On 07/01/00, a visitor asked:  How does the church justify itself when it adds and substracts from the scriptures.  The final few passages warns against this, why is the LDS an exception?

See Adding to the Bible:  Revelation 22:18

1869:  On 07/01/00, a visitor asked:  According to the momonic philosophy how would you describe the man in one phrase??

See Mankind

1868:  On 07/01/00, Todd asked:  I was raised as a member of the Church. However I am no longer active. I have been reading information both pro and con regarding the Church. I read that Joseph Smith had a gun which he used to defend himself and his brethren at the Carthage jail. Is this true? If so why is this not included in what I was taught in Sunday School?

See Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith

1867:  On 07/01/00, Desiny asked:  I've been dating a member of the LDS church for almost a year now and next year we will both be at the same university.  I am interested in attending church with him; however, the ward he will be attending is composed of students living in a dorm and I will be living off campus.  Is it okay if I attend his ward with him, since I am not a member and still unsure of  joining, or would I have to attend one of the wards for singles?

Yes, as a nonmember you are welcome to visit any LDS congregation that you choose.  If you are baptized, you will need the permission of his and your Bishop to attend a ward other than your assigned one .   This is almost always granted for a couple who is dating. 

1866:  On 07/01/00, Destiny asked:  I have heard that the LDS church does not believe angels have wings.  Is this true, and if so, what is the reason behind this belief?

The Church teaches that scriptural references to angels having wings are to be taken symbolically, not literally.  The Prophet Joseph Smith taught:

"An angel of God never has wings." (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Section Four 1839–42, p.162)

(See Angels)

1865:  On 07/01/00, Kelli asked:  Hi my name is kelli and i have been dating a morman for a year now and i am not Mormon. my family loves him to death and his family act like i am not here. i was just wondering why it is such a bad thing to date a non member of the church?  Also how important is it for them to go on a mission. since he does not want to go i have a feeling that is family blames me for his choice.

Latter-day Saint men consider it a fundamental responsibility of their religion to serve a full-time mission.  President Ezra Taft Benson taught:

"Should every young man fill a mission? The answer to this inquiry has been given by the Lord. It is yes. Every young man should fill a mission." (Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, p.182)

See our Missionary Work home page for several articles explaining why this is such a critical aspect of our faith.   See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers for information about this aspect of interfaith relationships.

1864:  On 07/01/00, Eleanor asked:   I have been asked as a Mormon... Did Joseph smith belong to the masons? Did his father? Also that the men who killed him were masons and they were really mad at him for stealing much of the signs, thoughts, clothing. And using them in his temple. Now i don't believe this, but i would like some documented information to respond to this person.

Joseph Smith was a Mason, as were many members of the early Church, including other members of the Smith immediate family. Critics often exaggerate and inflate the connections between Freemasonry and LDS teachings.  (See The Temple and Freemasonry for a discussion of this issue)  Reasons behind the murder of Joseph Smith are discussed at Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.

1864:  On 07/01/00, Lisa asked:While looking through your site you said, "From its beginnings, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members have been targets of persecution and criticism." Why is this?  If Mormons are Christians why do they feel they get punished more than non-Mormons or Christians? 

See Why does Mormonism arouse such animosity among so many?

1863:  On 07/01/00, Lisa asked: Why do Mormons say they are Christians, but Christians (Baptist, Methodist, Nazarene, some Catholics, Christian Churches, & Church of Christ, ect...) themselves do not consider Mormons to be Christians?  Why would so many think this way?

See Are Mormons Christians?

1862:  On 07/01/00, Lisa asked:  If you do consider Mormons Christian then why try to convert other Christians?

See Why do Latter-day Saints Try to Convert Others?

1861:  On 07/01/00, Paul asked:  I saw the Bride wearing a white glove on her right hand in a civil ceremony.  Bride is a converted Mormon , Groom has been Mormon all of his life.   What was the significance of the glove?

Latter-day Saints don't use gloves in their religious ceremonies.  Therefore, you would need to ask the bride why she was wearing one.  (e.g., personal taste or style, family tradition, etc.)  She probably did not wear a glove on her left hand so the groom could get the ring on her finger at the appropriate moment.  (See Teachings About Marriage home page)

1860:  On 07/01/00, Albert asked: If I am going to die in two days, how can I be sure I am going to heaven?

