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Question and Answer 41

2003:  On 1/27/01, Shawn asked:  In the Testimony in the beginning to the book of Mormon Joseph Smith said the fulness of the everlasting gospel was contained in it.  My Question is then why does it not say anything about [many important LDS doctrines]

See Why Doesn't the Book of Mormons contain the fullness of the everlasting gospel?

2002:  On 1/25/01, a visitor asked:  Do Mormons celebrate Christmas?

See Christmas

2001:  On 1/25/01, Rebekah asked:  How do you know that the church is the true church?

See Testimony

2000:  On 1/25/01, Karen asked:  I reading your website, it sounds like you believe basically as Christians do, but I was told by a Mormon friend of mine that you don't believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior; you believe that he was a great prophet.  Is this true and do you believe that the savior is still yet to come (as the Jews believe)?

See Teachings About Jesus Christ home page

1999:  On 1/25/01, Karen asked: I was told by someone that you believe that when you die you become a god yourself; a god of a planet.  Is this true?

See Godhood

1998:  On 1/25/01, Kimberly asked:  I have a question from a friend that i was unable to answer. In response to the idea of eternal marriage, he asked about Matthew 22:24-30. Jesus is being asked about plural marriages, and in 30 he states: "At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven."  What does this mean? I believe in eternal marriage, but this verse seems to contradict it. I know that we only believe the bible as far as it is translated correctly, but how can you tell if it was? does the JSV say anything about this?

See Is There Marriage In Heaven?

1997:  On 1/25/01, Lary asked:  One thing that confuses me the most is that I heard somewhere that after a Mormon dies, and they have lived a "good" or "Holy" life they become their own God in their own land...I don't really understand that whole thing.

See Godhood

1996:  On 1/25/01, Violet asked:   Do the Mormons allow birth control? 

See Birth Control

1995:  On 1/25/01, Diane asked: [What is the LDS stand on the death penalty?]

See Capital Punishment

1994:  On 1/25/01, Dave asked: [What is the LDS stand on Grace vs. Works?]

See Grace vs. Works

1993:  On 1/25/01, Mattie asked:  I had some questions to ask you. I am a member myself, and I still had some questions, funny how that is. I go to a public college and there are a great deal of discussion about the Temple Marriages. What does go on in there that prohibites our parents from being there, yes i do understand that some parents seal their own children when they are married, but why is it that parents are not allowed. People say that we do unholy things with our Bishops and Elders in the sealing rooms, I know this to be false, but if you could clear that up for me, I would so like that. Have a wonderful day.

See Why is a temple recommend necessary to enter the temple?

1992:  On 01/25/01, a visitor asked:  I am confused at what exactly the word "eternal" means.   To my knowlege it means having no beginning and having no end, am I right?   And you believe that Heavenly Father is eternal right?  I don't understand how you can say he was once like us, and progressed to be where he is now if he is eternal, because we have a definite begining, right?

See Endless and Eternal

1991:  On 1/25/01, a visitor asked:  Mormons believe that one day they can progress far enough to become Gods, right?  What about the verse in Isaiah 44:66 where it says, "I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God."  

See Is There One God or Many?

1990:  On 1/25/01, a visitor asked:  how do we explain born of the Holy Ghost? (Mat 1:18)

See Virgin Birth

1989:  On 1/25/01, Dusty asked:  how are you treated if you break the rules of the church, are rejected or forgiven? What crimes can not be forgiven? How do the church members act towards the outcast of the Mormon way of life?

See Disciplinary Procedures

1988:  On 1/25/01, Chad asked:  My question is do mormons practice having more than one wife?

See Plural Marriage home page

1987:  On 1/25/01, Joe asked:  I have a problem.  I am a white Mormon but there is a black girl that I believe I am in love with.  I have read all there is to know about interracial marriages but I cannot help but feel as though I am letting down my family who are very traditional .  This young lady is not only black but she is a believer of a different faith.    Everything in my heart says that she is the one but my parents seem to be thinking otherwise.  If you could send me some words of advice then I would feel a lot better!

