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So You Want to Marry a Moroni

by Jenny Walsh

I can just imagine Moroni now.

Dear Plates,

And it came to pass that in my twenty and first year, I became captain in the Nephite armies.  I used much strategem in defending the my people against our enemies, the Lamanites.  My best friends, Helaman and Teancum, were valiant supports as we fought in battle.  And then it came to pass that I met this girl . . .

What kind of girl do you think would interest a man like Moroni?   What attributes do you think  that kind of man would really appreciate in a girl? 

Let me introduce to you the idea of a "help meet."   If you look at Genesis 2:18 under the footnote for help meet it says: "i.e. a helper suited to, worthy of, or corresponding to him"  Each man is or should be looking for a woman who corresponds to him--who shares his dreams, goals, and desires, who supports him, who shares many of his attributes and has developed other important attributes that complement him. 

Now that you know this, what did these righteous men hope their wives would be like?  Of course they probably ALL wanted righteous women who were faithful, obedient, and supported them in their righteous endeavors, but let's dig a little deeper.  What do we know about these men? What did they love?  What did they do?  And what attributes would have been especially helpful to each man's unique circumstances?  

Attributes I think these men really appreciated about their wives:

Captain Moroni--loves country, loves family, loves God, keeps covenants, can take care of the family while he's away fighting in wars, good with children, manages a household well, modest, beautiful, studies word of God, prays with faith, intelliegent, serves in callings, attends meetings and keeps commitments, trustworthy

Moroni, son of Mormon--one who will not deny the Christ, stands up to peer pressure, makes home like heaven, modest, virtuous

Adam--wants children, loves Lord, knows Gospel plan, good friend, has proper priorities, shares her testimony with her family, keeps covenants, virtuous, modest

Enoch--pure in heart, loves people not material goods, supports husband's priesthood callings, loves the Lord, serves

Noah--has integrity, supports husband even when no one else believes in him, raises children in gospel truth, does not follow the ways of the world, trust in the Lord and his promises, good with animals

Abraham--believes the promises of the Lord, supports husband as priesthood holder, follows her husband wherever he goes, loves children

Isaac--in covenant (faithful member of the Church, honors covenants, loves God), wants to be wife and mother, serves others, trusts God

Jacob (or Israel)--in covenant (faithful member of the Church, honors covenants, loves God), wants to be wife and mother, accepts doctrine of plural marriage

Moses--believes in God and that he speaks with man, supports husband's priesthood calling, follows husband wherever he leads, believes in him and loves him in spite of opposition, brave, strong, faithful, does not murmur, good at wilderness travel, loves the temple

Lehi--has faith, believes God communicates with man, long-suffering, packs light, rejoices in God, follows husband, camping skills, mothering skills, loves God more than money, loves scriptures, loves family, thankful, keeps commandments, gardens

Nephi--loves to read Isaiah and other scriptures, values record keeping, honors parents, educated, hard-working, doesn't complain during hardships, has faith, obey commandments, sober-minded, in shape, thankful, loves family, not worldly, loves children, gardens, loves the temple

Jacob (brother of Nephi)--takes Gospel as seriously as husband does, fulfills commitments and callings, teaches children the way to return to God, supports hsband's calling, tender, delicate and chaste, humble, loves the temple

King Benjamin--serves others, loves God, loves fellowmen, intelligent, teaches children, humble, willing to labor with her own hands, considers all around her brothers and sisters

King Mosiah--faith in God, loves children even when they go astray, endures to the end, fasts and prays, wise, intelligent, can make own clothes, gardens

Alma the elder--faithful, supports husband's callings and commitments, loves the Lord, loves children even when they go astray, endures to the end, fasts and prays, strong testimony of the Gospel, can grow food

Ammon--loves enemies, missionary spirit, faithful in all things, humble, makes own clothes, can tend flocks and herds, can grow food

Alma the younger--missionary spirit, loves enemies, supports husband going out and preaching for long periods of time, rejects costly apparel, humble, makes her own clothes, can tend flocks and herds, can grow food

Helaman--strong faith in the Lord, testimony of prayer and prophets, can take care of family while husband away at war, makes own clothes, can tend flocks and herds, can grow food

2,000 Stripling Warriors--have faith in God, honor parents, love country and will serve others, honor covenants, faithful in all things, feel motherhood is important

Mormon--righteous in spite of wicked world, supportive of husband's calling, teaches children in righteousness, modest

Read more about these men and think about the women who must have supported them and loved them and encouraged them as they filled their earthly missions.   Are you that kind of woman?  How will you change to become more like a woman of faith?

(You might want to have each girl pick a faithful man in the scriptures and read about him for 10 or 15 minutes silently and then figure out what attributes he would have appreciated in his wife before sharing the above list.  Of course this list is not comprehensive and is only my own conjecture, but there are many things in the scriptures that can help us understand what women did and how faithful women acted even if we don't know their names or much about them personally.)

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