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Party Themes

Hat Party

Salvation Army (or other thrift store)

Wear outfits purchased at a thrift store. Use recipes, chairs, tables, radios, tablecloths, or other items purchased at a thrift store.

50's party

Famous people, friends, or couples party

Show up looking like movie stars, music stars, historical figures, famous writers, teachers that everyone knows, or characters in books.

South of the Border

Serve Mexican food, wear Mexican clothing, listen to Mexican music, etc.

Pajama party

Everyone shows up in modest pajamas and eats midnight snacks, even if it isn't midnight

Elderly party

Visit grandparents, elderly ward members, or a senior center and bring a party to them. Listen to their favorite kinds of music, dance with them, serve food they enjoy, and make sure that everyone has a fun time.

January in July

Wear January clothes to the party and serve food that you would normally eat in January--hot chocolate, chili, etc.

July in January

Wear shorts and short sleave shirts, eats salads, fruit, grilled hamburgers, ice cream, or other summery foods.

Nerd Party

Wear the least matching, nerdiest clothes you can find. Try to discuss only intellectual subjects the entire time--if you can!

Backwards party

Dress backwards, start with dessert, sit on chairs set backwards around the table, wear name tags with names written backwards, etc.

Tacky Party

Decorate with tacky decorations, wear tacky clothes, etc.

Short/Tall Party

Arrange the seats so it will alternate between short and tall people. Have short and long carrot sticks, celery sticks, etc. Eat hot dogs, some that are cut in half and some that are kept long. Wear clothes that are too long or short for you. Sit in very tall and very short chairs. Play games that require you to write with very big and very little pens or pencils. Make stilts for the shorter people.

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