"For the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light..."

Church History Criticism

A Response to Mormonism--Shadow or Reality?
This is a response to Jerald and Sandra Tanner's Mormonism--Shadow or Reality? The letter discusses the validity of the historical analysis used in the work.

Mormonism and the Occult?
Michael Griffith compares some early LDS practices with similar Biblical practices.

Legal Trials of Joseph Smith
"Joseph Smith believed that his enemies perverted legal processes, using them as tools of religious persecution against him, as they had been used against many of Christ's apostles and other past martyrs." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

Fulfilled Prophesies of Joseph Smith
Jeff Lindsay discusses some of the prophetic predictions of Joseph Smith.

How Could a Prophet Believe in Moonmen?
Van Hale examines the assertion that Joseph Smith believed that the moon was inhabited.


Blood Atonement
"From the days of Joseph Smith to the present, wicked and evilly-disposed persons have fabricated false and slanderous stories to the effect that the Church, in the early days of this dispensation, engaged in a practice of blood atonement whereunder the blood of apostates and others was shed by the Church as an atonement for their sins." Mormon Doctrine

Mountain Meadows Massacre
A description of what may be considered the most unfortunate incident in the history of the LDS Church, the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

"The reality of Danites in Missouri in 1838 is both less and more than the stereotype." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

Forgeries of Historical Documents
"The possibility of forgery must be considered by all historians as they ponder their evidence and by archivists as they build their collections." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

Kinderhook Plates
".....a forgery used to try to embarrass Joseph Smith." 

Black Mormons and the Priesthood

Black Mormons

The Godhead