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Bible Night

Bible Parables--discuss Bible parables and what they mean to us today. Use three or four of them and get into them in full detail. Use the dictionary to see what the word choice tells us. Read what Apostles and/or Prophets have said about those stories.

Read the New Testament all of the way through. Serve food with Bible names or from the Old World, like Peter's Fishsticks, pomegranate, figs, dates, Caesar's salad, Red Jell-O (then you have to part the Red Sea), unleavened bread, Sahara Dessert (see Desserts and Fun Foods to Make for ideas), Oasis tray (set up broccoli and cauliflower "trees" around and place dip in the middle). Dress up for the activity.  When you get worn out, take a break sharing Bible Humor

Bible Stories--take any Bible story and retell it in modern times. Tell it using youth names or hypothetical people. Use actors, if you would like. Or, do a reader's theater using the Bible as your script. Or reenact a story in the original setting.

Find symbols in the Bible and learn all you can about them--use the Bible Topical Guide, Bible Dictionary, a regular dictionary, books by prophets and apostles, etc. See Think About It

Memorize all (or just Old or New Testament) of the Seminary Bible scriptures and have a contest on who can memorize the most. Make up stories, pictures, jokes, dances, rhymes, etc. to help you memorize the words.

Memorize all of the missionary Bible scriptures (and do the same thing as for the Seminary scriptures)

Have everyone prepare to share a favorite Bible story and what lessons it teaches or their favorite scripture and why they like it

Learn about Bible geography, have a speaker talk about the Holy Land (and a slide show or video), learn about Jewish culture, Roman law in Jesus' day

Watch live action or animated Bible videos and eat popcorn or another snack

Make lists of goals based on the Bible scriptures or stories you watched or read

Sing "As I Search the Holy Scriptures" (#277), "" (CS ), "Follow the Prophet" (CS 110), "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus" (CS 57) "Search, Ponder and Pray" (CS 109), "The Books in the Old Testament" (CS 114), "The Books in the New Testament" (CS 116), etc.  There are others as well.

Make a puppet show about Christ's 40 days in the Old World and practice it--ask your Primary President if you can perform it for the primary children in December (the theme is about having faith in the Resurrected Christ)

Pick your favorite prophet and learn all you can about his life, his prophesies, and any modern visitations

Solve the Bible Puzzle

See this web site for bible quizzes- Bible study entertainment

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