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Daddy-Daughter Dates

Have a picnic together.

Watch or participate in a sporting event.

Go to museums.

Go out to eat and talk about life.

Ask about what he was like when he was your age and make a personal history book for him based on what you learned.

Do a surprise for Mom, another family member, friend, or neighbor.

Mow the lawn.

Take out the trash.

Barbecue together.

Learn how to fix cars, change oil and tires, or do another maintenance skill.

Paint a room together.

Go boating or do another activity Dad enjoys.

Go grocery shopping and put all of the food away together.

Learn a duet--singing or instrumental and perform it somewhere.

Go hiking.

Cook together.

Work in the garden together.

Harvest foods from the garden together.

Go out to a fancy restaurant. Learn what to do when you're on a date with a boy and how he should treat you.

Take a walk.

Go through pictures.

Clean the garage.

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