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Response to Questions about the Book of Mormon

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"Even if. every parallel [in the Book of Mormon] were the purest coincidence, we would still have to explain how the Prophet contrived to pack such a dense succession of happy accidents into the scriptures he gave us. Where the world has a perfect right to expect a great potpourri of the most outrageous nonsense, and in anticipation has indeed rushed to judgment with all manner of premature accusations, we discover whenever ancient texts turn up to offer the necessary checks and controls, that the man was astonishingly on target in his depiction of general situations, in the almost casual mention of peculiar oddities, in the strange proper names, and countless other unaccountable details.... As the evidence accumulates, it is not the Prophet but his critics who find themselves with a lot of explaining to do."
—Hugh Nibley, The Prophetic Book of Mormon (1989), 325-26

"Proofs" of the Book of Mormon:

Claims for origin of Book of Mormon

Discussions about the Book of Mormon

Responses to Criticism:

  • Reformed Egyptian - William J. Hamblin addresses the criticism that there is no language known as "reformed Egyptian."
  • Trouble at River City - A somewhat humorous look at Book of Mormon criticism by Reuben Dunn.
  • A Scholar Looks at the Evidences for the Book of Mormon - Daniel C. Peterson speaks about some of the evidences for the Book of Mormon.
  • Basic Methodological Problems with the Anti-Mormon Approach to the Geography and Archaeology of the Book of Mormo - William J. Hamblin analyzes issues of the difficulties of reconstructing ancient geographies, problems with the discontinuity of Mesoamerican toponyms, the historical development of the idea of a Limited Geography Model, and difficulties of textual and artifactual interpretation when trying to relate the Book of Mormon to archaeological remains.
  • On Alma 7:10 and the Birthplace of Jesus Christ - One of the most popular anti-Mormon claims is that the Book of Mormon gives the wrong location for the birth of Jesus Christ. This paper by Daniel C. Peterson, Matthew Roper, and William J. Hamblin addresses that crticism.
  • Comments on the Book of Mormon Witnesses - In spite of the fact that they never denied their testimony, Anti-Mormons frequently attack the testimony of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon because they later left the Church. This paper by Matthew Roper examines specific criticisms made by the Anti-Mormons Jerald and Sandra Tanner..
  • The Latest Strawman - William J. Hamblin responds to Stephen E. Thompson's 1994 review of Review of Books on the Book of Mormon . He concludes "The failure of those who reject the historicity of the Book of Mormon to respond cogently to the increasing body of evidence and argument supporting historicity is becoming painfully apparent."

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