The only way a person knows whether he or she will be saved is if God reveals it to him through personal revelation.  In the Book of Mormon, the prophet Enos received such a witness:

"And I [Enos] will tell you of the wrestle which I had before God, before I received a remission of my sins.   Behold, I went to hunt beasts in the forests; and the words which I had often heard my father speak concerning eternal life, and the joy of the saints, sunk deep into my heart.  And my soul hungered; and I kneeled down before my Maker, and I cried unto him in mighty prayer and supplication for mine own soul; and all the day long did I cry unto him; yea, and when the night came I did still raise my voice high that it reached the heavens.  And there came a voice unto me, saying: Enos, thy sins are forgiven thee, and thou shalt be blessed.  And I, Enos, knew that God could not lie; wherefore, my guilt was swept away." (Enos 1:2-6)

For help in understanding how to receive your own witness, see our Prayer, Fasting, and Revelation home page.  Also see, What do Latter-day Saints believe a person must do to be saved?

1859:  On 07/01/00, Albert asked: What is the basis for the beliefs concerning how someone dead in hell can become 'saved' ?

Someone escapes hell once he fully repents of his sins and has paid the full price for them.  Afterwards, he receives an award appropriate to how he lived his life. (See Teachings About the Afterlife home page)

1858:  On 07/01/00, a visitor asked:  Mormons believe that hell is temporary, but in the bible it clearly states that hell is forever. Can you explain to me why Mormons believe that hell is just temporary.

Latter-day Saints believe that punishment in Hell is temporary for some and permanent for others. (See Hell)

1857:  On 07/01/00, Brian asked:  was told that Joseph Smith was able to read the gold plates because the Angel Moroni gave him glasses with special lenses named the Lumen and the Thumen.  Is this a teaching of the Church of Latter-Day-Saints, or is this a rumor spread by anti-Mormon advocates? 

See Seer Stones and the Urim and Thummim

1856:  On 07/01/00, Virgil asked:  Do you have any other biblical reference for the doctrine of baptism on behalf of the Dead other than 1 Cor. 15:29?

No, 1 Cor. 15:29 is the only explicit reference to Baptism for the Dead in the Bible.   (See Do You Prove All Your Doctrines By the Bible?)

1855:  On 04/29/00, Brookie asked:  i just went through the temple last week to receive my own endowments. i know not a lot can be discussed outside the temple but i am wondering if you could direct me to some information. i want to better understand why we receive a new name, how it is determined and other such things. if you could help me to find some resources that may give direction i would appreciate it.

See The New Name

1854:  On 04/29/00, a visitor asked:  Who founded the Mormon faith ?

See Overview of the Church

1853:  On 04/29/00, Jenna asked:  Do mormons believe in the existence of an afterlife?

See Teachings About the Afterlife home page

1852:  On 04/28/00, a visitor asked:  What exactly is mormonism? Like what's the difference between this and any other religion?

See LDS Differences in Doctrine

1851:  On 04/28/00, Nikki asked:  I have been divorced for thirteen years and raised three daughters on my own. I was baptized a year and a half ago.  My daughters are investigating the church.  I hold a temple recommend.  I have just been told that because I am not married I cannot be sealed to my daughters.  Is this correct?  

Yes, this is true.  The blessings of exaltation or eternal life, including the eternal sealing of the family, are only received as a married couple.  The Doctrine and Covenants teaches:

"In the celestial glory there are three heavens or degrees; And in order to obtain the highest, a man must enter into this order of the priesthood [meaning the new and everlasting covenant of marriage]; And if he does not, he cannot obtain it. He may enter into the other, but that is the end of his kingdom; he cannot have an increase." (D&C 131:1-4) (See Eternal Increase for more information about having children after the resurrection)

For this reason, people are not sealed to an individual father or mother in the temple.   Instead, children are sealed to a married couple as a family unit.   Furthermore, this married couple (i.e., the parents) must in turn be sealed to one another before any children can be sealed to them.  Since no one without a worthy temple marriage can receive eternal life, the Church encourages people to do everything within their power to obtain one.  People who do not put the proper priority on marriage will not inherit eternal life.  However, in some cases, through no fault of their own, a person is not able to obtain worthy marriage in mortality.  In such situations, the Lord makes allowances and will allow them to select a marriage partner after this life.

