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Etiquette Answers

1) When in a dark theater, and the usher is directing you to your seat, the girl should (b) walk behind the usher and her date should follow her.

2) When in a dark theater, and there is no usher, the girl should (a) walk behind her date. The girl always follows the usher or maitre d' if one is present. If there is no one to show the way, the girl follows as the boy leads.

3) When a girl is getting into a car, she should (c) go in sideways.

4) When being introduced to your date's parents, you should (a) wait for them to shake your hand.

5) When meeting people in your home, you should (b) extend your hand to shake their's.

6) When introducing your date to your mom, you should (b) first say, "Mom, this is my date Chris."

Introduction checklist: 1) Honor the most important person in your life. Say his or her name first and then mention others. 2) Honor you father and your mother. Say their names first and then the names of all those who are being introduced. 3) It is nice to add an item of interest about those who are being introduced. It gives new acquaintances something to talk about. 4) When you are being introduced, listen to the name and reply, "How do you do, So-and-so," or "Hello, So-and-so," or give a sincere expression of how happy you are to meet him or her. 5) Smile. Look people directly in the eye. A firm handshake is best, not an arm pump or a wet sponge hand. A girl may offer her hand to a man in her own home or in a Church setting.

7) If you have a date with a good friend and someone you've had your eye on asks you out for the same night, you should (c) tell him or her that you can't go because you already have plans, but you would love to go some other time. (You could also give that person a personalized raincheck for a date that can be redeemed the next weekend or some another time you're available).

8) When a walking up a flight of stairs, (a) the girl should walk in front of her date.

9) When walking down a flight of stairs, (b) the boy should walk in front of his date. (This is done so he can catch her if she trips and falls).

10) When walking on a sidewalk that is along a road, (b) the boy should walk closer to the street.

11) When saying good night, (a) never kiss on the first date.  The problem with kissing on the first date is that it can send the wrong message. It might say, "I'm really just interested in the physical physical part of our relationship."  Your date may even think that it means you kiss everyone you date, which doesn't make them feel very special.  Church leaders say that it is appropriate to kiss during dating, but keep it brief and simple. Any physical affection beyond this kind of kissing is only appropriate in marriage.  As physical affection tends to grow in relationships, it is a good idea to hold back the last appropriate step for a very long time.

While it is a great idea not to kiss on the first date, there may be a few exceptions to this... For example, if the two have already been very good friends for a long time but have never gone on an official "date" before. (d) gets half points.   It is up to the people involved whether or not they kiss (whether the first date or any other).  We all have our agency.  You should not feel pressured to kiss at all during dating.  Your date cannot make the decision for you.   If you decide to kiss (at anytime during dating), keep it calm and special. A kiss is a symbol of love and friendship and should not be given out to everyone like candy. There is no reason to reward a pleasant evening with physical affection. The pleasure of each other's company is its own reward.

See the Passionate Kissing article for quotes by President Spencer W. Kimball and others about appropriate and inappropriate kissing.

A girl lets a boy assist her with her coat, car doors, down dark theater aisles, and over stormy paths. A girl gives her date every opportunity to treat her well. In return, she is appreciative, gracious, kind, and flexible to his plans. The guy looks for opportunities to show his date respect. He helps his date with doors and chairs. If she leaves the dinner table for a moment, he stands, out of respect. When approaching a door, a girl checks the location of the door knob, determines if the door swings in or out, and steps out of the way so he can open it without blacking her eye. He usually lets her pass through the doorway first, unless the door is unusually heavy and difficult to hold with one hand. In that case, he steps through first and holds the door so she may enter safely.

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