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Mother-Daughter Fun

Learn how to sew something together. Have a competitive or cooperative sewing venture with other Mother-Daughter teams.

Cook something together that neither one of you have cooked before.

Design prom dresses.

Learn a song and sing it for Church or an activity.

Get your colors done. Find out what colors look best on you and then find clothes that match those colors.

Learn about new make-up and hairstyles.

Exercise together. Pick a time when Mom doesn't have lots of responsibilities, like early in the morning.

Go out for ice cream (Then exercise together again).

Do mending, ironing, cleaning, or other household chores together. It's much more fun doing it with someone.

Have a Mother-Daughter party and play a "Newlywed"-type game to see how much the daughters and moms know about each others.

Go on a picnic together.

Go to museums or homes of famous people and take a tour.

Watch your favorite sport on TV.

Learn an instrument duet and perform for family, friends or Church.

Look at bridal gowns together and talk about what you would like to do for your wedding.

Talk about boys.

Find out what Mom did when she was little. Make a scrapbook or personal history book for her and put in what you learned about her.

Do genealogy together.

Go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead.

Make a surprise for a family member, friend, or neighbor.

Welcome new neighbors into the neighborhood.

Help someone clean their house in preparation for moving.

Help someone move out or in.

Make a meal for someone who just had a baby or needs some help right now.

Play games with each other.

Just talk.

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