It is important to note that only a worthy temple marriage, where both parties are true and faithful to their covenants, will enable someone to receive eternal life.  People are counseled to forego marriage if a worthy partner cannot be found.  President Wilford Woodruff noted :

"A young woman had better be single all her days than to marry a man who dishonors God and his parents, and is unworthy of the blessings which he is entitled to receive through the Gospel of Christ." (Collected Discourses, Vol. 4, June 9, 1895)

You will be able to be sealed to your daughters when you obtain an eternal marriage, whether in this life or the next.

1850:  On 04/28/00, Kevin asked:  How would the plan have been different if Lucifer had not rebelled and offered an alternative plan? 

Since the Plan of Salvation was announced and explained before the rebellion began, Lucifer's revolt had no effect on the details of Our Heavenly Father's plan one way or another.   (See War in Heaven)

1849:  On 04/28/00, Chelle asked:  could you give me a little bit of information on marriage at your church? 

See Teachings About Marriage home page

1848:  On 04/24/00, Aryana asked:  Do Mormons believe in angels?

See Angels

1847:  On 04/24/00, Gerrilynn asked:  Is it true that u believe that there are many celestial goddesses and Jesus
Christ was one of the many children born of these goddesses?

See Teachings About the Godhead home page

1846:  On 04/24/00, Dave asked: I want to find out what are the Mormons' beliefs as far as death is concerned? When a person dies, what happens to their soul?

See Teachings About the Afterlife home page

1845:  On 04/24/00, Thomas asked:  I don't even know if I'm spelling that right, but I'm searching for the King Follet Discourse given by the prophet.  All I know is that it was given by Joseph Smith and it contains I guess some deep doctrines. 

See King Follett Discourse

1844:  On 04/24/00, Dave asked:  What is the Mormons' view on the crucifixion of Jesus?

See The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

1843:  On 04/24/00, Stephen asked:  How many blacks are part of the Mormon faith? 

Because LDS membership records do not identify race, it is impossible to measure accurately the growth of black membership, except in areas where people are largely or exclusively of African descent.   (See Blacks home page)

1842:  On 04/24/00, a visitor asked:  Is it true the church of the Mormons believe that individuals from African decent are cursed and will never be able to go to the highest heaven?

No, this is not an accurate statement of our beliefs. (See Are Mormons Prejudiced?)

1841:  On 04/24/00, Gail asked:  [Do] you believe in the trinity.

See Teachings About the Godhead home page

1840:  On 04/24/00, Anne Marie asked:  Why are the Mormon so much interested in genealogy?

See Family History home page

1839:  On 04/24/00, Chris asked:  What does the Mormon church say about drinking caffeine in soft drinks?     

See Cola Drinks

1838:  On 04/24/00, Courtney asked:  Hey i am a seventh day Adventist and i was just trying to figure out what you guys believed about the second-coming of Christ.

See Second Coming of Jesus Christ home page

1837:  On 04/24/00, Diane asked:  I am preparing a lesson for Sunday, Easter.  And I am looking for a more in-depth description of how Christ was crucified.  I understand there is information available but I am at a loss to find it. 

See The Ancient Practice of Crucifixion

1836:  On 04/24/00, a visitor asked:  Why are there so many occultic symbols (the upside down pentagram) on the Temple in Utah?

See Do You Use Satanic Symbols in the Temple?

1835:  On 04/24/00, a visitor asked:  Where do you get the belief that Jesus and Lucifer were brothers?

See Are Jesus and Lucifer Brothers?

1834:  On 04/24/00, a visitor asked: Do you believe that Mary was conceived of the Holy Spirit?   or that God, the Father came down to earth and had sex with her?

See Was Mary a Virgin?

1833:  On 04/24/00, a visitor asked:  How do you account for the many different stories of Smith's alleged first vision?  He gave at least 9 different accounts himself of this vision?

See Various Accounts of Joseph Smith's First Vision

1832:  On 04/24/00, a visitor asked:  How do you account for the many contradictions and errors and changes in the Book Of Mormon since Joseph Smith put it together?

