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Congratulations on your call to the Young Women's organization. This is an exciting calling and a great and serious work. Your behavior and attitudes as a Young Women's leader can greatly affect the girls you lead. You have a great and exciting responsibility to help the young women progress in the Gospel and prepare to fulfill their divine roles. I hope this site will help inspire you to be the best leader you can be.

As you serve in your calling, read over the Young Women Leadership Handbook and make sure you follow the counsel given. Pray before you interact with the girls. Pray for the girls individually every day. Use the class presidency to organize activities. Let them lead and serve.

President Thomas S. Monson's talk at the 1997 General Young Women's Meeting reminded me that we need to love each girl individually. When we truly love each girl, we will pray for her individually, listen to her attentively, stay on top of our responsibilities better, be more aware of her needs, and be more able to help if she needs help. If we make mistakes, our love can help overcome those weaknesses.

YW Leader resources on



Getting Started

YW Leader Resources (official LDS site)
I have a great testimony that these new handbooks are inspired and studying and following them will help us be our most effective and most inspired selves.

Teachings about Teaching from President Ezra Taft Benson
I am deeply concerned about what we are doing to teach the Saints at all levels the gospel of Jesus Christ as completely and authoritatively as do the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants. By this I mean teaching the "great plan of the Eternal God," to use the words of Amulek (Alma 34:9).

Advice From a "Retiring" YW President

Young Women Leader "Survival Kit"--somewhat tongue in cheek but it could really come in handy anyway!

Presidency Helps--written for primary presidencies, but many things are the same

How Do I . . .?

How do I ease the transition from Young Women's to Relief Society?

How do I help the girls keep up with Personal Progress?

How do I help the girls remember to pray and study the scriptures daily?

How do I help girls with non-member parents?

How do I adapt to work with a blind Young Woman?

How do I adapt to work with a deaf Young Woman?

How do I welcome new Beehives in?

How do I train the YW to be good leaders? (Leadership Training Ideas)

How do I work better with Young Men Leaders?

When a girl has done all her age group value experiences, for example 1st year Beehive, can she start working on the next year before her birthday?--No.   Continue working on the age-group goals, finish up previous year goals, or set other goals while waiting for the next birthday.

What specific things can I do to help my youth presidency members be good leaders?  (See Leadership Training Ideas)

Personal Progress

Laurel Projects

More Laurel Projects

Personal Progress Tips for Young Women

How do I help the girls keep up with Personal Progress?  (See also the Personal Progress section)


Planning With A Purpose Worksheet
This can help the youth plan activities with a purpose and in an orderly fashion.


Presidency and Board Meetings


YW Opening Exercises


Get to Know Your Girls--A Questionnaire
This could be fun for a slumber party or a friendshipping/fellowshipping activity. Use this to construct interesting activities which will meet the girls' needs or to introduce the girls to each other during each activity in a spotlight book.

Questions About Moral Standards and Dating
Sometimes it's hard for youth to think of their questions about morality and dating when they're asked to come up with some for a panel or discussion with the Bishop. These may jog someone's memory or be exactly what someone wanted to know but was too shy to ask. (see Answers About Moral Standards and Dating)

In Touch
Leaders can more effectively serve if they understand the concerns and needs of those that they serve. This questionnaire is designed for stake leaders to receive feedback from ward leaders, but may be changed for other leaders to receive feedback from those that they serve.

The Family: A Proclamation to the World
Now available at the official Church site.

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