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Making Home a Heaven

by Jenny Walsh

Choose one or more of the following--or do it for two weeks or even a month's worth of activities to get more done

Decorating--colors, light, crafts, fix-ups, good tips for furniture buying

Setting a good tone--quiet gentle voices, music, pictures of Christ, church magazines available, orderly, clean, fragrant

Activities--baking, cleaning, games, songs, arts, appropriate media use, reading

Gardening--flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs, pruning, weeds, designing beautiful uses of space, trees, places of peace to think, composting, bird feeders, wind chimes

Food--wholesome and tasty recipes, food storage, various ways to cook, good combinations of colors and flavors to gladden the heart, cooking frugally

Good Stewardship--reuse, recycle, use only what you need, be efficient, don't pollute

Music--hymns, Primary songs, good modern and classical pices, fund songs for children, learning songs, activity songs, creative songs, learning instruments, concerts

Strengthening the Family--teaching the gospel in the home, Family Home Evening (see Family Home Evening index, FHE Kits), family fun (see Family Activity Jars)

Fun Traditions--holidays, birthdays, other special days (see Seasons and Holidays)

Service--feed missionaries, make dolls or clothes for premature infants, collect coats and blankets, see Service under Idea Index

Comfort--massage, notes of love, First Aid, CPR, learn ways to help and comfort husband, ways to give appreciation

Record Keeping--journals, calendars, pictures, genealogy

Missionary Work--share gospel and example, FHE with children, neighbors and friends, split-offs with the missionaries, learn all investigator and new member discussions

Develop talents

Learning in the home

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