See Changes in the Book of Mormon

1831:  On 04/24/00, Heather and Stacy asked:   what is a Mormon?

See Mormonism

1830:  On 04/24/00, Kris asked:  What are the religion's views/beliefs on dating other "Christian" religions? Is it frowned upon to date outside the church?

See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers

1829:  On 04/24/00, Joshua asked:  In a recent discussion [with my grandmother] she mentioned to me that Mormons weren't Christians but a Cult. She said that because we don't believe in "the trinity" meaning The father son and Holy ghost all on entity that we were classified as a cult. [Is Mormonism a cult?]?

See Is the Church a Cult?

1828:  On 04/08/00, Danieele asked:  Where in scripture does it say that we will become god's?

See Biblical Support for Deification

1827:  On 04/07/00, a visitor asked:  what is Mormon teaching about poverty- what are Mormons called to do about this?

See Attitudes Toward Poverty

1826:  On 04/07/00, a visitor asked:  What is the Mormon perspective on war and peace? are you pacifists- or do
you believe it is okay to fight- when?

See Military and the Church home page

1825:  On 04/07/00, a visitor asked:  Are Mormons considered "Christian"?  Is there any controversy surrounding this question?

See Are Mormons Christians?

1824:  On 03/31/00, Sheila asked:  why we dont use the cross as a symbol of our Faith

See The Cross

1823:  On 03/31/00, Roger asked:  Hi there I'm a seventh day Adventist and i was just wondering why the LDS worship on Sunday.

See Is Saturday the True Sabbath?

1822:  On 03/31/00, Tresia asked:  Could you please tell me about Kolob?  This issue was brought up at work and I would like to be able to answer it correctly. What is this place and do Mr and Mrs God live there?  That was their question to me.

See Kolob

1821:  On 03/30/00, a visitor asked:  What are the Mormon churches views on evolution? 

See Evolution

1820:  On 03/30/00, Denise asked:  I have been approached numerous times (by the same person) and asked about the "White Salamander"?

See Salamander Letter

1819:  On 03/30/00, Maria asked:  i am a student doing a research paper on mormons' polygamy. i would  really appreciate it if you send my some documents regarding my topic. i have searched the net but i have found too many articles representing different views. i hope to get some brief and specific information which clearly defines mormons' polygamy.

See Plural Marriage home page

1818:  On 03/30/00, a visitor asked:  Why does only one person called Joseph Smith received God's presence nor other person?

Latter-day Saints believe that all men may be privlegged to see God if they will make the necessary preparations:

"Verily, thus saith the Lord: It shall come to pass that every soul who forsaketh his sins and cometh unto me, and calleth on my name, and obeyeth my voice, and keepeth my commandments, shall see my face and know that I am..." (D&C 93:1)

(See Prayer, Fasting, and Revelation home page)

1817:  On 03/30/00, a visitor asked:  Why do Mormons want other people in their church, I don't understand your point of view,

See Why Do Mormons Try to Convert Others?

1816:  On 03/30/00, Rachel asked:  I am wondering if you could provide me with any strictly biblical support for the Mormon belief that we have a spirit being in Heaven before we are born on earth?

See Are all Latter-day Saint beliefs fully explained in the Bible?

1815:  On 03/30/00, Rick asked:  Please explain to me the ten tribes of Israel.

See Israel

1814:  On 03/30/00, a visitor asked:  [Can you tell me about the Church in Italy?]

See The Church in Europe

1813:  On 03/30/00, Lorie asked:  Can you tell me who ordained Brigham Young a prophet and your reference?

See Succession in the Presidency

1812:  On 03/30/00, Brad asked:  I have some questions about the beliefs on Outer Darkness.   What is the belief on who goes there?  What is it supposed to be like?

See Hell

1811:  On 03/30/00, Angie asked:  What is the divorce rate among Mormons? 