See Interracial Marriage

1986:  On 1/25/01, Alexis asked:  Can Mormons Date Catholics???

See Dating and Marring Nonmembers

1985:  On 12/9/00, Carl asked:  I am a mormon and i have never fully understood why we aren't allowed to wear crosses...can you please fully explain this to me?

See The Cross

1984:  On 12/9/00, Ashley asked:  I had heard that some LDS people believe that God actually came down to earth and had sexual intercourse with Mary, which produced Jesus Christ. Is this true?

See Was Mary a Virgin?

1983:  On 12/9/00, Wesley asked:  I have heard that mormons believe that, after death, they can take on a so-called world of their own.  I was wondering if this was true or is there is a belief that is somewhat like this?  

See Teachings About the Afterlife home page

1982:  On 12/9/00, Erica asked:  How does the Church view the condition of miscarried babies and their souls?

See Teachings About Children home page

1981:  On 12/6/00, Lisa asked:  OK,  I'm Southern Baptist and my boyfriend is Mormon why is it considered a sin for us to be dating? And why is it considered a sin for us to kiss?

See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers and Passionate Kissing

1980:  On 12/6/00, Harold asked:  What sacraments if any do you observe?  How do you observe them, if any?

See Priesthood Ordinances home page

1979:  On 12/5/00, Doug asked:  I am LDS. However, I have always been taught that the LDS church has no paid ministry. Is it true that General Authorities receive money for "stipends" or living expenses?

While local leaders (e.g., bishops, stake presidents, high council) do not receive any compensation for their Church service, General Authorities, who are required to leave their outside employment for full time religious duty, receive a modest living allowance provided from income on Church investments. (See Lay Leadership and Participation; Financial Contributions)

1978:  On 12/5/00, a visitor asked:  I was wondering what you could tell me about the relationship between the LDS  church and Islam?  What do Mormons believe regarding the Islamic faith?

See Islam

1977:  On 12/5/00, Fred asked:  [Some teachings say there are many gods, but others say there is only one.]  Which is correct? They can't both be right.

See Do you believe in one God or many Gods?

1976:  On 12/5/00, Michael asked:  and i am a cusin to Thomas Kane.  I belived he helped the mormans after the civil war by giveing them land because he worked for a land territory company,before they went to salt lake city.  My history needs help, could you please correct me  on my knowledge.  I would be most greatful.

See Thomas L. Kane

1975:  On 12/5/00, a visitor asked:  Can Mormons drinf hot drinks such as hot coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate?

See Word of Wisdom

1974:  On 12/5/00, a visitor asked:  Hi! I am a member of the LDS church and I was just wondering if anyone ever converts out of the mormon church. I know a lot of people convert to mormonism but I've never heard of a mormon converting to a different religion. Is there anyway you could help me answer this question? If there is I would really appreciate it.

Yes, people do leave the Church and affilate with other religions.  Since the rate of people joining is far higher than the rate of people leaving, the Church continues to increase in membership every year.

1973:  On 12/5/00, Cartney asked:  Im writing a paper on unemployment and Im trying to tie in the unemployed with the teachings of Jesus Christ. How can an unemployed person find a job with the help of Jesus Christ?  How can one associate Jesus' ethics and morals to finding a job? I've heard that Mormons help each other in finding employment and so Im hoping you can tell me how you do that using the word of God.

See The Role of Work

1972:  On 12/5/00, Tonya asked: I Would Like To Know The Rules On Marriage, For Example...Is It "Proper" For A Mormon To Marry Outside Of Their Religion Such As To A: Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Thanks!

See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers

1971:  On 12/5/00, Patrick asked: is it true that mormons believe they will assemble on a different planet when they die?

See Teachings About the Afterlife home page

1970:  On 12/5/00, Timothy asked:  Could you please direct me to the area of the website where I might find information on the horrible persecutions that led to the exodus? Any help on this would be most appreciated.

