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The Blessings of the Priesthood

(To be used with one of the lessons about the priesthood)

Magnifying the Priesthood Activity

Read portions of "Partakers of the Glories"--President Elaine L. Jack (November '96 Ensign p. 76)

Have a play in which a girl wonders how the priesthood has blessed her life.  She then gets to look back on various parts of her life (birth--mother was blessed before she gave birth, name and a blessing, baptism, a time during which she was very sick, issued callings, direction from her father which was benenficial, school blessings--especially when changing schools or moving, patriarchal blessing, help deciding what to do with her life, brother blessed when in an accident, etc.)  She then realizes how blessed she has been to have the influence of righteous priesthood holders in her life.

Invite fathers to share what the priesthood is, how they use it, and what it means to them.

Have each girl come prepared to tell stories of how the priesthood has blessed her life

Read the oath and covenant of the Priesthood and express what a serious commitment it is, either to give great blessings or great condemnation

Read what the duties and powers are of the Aaronic Priesthood

Have each girl make a list of who she knows who holds the priesthood and should be supported in this very serious commitment. Remind the girls that the young men hold the priesthood and that they need to be supported, too. "Even (twelve year old boy’s name here) holds the keys of the ministering of angels."

Brainstorm ideas for ways the girls can support the priesthood more

Do something special for the Young Men, Bishopric, or other Priesthood group that could use some support or thanks--cookies, letters of gratitude or admiration, surprise packages to their houses, kindness coupons

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