See Social Characteristics

1810:  On 03/30/00, Jeff asked:  Can you please advise me as to whether Mormons eat chocolate confectionery

Elder Bruce R. McConkie taught:

"There is no prohibition in Section 89, for instance, as to the eating of white bread, using white flour, white sugar, cocoa, chocolate, eggs, milk, meat, or anything else, except items classified under the headings, tea, coffee, tobacco, and liquor." (Mormon Doctrine, p.845)

(See Word of Wisdom)

1809: On 03/30/00, Jennifer asked:  Hi! I was wondering if you could help me iwth some information. I am researching Mormonism for a paper. I was wondering why you think that Mormonism claims that is it the most "american religion" If you could please let me know your opinion, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your help and i Look forward to hearing from you soon.

While this statement is sometimes made by observers of the LDS faith, the Church makes no such claims for itself.   While our international headquarters is located in the United States (Salt Lake City, Utah), we have members in most countries and do not consider ourselves closely affiliated with any particular political government.  Those making this claim often do so for a variety of reasons (e.g., because the Church was founded on American soil and espouses many of the principles of the American founding fathers).  From the LDS perspective, our principles are a restoration of the ancient gospel that has always been taught by God's holy prophets.  In other words, the beliefs that some observers note are "American in origin" were in fact held anciently as well.  (See Overview of the Church; The Worldwide Church)

1808:  On 03/28/00, Christopher asked:  It may be a false perception, but it seems that there is a very low minority population amongst your faith?  is this true?  do you know of any possible reasons why this is? 

The Church has a very large Hispanic membership.  In fact, in the not too distant future, statisticians are expecting that Spanish will replace English as the most widely used language.  We also have significant and growing Black and Asian memberships.

(See The Worldwide Church home page)

1807:  On 03/28/00, Christopher asked:  i am doing a research paper on the Mormon faith for my sociology class.  i just wanted to know if there are any specific statistics on the social demographics of your religion? 

See Social Characteristics

1806:  On 03/28/00, Peggy asked:  I want to know if the church says we are not to play bingo i just became a member june19,1999 and i have always played bingo but someone that plays with me said she heard that Mormons are not supposed to going in to bingo places if this is true i have to quit playing bingo.

See Gambling

1805:  On 03/28/00, Mike asked:  I heard that if Mormons do good works that someday they may become Gods of their own planets.  If this is true does this make you better than God the almighty?

See Godhood

1804:  On 03/28/00, a visitor asked:  I am giving a talk in church this Sunday and my question is, do you guys have some stuff on this website to help me out with this question:  Why should a 19 year old young man serve a 2 year mission?  Thanks for the help

See Missionary Work home page

1803:  On 03/28/00, Skye asked:  What is the average length of time between when an investigator has his/her first discussion with the missionaries and they are baptized, if they choose to be baptized? In other words, how long does it generally take to get through all 6 discussions? Is it one discussion per week, on average, or more or less than that?

There is no set time limit.  It is left up to the judgment of the missionaries, as they are inspired by the Spirit (See Prayer, Fasting and Revelation home page).  I received one lesson per day for six days.  (See Joining the Church)

1802:  On 03/28/00, Christian asked:  Why are we as Latter-day Saints instructed to take the sacrament with our right hand, and not our left hand?

See Why Do We Partake of the Sacrament with the Right Hand?

1801:  On 03/28/00, Skye asked:  Also, if they (college students) do not have an income, are they supposed to pay tithing?

All members of the Church should pay tithing.  If someone has no income, then they owe no tithing. (See Tithing)

1800:  On 03/28/00, Skye asked:  Are college students responsible for their own food storage?

All Latter-day Saints, including college students, are encouraged to take a mature, reasonable approach to emergency preparedness.   The Book of Mormon teaches:

"And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order." (Mosiah 4:27)

1799:  On 03/28/00, Jacob asked:  I am a faithful member of a nondenominational Christian church.   I have asked out a girl who I believe to be a follower of the Mormon Religion.   I have nothing against Mormons but I wish to know if it is all right for her to date me.

See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers

1798:  On 03/28/00, a visitor asked:  what kind of religion is Mormonism? (bible faith....?)

See Mormonism

1797:  On 03/28/00, Lee asked:  What are the doctrinal beliefs about evolution? 

See Evolution

1796:  On 03/28/00, Betsy asked:  How many members are in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir?

