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Bride's Night

Washington D.C. Temple

Invite girls and their mothers (and fathers) with a wedding invitation

Decorate the room like it is a reception

Put temple pictures--both inside and outside shots--on the walls

Discuss dating standards (see Dating section)

Have each girl make a list of traits she wants in her husband

Show modest wedding dresses and garment appropriate outfits. Show where garment lines are and give the requirements for temple dresses (long sleeve, up to the neck, down to the floor, no iridescent sequins, no full slips, not really flashy, only white--contact your temple matron for more details).

Have a newlywed speak to the girls about her temple wedding and bear her testimony about the importance of temple marriage

Have each of the mothers share a little bit about their temple wedding or why she wants to have an eternal family

Invite the Temple Matron to speak and bear her testimony about the temple's importance

Sing "I Love to see the Temple" or "The Temple Reminds Me"

Give each girl a momento:

A picture of the temple

A padded, decorated hanger for her wedding dress

A white handkerchief and a poem about the temple

The envelope for her endowment packet

The New Era titled "Courtship and Marriage"

The magazine Temples

Have cake, mints, nuts, and punch for dessert

Great punch: 1 can Strawberry (or other) juice concentrate, several scoops of vanilla ice cream, 4 liters of lemon-lime pop

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