See Persecution

1969:  On 12/5/00, a visitor asked:  What is the most accepted reason for why Blacks did not receive the Priesthood until 1978.  I know the church did not make a doctrinal statement at the time, but how would a member expalin this one to his/her African-American friends????

See Are Mormons Prejudiced?

1968:  On 12/1/00, a visitor asked:  Why did the Mormons travel to Utah and other such western cities after leaving the East ? What prompoted this movemnet ?

See Westward Migration, Planning and Prophecy

1967:  On 12/1/00, a visitor asked:  I have the understanding that when baptized a silk garment is placed over the body and is not to be removed even during bathing?  Is this so and what is the reasoning?

No, the garment worn by Latter-day Saints is received in the temple, not at baptism.   It is removed or adjusted, as needed, for bathing and other appropriate functions.   (See Sacred Garments)

1966:  On 12/1/00, Elisabeth asked:  Why are you not a cult?

See Is the Church a Cult?

1965:  On 12/1/00, a visitor asked:  Where in the Old, or New Testament does it say that God is married? In Mark 12:25, God says, For when they shall rise from the dead, they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels which are in heaven.

It does not clearly and unambiguously state anywhere in the Bible that God is married.  (See Can you prove [insert the doctrine of your choice] strictly through the Bible?)  For information on marriage in heaven, see Is There Marriage in Heaven?

1964:  On 12/1/00,  a visitor asked:   In your personal opinion, what does it take for one to get to Heaven?

See What do Latter-day Saints believe a person must do to be saved?

1963:  On 12/1/00, a visitor asked:  ... Revelations 22:18 it states, For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book.  If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.

See Adding to the Bible:  Revelation 22:18-19

1962:  On 12/1/00, a visitor asked: How do you know Joseph Smith was a true Prophet, and was worthy enough of writing another biblical book. 

I know Joseph Smith was a prophet because the Lord has revealed such knowledge to me from heaven.  (See Testimonies:  W. John Walsh)

1961:  On 12/1/00, a visitor asked:  From the Old Testament, or New Testament standpoint, can you show me Biblical(No LDS) evidence on Laying of the Hands?

See Laying on of Hands

1960:  On 12/1/00, a visitor asked:  I am a Baptist with allot of questions about LDS. If you could help me it would be gladly appreciated.  What is the Sacrament, and its importance?

See The Sacrament

1959:  On 12/1/00, Tyler asked:  I have read some of the scripts used in the Masonic Temples and have found that some of the wording is very similar to our own(Temple) I know the Free Masons have been around for thousands of years and that Joseph Smith had been a member for a short time. Is there any relation?

See How can you explain the resemblances between Masonry and the LDS temple?

1958:  On 12/1/00, Sarah asked:  Could you explain the Mormon view of the Doctrine of the Trinity and give biblical support?

See Teachings About the Godhead home page

1957:  On 11/25/00, Scott asked:  i was just curious as to whether Mormons believe in Christmas as Jesus'

See Christmas

1956:  On 11/25/00, Niki asked:  I have a question about the LDS view of women after childbirth.  In my religion, women are considered unclean for a period of forty days after childbirth....they must come to the church on the 40th day of the baby's life and be cleansed of the "sin" involved with conceiving and delivering the baby.  This is required of married women...let alone any woman who dare bring an illegitimate child into the world......The mother is actually "unwelcome" before this time period and blessing are up....I have seen Priests ask women to leave.  I have major problems with this belief.   Does the LDS Church also have this belief....What is the belief on how new mothers should be regarded in the eyes of your church? 

