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children playingCaring for the Souls of Children
Patricia P. Pinegar exhorts members to better care for each individual child

Role of Children in the Church
"Latter-day Saints believe that children are spirit sons and daughters of God who have come to earth with their own divine inheritances and identities. Parents, with the support of the Church, are responsible for nurturing the divine and righteous attributes of their children and for helping them develop love for God and fellow beings. Through love and prayerful guidance, parents can help children learn that they have a potential for greatness and goodness, and that life on earth has purpose and eternal consequences." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

Born in the Covenant
Children born to the couple after this marriage are automatically sealed to their parents eternally and are spoken of as having been "born in the covenant."

Children and the Family
Elder W. Eugene Hansen discusses the importance of the family.

Adoption of Children
"The adoption of children is common among members of the Church. This is no doubt in part a concomitant of the Church's opposition to abortion and its emphasis on the central importance of the family." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

Blessing of Children
"The blessing itself is to be given as dictated by the Spirit and may contain prophecy concerning the child's future, a statement of gifts or promises, and instruction or promises to the parents or siblings of the child." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

Salvation of Children
"In Latter-day Saint doctrine children are to be instructed in the principles of the gospel and baptized when eight years of age (D&C 68:25-27). They are then responsible to adhere to the teachings of the Church relative to obtaining salvation. Before that time they are considered "infants" or "little children" and are not required to be baptized. They are considered "alive in Christ" and are "whole" (Moro. 8:8-12; JST, Matt. 18:10-11)." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

When Does the Spirit Enter the Womb?
"The time of quickening is when the mother feels the life of her unborn infant."  President Joseph Fielding Smith

Will a Miscarried Child Be Resurrected?
"..... it would appear that the only ones to know if a particular miscarried child will be resurrected are the child's mother and her Heavenly Father." W. John Walsh

Stillborn Children
We can look forward with hope and anticipation for the resurrection of stillborn children.


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