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Babysitting Fun

Have fun Babysitting without watching a video

Get all the kids lined up by the bathroom mirror and make faces. See who can make the scariest, silliest, craziest, ugliest faces.

Bring some old clothes and play dress up.

Bring an old sheet and make a tent with the couch or a table and some chairs.

Do a dance recital in the kitchen or at a door opening. Pretend the door opening is a stage. Or pretend that you're all famous singers or actors and perform in front of everyone else. Be sure to clap a lot!

Go outside and look at the clouds. Describe them to each other and try to get the others to see which one you're looking at.

Do all of the activity songs in the Children's Songbook.

Give horsey rides, piggy back rides, and Superman rides. (To give a Superman ride, lay down on your back, put your feet on a child's tummy, hold on to the child's hands, and lift the child up with your legs). Airplane rides are similar to Superman rides but you give them turbulence and make up a story about the flight.

Draw or color. Use water colors or markers (washable, of course!).

Play twenty questions.

Play name that tune.

Do aerobics (this helps them go to bed faster).

Play Zoo. Have one person pick and animal and act like it while the others guess what animal the person picked.

(See Babysitting Kits)

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