Since we reject the concept of original sin, Latter-day Saints have a very different perspective.  We do not believe that there is anything sinful when lawfully wedded parents conceive and bear children.  On the contrary, we believe the act of bearing children -- when coupled with faithfulness, charity, sobriety -- is an act of salvation and exalting in and of itself.  No other single act of righteousness is greater except the atonement of Jesus Christ.   Instead of barring new mothers from Church, we invite them to come as soon as they feel able.  The whole congregation rejoices in the new addition.  Bishop Victor L. Brown discussed this feeling as follows:

"A week ago today, Sister Brown and I visited with our son and his wife, a new mother. As we visited with our daughter-in-law and held this wonderful bundle of humanity, which had just left the presence of our Heavenly Father, I marveled at the expression of a new mother's love for her firstborn. I thrilled at the excitement, the joy, and the wonderment expressed by this lovely mother at having brought into this world one of the choice spirits of our Heavenly Father. I thought how wonderful it would be if she could remember all of her life that she has been entrusted with a child of God.

"Just last evening we called at our other son's home. Not too many weeks ago, this daughter-in-law presented us with our second granddaughter. This lovely little girl has been with us just long enough to turn over in bed and to hold her head up when held in our arms. As I listened to the gurgling laugh and witnessed her smile, my heart was filled. She is happy because her mother loves her. She knows her mother loves her. She doesn't know because she has been told; she knows because of the way her mother holds her, the way she talks and sings to her, and the way she lets her soul commune with the soul of her daughter. I couldn't help thinking what a wonderful thing it would be for both of these young mothers if they would always remember where these children came from. I think they will, because they love them." (Conference Report, April 1965, p.66)

(See Teachings About Children home page)

1955:  On 11/25/00, Patrick asked:   I should like to know why Mormon buildings and temples do not use the cross as Evangelical churches do.

See The Cross

1954:  On 11/25/00, Stephanie asked:  Do you believe in polygamy?  If yes, why? If not, why do others say Mormons

See Plural Marriage home page

1953:  On 11/25/00, Don asked:  Is coffee, tea an acceptable drink? If coffee or tea in not permitted, does this apply to soda pop which contains caffeine?

Latter-day Saints are encouraged to avoid coffee, tea, and any other beverage which contains caffeine, including cola drinks.  (See Word of Wisdom)

1952:  On 11/18/00, a visitor asked:  Is it possible for [a person who commits heavy petting] to be able to enter the highest degree of glory in the celestial kingdom with proper repentance?

Premarital sex, including petting and passionate kissing, is a violation of the law of Chastity.  Without complete and sincere repentance, violators shall not inherit the Celestial Kingdom to dwell with God.  However, if a person sincerely repents, he can receive remission of sins and complete forgiveness.  The Bible teaches:

" Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." (Isaiah 1:18)

1951:  On 11/18/00, Diane asked:  Do we as L.D.S. people use the term rapture in the setting of the last days and if so, does it refer to the process of being "lifted up" into heaven.

See What Does the Church Teach About the Rapture?

1950:  On 11/18/00, Andrew asked:  I am a third year law student at The University of Kent, Canterbury, England.  I am in my final year and I am doing a dissertation in Law and Medical Ethics.  The aim of this dissertation is to look at religion and beliefs and their attitude towards  medical treatment.  I was wondering if their is any information that you could give me by way of research, that I may be able to use.

See Attitudes Towards Health Medicine, and Fitness home page

1949:  On 11/18/00, Mandy asked:  We recently attended a community service gathering sponsored by the Church of Latter-Day Saints.  while we were there, the members of the Church called one woman "sister".  We were wondering if she is what we would call a nun, or if that was a typical form of address for your faith.  A reply would be greatly appreciated.

See Brotherhood

1948:  On 11/18/00, Allessandra asked:   I'm a member for the past 6 and half years and I'd like to know how our church view atheists. I've always found your website to be very helpful, but I haven't found anything that would actually answer this directly.  Are they supposed to be the disciples of the devil? Are we supposed to avoid atheists as being bad or evil because they don't share our beliefs?

Latter-day Saints are taught to be tolerant of others and extend love to all, even to those who do not share our beliefs.  We should treat atheists as we would treat members of other religions.  Our Articles of Faith state:

"We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may."

(See Tolerance; Atheism)

1947:  On 11/18/00, a visitor asked:   When did the Mormons first landed in the islands of Hawaii and settle there?