See The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

1795:  On 03/28/00, Andrew asked:  Was wondering who the little Gold looking guy was on the top of your temples? And of the three temples I have photographed the horn they seem to be holding is always pointing West, Why? Thanks for your time in advance.

Most (but not all) LDS temples face east, symbolic of the anticipated second coming of Christ, which Jesus compared to the dawning in the east of a new day (Matt. 24:27). The tallest spire is normally topped by a statue of the angel Moroni, symbolic of John's prophecy of a heavenly herald bringing the gospel to the earth (Rev. 14:6). (See History of Latter-Day Saint Temples From 1831 To 1990)

1794:  On 03/28/00, Adam asked:  How can you prove the Joseph Smith was not a false prophet? How do you know that Satan did not tempt him and make this religion(Mormonism) all up to deceive millions of people. 

The Book of Mormon is the evidence that the Lord provided to prove that Joseph Smith was indeed called as a prophet of God.  The Doctrine and Covenants records:

"And [the Lord] gave [Joseph Smith] power from on high, by the means which were before prepared, to translate the Book of Mormon; Which contains a record of a fallen people, and the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles and to the Jews also; Which was given by inspiration, and is confirmed to others by the ministering of angels, and is declared unto the world by them--Proving to the world that the holy scriptures are true, and that God does inspire men and call them to his holy work in this age and generation, as well as in generations of old; Thereby showing that he is the same God yesterday, today, and forever. Amen." (D&C 20:8-12)

1793:  On 03/28/00, Sherry asked:  i was wondering why Mormons have so many children.

See Procreation

1792:  On 03/28/00, a visitor asked:  I have a boyfriend and he is Mormon.  I am Methodist and I was wondering what the difference is between our religion?

See How is LDS theology different from other Christians?

1791:  On 03/28/00, Jason asked: Do you believe that Lucifer was Jesus' brother?

See Is Jesus Lucifer's Brother?

1790:  On 03/28/00, Jason asked: I have been told by every Mormon that I have ever talked with that the book of Mormon is an addition to the King James Version. In my KJV it says "THERE WILL BE NOTHING ADDED AND NOTHING TAKEN AWAY"- which means if the B of M is an addition, then it is added, correct?

See Adding to the Bible:  Revelations 22:18-19

1789:  On 03/28/00, Jason asked:  Is it true that Mormons do not believe in the trinity- (father, son & the holy spirit)? 

See The Doctrinal Exclusion: Trinity and the Nature of God

1788:  On 03/28/00, Dina asked:  I have one question to this Book of Mormon, it specifically says in the bible Revelation Chapter 22 verse 18-19.  Now what you have done,  is add to the bible which is probably why people do not believe your   word.  If you are specifically disobeying Gods word or choosing to ignore it, then how can people believe what this Book of Mormon is, more than half the names in your book is not ever mentioned in the bible.  How can you answer to what the bible specifically tells you not to do?

See Adding to the Bible:  Revelations 22:18-19

1787:  On 03/28/00, Reed asked:  I was asked to find something about Hosannah Shouts.  Could you tell me where to look to find information on Hosannah Shouts.  When it began and why they do it and etc..

See Hosanna Shout

1786:  On 03/26/00, Wendy asked:  if you believe in the Bible, then why don't you believe in the trinity?

See The Doctrinal Exclusion: Trinity and the Nature of God

1785:  On 03/26/00, a visitor asked:  what are the three levels within the celestial kingdom?

See Degrees of Glory

1784:  On 03/26/00, Shaye asked:  I just got off of a website that frowned on the book of Mormon and our beliefs and I was wondering why some would say that.

See Why does Mormonism arouse such animosity among so many?

1783:  On 03/26/00, Brad asked:  A friend of mine mentioned to me the other day about something that is done at all LDS temple dedications.  This is the Hallelujah Shout.  Could you please tell me more about this.  It sounds to me like something that was done back in Old Testament times

See Hosanna Shout

1782:  On 03/26/00, David asked:  [can you] justify why Mormons can add The Book of Mormon, "Another Testament of Jesus Christ," when in the Bible it says in Revelations 22:18, "I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book:  If anyone adds any thing to them, God will add to him THE PLAGUES DESCRIBED IN THIS BOOK." 

See Adding to the Bible:  Revelations 22:18-19

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