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My Fair Lady

Purpose: to help each young women become more refined, beautiful, graceful, and socially thoughtful.

Learn how to walk while balancing a book on your head (Walk Tall, You're a Daughter of God).

Learn proper etiquette for eating, introducing, telephoning, thanking, dancing, going places, etc.

Practice writing thank you notes (or put them to work thanking someone who has recently given time, services, or goods for a young women activity). (You may want the girls to write thank you notes to Heavenly Father for the blessings He has given and have each girl include the letter in her journal)

Learn how to set tables for fancy dinners.

Learn how to make decorative napkin designs.

Learn to arrange flowers or make tables look beautiful.

Learn how to waltz, or do another graceful dance.

Learn how to shake hands properly.

Learn how to sit appropriately.

Learn how to make people feel interesting and appreciated in a conversation (Learning the worth of Souls).

Learn how to make or buy pretty clothing that doesn't cost too much and how to take care of the clothing.

Learn about using make-up well.

Learn about how to use hairstyles to enhance physical beauty.

Learn to avoid inappropriate behaviors for refined settings (burping loudly, yelling, telling jokes that might embarrass someone, laughing too loud and in an unpleasant way)

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