See The Church in Hawaii

1946:  On 11/18/00, GJ asked:  I am a mormon and I have heard recently about their being magic-spectacles that Joseph Smith used. Is this part of our faith? or just a rumor. Please answer me

See Seer Stones and the Urim and Thummim

1945:  On 11/18/00, Catherine asked:  What is the Church's beliefs regarding Invitro Fertilization.

See Artificial Insemination

1944:  On 11/16/00, Don asked:  What is the Mormon belief in respect to the Holy Trinity?  Do they believe that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are three within one Godhead?

See Teachings About the the Godhead home page

1943:  On 11/16/00, a visitor asked:  I am a white mormon and the guy I like is black.  Are interacial relationships o.k.?  My mom says no but my Young Womens leader and other people in my church area says they are o.k.  I am so confused.  Could you please help me?

See Interracial Marriage

1942:  On 11/16/00, Vickie asked:  I was taught that the L.D.S. believe Christ is the literal physical son of God.That God had carnal knowledge of Mary was taught in the institute class a friend of mine took . This has also been confirmed by a member of the counsel.

See Virgin Birth

1941:  On 11/16/00, a visitor asked:  Can you please explain to me the Mormon belief on abortion?

See Abortion

1940:  On 11/16/00, Roger asked:  what do you teach about the Rapture?

See What Does the Church Teach About the Rapture?

1939:  On 11/16/00, Nathan asked:  I was wondering if you could tell me how one can be saved according to the Mormon church.  

See Salvation

1938:  On 11/16/00, Vanessa asked:  What is the difference between Mormons and Catholics?

See Catholicism and Mormonism

1937:  On 11/16/00, Sandra asked:  I've had discussions with members of other churches on the subject of three
beings in the Godhead vs. one. One person noted that we use the title 'Lord' for both Jesus and God (the Lord God, Jesus our Lord).  What is the meaning/significance of the title 'Lord'?

See Names and Titles of Jesus Christ and Name of God

1936:  On 11/16/00, Robert asked:  what is the church's stance on cremation. does the church recommend being buried.

See Cremation

1935:  On 11/16/00, David asked:  question can you send me more information on plural marriages?

See Plural Marriage home page

1934:  On 11/16/00, Caroline asked:  Sorry to bother you but I'm really worried that my boy friend is going to break up with me because he is a Mormon and I'm not! I love him dearly even thought we are only 16. I don't think his parents agree with us dating so I'm trying to find some information to help me. Your website has helped a little but I would be very grateful if u could e-mail me back to let me know if it is against his religion to be dating someone who is not a Mormon. 

See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers

1933:  On 11/12/00, Kim asked:  could you tell me how a person would be ex-communicated from the Mormon church?  what would they need to do for that to happen and what is the process of ex-communication?

See Disciplinary Procedures

1932:  On 11/12/00, Melody asked:  If you believe in the Bible, then how can you POSSIBLY believe that there are extra rewards in heaven for those who "work" for it??! 

See Grace vs. Works

1931:  On 11/12/00, a visitor asked:  What is the LDS official stand on the abortion issue? Are there any circumstances where it is acceptable?

See Abortion

1930:  On 11/12/00, a visitor asked:  This is what I have a question about what do u think is the difference between Mormonism and Christianity?

See Are Mormons Christians?

1929:  On 11/12/00, Lonnie asked:  Is there any official policy concerning vegetarianism? 

See Does the Word of Wisdom Require Latter-day Saints to be Vegetarians?

1928:  On 11/12/00, Jerry asked:  Uh..   I don't know if this is true or not, but do Mormons believe that Jesus Christ came to North  America after his death in Jerusalem?

See Third Nephi

1927:  On 11/12/00, a visitor asked:   Hi.  I am a white Mormon and I like a black guy.  Are interracial relationships wrong?  My mom thinks they are but my Young Women's leader says that it is o.k. to have white/black relationships.  I feel that it is o.k.l because we are all people and God loves us all.  How does the church feel on this matter?  I would really appreciate if you could help me.

