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A Year Of Activities
Do It!

President Spencer W. Kimball--President Kimball used to have a sign on his desk with the motto: Do It!

The Prophets and Apostles have told us many things that we should be doing. Get going on them by giving a month for each major message.

January-Read the Book of Mormon

Read one of President Benson's talks on the Book of Mormon

Read the Book or Mormon all of the way through. Serve food with Book of Mormon names, like Secret Combination Punch, Chief Judge fudge, Gadianton Stew, Ishmaellow S'mores, etc. Make the table cloth look like a Title of Liberty. Dress up for the activity.

Book of Mormon Stories--take any Book of Mormon story and retell it in modern times. Tell it using youth names or hypothetical people. Use actors, if you would like. Or, do a reader's theater using the Book of Mormon as your script.

Watch "How Rare A Possession"

Memorize all of the Seminary Book of Mormon scriptures and have a contest on who can memorize the most. Make up stories, pictures, jokes, dances, rhymes, etc. to help you memorize the words.

Memorize all of the missionary Book of Mormon scriptures (and do the same thing as for the Seminary scriptures)

(See Book of Mormon Night for additional ideas)

February-Read the Doctrine and Covenants

Read or Watch one of President Benson's talks on the Doctrine and Covenants

Read the Doctrine and Covenants all of the way through. Dress up in pioneer clothes for the activity and have D & C Refreshments. Serve fried corn meal cakes, honey taffy, oatmeal cookies, etc.

Write a play about the pioneers or the early days of the church

Watch a church video about the early days of the church

Memorize all of the seminary scriptures from the Doctrine and Covenants and have a contest on who can memorize the most. Make up stories, pictures, jokes, dances, rhymes, etc. to help you memorize the words.

Memorize all of the missionary scriptures from the Doctrine and Covenants (and do the same thing as for the Seminary scriptures)

See Doctrine and Covenants Night for more ideas

March-Make the Temple the Symbol of Your Membership

Read President Hunter's talk about the temple or read the magazine Temples.

Learn about the Temple and Temple-worthiness. Design temple-appropriate temple dresses.

Make a decoration that reminds you of the temple. Make padded hangers for your temple dress.

Write in your journal of a time that you went to the temple

See Special Temple Nights and Brides Night


Read what President Kimball said about gardens

Learn about plants and flowers that grow well in your area and make a poster to present what you learned to others.

Plant a Garden

Weed and take care of a garden

Read scripture stories that involve gardening--the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and how they later have to grow their own food, the parable of the olive tree, the stories of the Lord's vineyard, the story of the tree of life, the likening of faith to a seed, the parable of the sower, the parable of the mustard seed

May-Be Self-Sufficient

Learn what various prophets have said about being self-sufficient

Learn how to make jam

Serve at the cannery

Make 72-hour kits

Learn First Aid, make a First Aid kit

Have a Physical Preparedness Night

Learn about food storage techniques and how much to store per person


Learn about the blessings and promises associated with genealogy (there are several conference talks about it)

Learn more about an ancestor's life and share these stories with one another

Start or continue working on your own journal

Learn how to do genealogy

Make a book for your genealogy records

Do You Have My Name?

July-Pioneers-Church History

Read "The Spirit of Prophecy"--Elder L. Aldin Porter (Nov. '96 Ensign p. 23). There are also many articles in the '96 and '97 Ensigns.

Learn how to sew your own pioneer outfits

Learn more about the life of an early Church member

Have a 24th of July celebration. Play pioneer games, have a wagon pull, make honey taffy, etc.

Visit or watch a slide show or movie of a Church history site

August-Share the Gospel

Read "Witnesses of God"--Elder Henry B. Eyring (Nov. '96 Ensign p. 30), "The Savior is Counting on You"--Elder Joe J. Christiansen (Nov. '96 Ensign p. 39), or "We Care Enough to Send Our Very Best"--Bishop Richard C. Edgley (Nov. '96 Ensign p. 62)

Bring friends and less active girls to your activity. Learn about the Plan of Salvation or have a wholesome activity.

Write a page on why you are a Latter-day Saint

Have a Missionary Night

Write your testimony on stationary and put it in a donated Book of Mormon for the missionaries to give away.

Make a Mission jar or Piggy Bank for the youth to start saving for their missions

September-Family Home Evening

Make a FHE kit which contains ideas for activities, cutouts and pictures for lessons, a Family Home Evening Manual, recipes for desserts and special meals, ideas for special occasions, free places to go, and a bag of popcorn

Make several plans for FHE lessons and activities which a youth could carry out. Have everyone volunteer to take charge of the next week's Family Home Evening.

Read the Proclamation on the Family

Read "The Eternal Family"--Elder Robert D. Hales (Nov. Ensign p. 64)

October-Organize Yourselves

Read D & C 88:119

Learn how to clean a kitchen, bathroom, or other part of a house

Learn how to organize papers, books, clothes, shoes, craft materials, etc.

Learn how to use a planner or calendar to plan occasional, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activities

Have an Interior Decorator come and tell how different uses of space, light, shapes, and color can create different moods in a home.

November-Gain the Constant Companionship of the Holy Ghost

Learn more about the Holy Ghost--how his influence is felt, what his purpose is, what we must do to have his constant companionship

Learn how to make your room, your home, your young women's classroom, etc. a place where the Spirit can be felt. Learn about how your words, actions, music, and thoughts can either invite him in or chase him out.

Have each girl prepare for a testimony night by praying every day for a week at least twice, by reading the Book of Mormon daily, and by asking if the Book of Mormon is true. Have each girl spend several minutes on her knees thanking Heavenly Father, asking for blessings, and especially listening. Then have a testimony night. Start with a song ("I Know That My Redeemer Lives"--#136, "I Believe in Christ"--#134). Have each leader and girl bear her testimony. Close with a song ("Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee"--#141, "Testimony"--#137).

Read or watch some of the Conference talks about the Holy Ghost. "Listen by the Power of the Spirit"--Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley (Nov. '96 Ensign p. 4) "Always Have His Spirit"--Dallin H. Oaks (Nov. '96 Ensign p. 59)

December-Tithing and Offerings

Watch "The Windows of Heaven"

Read scriptures relating to tithes and offerings. Learn about where the money goes

Work at the Bishop's storehouse

Fast with a purpose, possibly with all of the young women

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