See Interracial Marriage

1926:  On 11/12/00, Loney asked:   I've been told in church that Christ was born on April 6, the same day as the church was organized.  Can you tell me where this comes from and when it was introduced?

See April 6

1925:  On 11/12/00, Sandra asked:  I would like to ask a question. I know that Mormons read the KJV Bible. I have seen by reading this site that LDS believe that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are three dirrerent people. If the LDS truly believe that the KJV Bible is the truth, then why do they not believe the part where it reads that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are one? Could you please answer this for me?

See What Do Latter-day Saints Believe About God?

1924:  On 11/01/00, a visitor asked:  this might be an inappropriate question but my friends boyfriend is Mormon,and she's not  he is almost 14 and we wanted to know if he is allowed to kiss her in any way, even possibly using his tongue. i know the church of latter day saints opposes Mormons a dating non members but it is their choice, r they allowed to kiss the girls they r going out with?

See Passionate Kissing

1923:  On 11/11/00, Mark asked:  How does the LDS Church view suicide?

See Suicide

1922:  On 11/11/00, Sarah asked:  I am a 19 year old female, and I'm dating a member.  He told me that relationships can work out with non-members, and now he wants me to come to church with him and talk to the missionaries. .... So will he be convinced to break up with me just because I'm a non-member? 

See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers

1921:  On 11/11/00, Sarah asked:  I don't know much about Mormonism, but I have heard that it's like a cult.  Is this true??? 

See Is the Church a Cult?

1920:  On 11/11/00, Eckhard asked:  Hallo I would like to know  if the Mormons are allowed to work on Sunday in
their company?

No, Latter-day Saints are encouraged to avoid working on Sunday whenever possible. (See Teachings About the Sabbath home page)

1919:  On 11/11/00, Jackie asked:  Having recently come across the reference to baptism for the dead in 1 Cor., 15:29, I am very interested in knowing why this is done? Also, do you know if any churches other than the Mormon church baptize for the dead?

To my knowledge, the LDS Church is the only Church that performs proxy baptisms for the deceased.  For more information on this practice, see Baptism for the Dead.

1918:  On 11/11/00, a visitor asked:  why are there no black elders?i have studying and have not gotten a solid answer,all i can get is that they do other things in the church. please help me

We have many Black elders.   (See Blacks home page)

1917:  On 11/11/00, Erin asked:  I have heard rumors about the "after life."  One rumor not mentioned in the website includes being a god over another planet in the after life.  I have heard this many times from different people, and I have not been able to find tangible facts on it.  If there are there any answers you can give me, they would be much appreciated.

See Godhood

1916:  On 11/11/00, Shelby asked:  Is it true that Mormons are not allowed to drink tea?  Why is this?  I'm just curious.

See Tea

1915:  On 11/11/00, Tara asked:  I am a LDS single mom. My ex-husband is not LDS. What is the Church's policy on baptism of my children? Will they allow this without the permission of their father?  I know that should I ever remarry my ex-husband will not allow my new spouse to adopt my children. Does this mean there is no way for me children to be sealed to me? (before they reach the age of 18 - when I assume they can make this decision themselves).

Your Bishop can tell you present Church policy on both of these issues.  I believe that as long as you have at least joint legal custody of your children, you may authorize their baptism and sealing.

1914:  On 11/11/00, Sylvia asked:  My name is Sylvia and I am a college student working on a term paper on "Mormons and their beliefs and teachings on abortion.

See Abortion

1913:  On 11/11/00, Britt asked:     I am a member of the church and received my patriarchal blessing at 16. Since then I have moved several times and amidst it all cannot find my copy of my blessing. Can you tell me how to go about getting another copy?

See Patriarchal Blessings

1912:  On 11/11/00, a visitor asked:  What is the Mormon Hierarchy?

See Church Organization and Priesthood Authority home page

1911:  On 11/11/00, Joan asked:  My husband divorced me two years ago, he broke his temple covenants and the marriage covenants through an affair.  My question is, if i do not have the opportunity to remarry on this earth, and due to my aga I may not, I have been told a partner will be assigned in the eternities?  how does this happen?  have I been misinformed? Could you please explain this to me?  I would appreciate an answer.  Thank you

While the right to live in an exalted state is earned and bestowed by God on an individual basis, the blessings of eternal life cannot be enjoyed alone.  They are possessed only by couples joined in Eternal Marriage.  If a person is worthy of exaltation, but his or her spouse is not worthy (or he or she is not married), then the worthy individual may be allowed to choose a new eternal companion from among those who were deemed worthy.  In eternity, spouses are not assigned by the Church any more than they are here on earth.  The doctrine of agency demands that each person choose their own spouse.  In the LDS temple marriage ceremony, a woman is not given in marriage by her father.  She comes to the altar on her own accord.

(See Teachings About the Afterlife home page)

1910:  On 11/11/00, Lisa asked:  I am Catholic, so I do not know much about the Mormon church, but my uncle is a priest in a Catholic church, and supposedly someone told him that in the Mormon church, there is a room that only certain people are aloud into that contains weird satanic symbols and other things. I am in no way criticizing your religion, so please don't take me the wrong way because there is a good chance that I am mistaken.

No, Latter-day Saints don't have any such rooms in our temples or meeting houses.   For a virtual tour of what our temples really look like on the inside, see Temples:  A Virtual Tour.

(See The Exclusion by Misrepresentation

1909:  On 11/11/00, Roger asked:  Hi, I have been a member of LDS church for about three years and I just barely received my temple recommend. My wife passed away about 5 years ago and she was not a member (probably never even heard of the church) I was wondering, what would I have to do to have her sealed to me in the temple. Thanks.

It is a relatively simple procedure that your Bishop can share with you in detail.   Since you now hold a temple recommend and it has been at least one year since your wife passed away, you are now eligible for the sealing to take place.   Bring her vital statistics (full legal name, dates and places of birth/death, etc.) to a family history center and use the TempleReady software.  A worker at the center will be able to help you use the software.  After your wife's name has been properly prepared, you may take it to the temple and have all of her temple ordinances completed, including your sealing. You will need to bring a proxy to stand for your wife (i.e, a female close friend or relative who also holds a temple recommend), but the temple may be able to provide someone if you cannot. 

(See Teachings About the Temple home page)

1908:  On 11/10/00, Mike asked:  What is a Mormon elder?

See Elder

1907:  On 11/10/00, Mark asked:   [Where is the headquarters of the Mormons?]

Salt Lake City, Utah (See The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

1906:  On 11/10/00, Angelini asked:  Is there any official pronouncement by a general authority about Coca Cola?

See Cola Drinks

1905:  On 11/10/00, Amanda asked:  why are there never church ceremonies, church gatherings, or church activities on Christmas Day/Eve to celebrate Christ's birth?  I know that Catholics and many (if not all, I'm not sure) Protestant religions do. 

Latter-day Saints believe that God has commanded us to hold our worship services every Sunday, on the Lord's Sabbath. (See Teachings About the Sabbath home page).  If Christmas falls on a Sunday, then worship services will be held as usual.  Likewise, since Easter always falls on a Sunday, we always have an Easter service.  If Christmas does not fall on a Sunday, then most congregations will hold a Christmas service the Sunday prior to the event.  For Latter-day Saints, the family is the basic unit of the Church (See Teachings About the Family home page).  Whether Christmas falls on Sunday or not, Church members are encouraged to spend the day gathered with their families worshipping and remembering the Lord Jesus Christ in their own homes.  In addition, the First Presidency of the Church holds a special service every December to give an annual Christmas message. (See Christmas)

1904:  On 11/10/00, Richard asked:  What is the LDS Church position on "Suicide" and how does one handle a situation when one comes into contact with an LDS family when one of their members has committed suicide?

See Suicide

1903:  On 11/10/00, Denver asked:  I have wondered what the church's position is on caffenated sodas.  Some say yes some say no.  If the church does have a stance I would like to know.

See Cola Drinks

1902:  On 11/10/00, a visitor asked:   I'm doing a school report about Mormons. Can you please tell me the reason
behind multiple marriages? Thank you very much.

See What is the Purpose of Plural Marriage?

1901:  On 11/10/00, Charlotte asked:  who is [Jesus] ? Is he God? Is he an angel? What attributes does he have? Was he mortal? Is he mortal now or spiritual, or both? Was he made in the image of God? If God is eternal is Jesus eternal? Was Jesus always present?

See Teachings About Jesus Christ home page

1900:  On 11/10/00, Jon asked:  In Sunday School this morning the question was brought up whether or not parents would be able to raise their children, that have died, in the next life.  That brought up the question of the resurrection of children who die under the age of eight.  At what age of body are they resurrected?  At the age they died.  Or as adults.

See Salvation of Children

1899:  On 11/10/00, Allison asked:  I have a question about Mormon families. Why are families so central to LDS beliefs? Why is the raising of children so important? Any and all information you could provide would be most helpful.

See Teachings About the Family home page

1898:  On 11/10/00, John asked:  may i ask for your  views on mixed marriages between a Mormon male and a Catholic girl.

See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers

1897:  On 11/09/00, Michael asked:  During a recent conversation I was once asked what happened to the
Golden Plates the Joseph Smith translated and where are they now.

See Gold Plates

1896:  On 11/09/00, Edgar asked: I've been a member for some time and the question I have is: how extensively
does the church agree with Capital Punishment?

See Capital Punishment

1895:  On 11/09/00, Craig asked:  Is Hunting as a sport a sin?  I'm sorry if this also confuses you.

See Hunting

1894:  On 11/09/00, a visitor asked:  I was baptized LDS at age twelve.  I was ex-communicated, at my own request, at age twenty two.  I still respect the Church and its members, just don't subscribe to its teachings.  Am I now considered one of the "Sons of Perdition"?

See Sons of Perdition

1893:  On 11/09/00, a visitor asked:  To tell you the truth I'm a semi catholic, but I'm really in love with a girl whos is Mormon now reading some of the articles in this site? what do think of me dating her. I'm a very good person I believe in god, as in the good of people and i still love her even if she cant go out until she's 16.

See Dating and Marrying Nonmembers

1892:  On 11/09/00, a visitor asked:  I need scriptural or quotes from general authorities, really scripture, about
Blacks as soon as possible please.

See Blacks

1891:  On 11/09/00, Neil asked:  hi, I'm 10 years old. i don't want to be like god, he probably dosnt want that either.  maybe you shouldn't try to be like him, he's god.

Actually, not only does God want us to become like him, he has commanded us to become like him.   The Book of Mormon teaches:

"And know ye that [the apostles and prophets] shall be judges of this people, according to the judgment which I [Jesus Christ] shall give unto you, which shall be just. Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am." (3 Nephi 27:27)

(See Godhood)

1890:  On 11/09/00, a visitor asked:  I ...would like to know if your religion believes that woman can be bishops?

No, since women can't hold the priesthood, they can't be ordained to any priesthood office, including Bishop.  (See Why Can't Women Be Ordained to the Priesthood?)

1889:  On 11/09/00, a visitor asked:  I have been told by some of your members that there is two distinct branches of your religion.  One is reconstructed LDS who believe in having more than one wife and the other believes this is an incorrect teaching which was never taught by Joseph Smith.

See Schismatic Groups

 1888:  On 11/09/00, Klodian asked:  I need to have an analysis on good and evil from the Mormons point of view. 
if you could help me it will be great

See Evil

1887:  On 11/09/00, David asked:  I have a question to ask.  Do the The Latter Day Saints believe in circumcision and why? 

See Circumcision

(See Question and Answer home page; Question and Answer 40)

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