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Creative Ways to Accept a Date

Make a poster with your answer and cut it into a puzzle. Put it in an envelope and write on the front, "Puzzled about my answer? Don't go to pieces. You'll put it together soon."

Have a singing telegram delivered to their door with the answer. Get a friend to be the singer. He or she will cost much less than a normal singing telegram service would.

Fill up a closet, a room, or his car with balloons with your answer on it.

Pick out all of the conversation hearts that say "Yes," "Why Sure," and "Why Not?" and give them to him in a heart-shaped container.

Make paper foot prints that go from his front door to a place where you set up your answer.

"Je voudrais aller avec toi parce que je pense que nous allons nous amuser." I would like to go with you because I think we are going to have fun. I would like to go with you because I think we are going to have fun. Give a long answer using a different language or code and give him the English/other language dictionary to translate it. (I would like to go with you because I think we are going to have fun.)

Tape all of the yes's, yea's, okay's and other affirmative answers from songs on the radio. Give him a tape filled with "Yea, okay, yes, uh huh." There's also a music group called Yes if you felt like buying a tape or CD to respond.

Make a pizza and write yes using the toppings.

Write Yes in frosting on a ice cream cake.

Give a jar of M & M's with a note that says, if there are more reds than greens, I'll go to _______ with you."

Write the answer in code and give a decoder.

Write the message in glow in the dark tape on his ceiling. Make sure it gets enough light so it will glow.

Cut out the letters for the message from the newspaper and mail it from an unidentifiable place. Or, write a letter giving your answer, shred it, and send him the letter in a package.

Take an overhead picture of all of your friends lying on the ground forming the word YES.

Make footprints in the snow in his yard spelling the word yes.

Decorate his car: wrap it in plastic wrap with the answer underneath the wrap, toilet paper it, brown bag it and decorate the bags to say the answer, etc.

Make the word yes appear in lights. Stick the lights through holes in a cardboard panel and light them from your window or at his front door.

Make him go on a scavenger hunt for the answer.

Give a Cracker Jack box with the answer as the prize.

Start writing the answer in the center of the page and then spiral outward to the edge.

Give a mind teaser over a period of days with the answer hinting about your anser or where the answer can be found.

Make up a find-a-word puzzle. Use words that relate to dating. The remaining letters, when unscrambled, form your answer.

Write the answer in onion juice. To read it he must hold the paper close to a light bulb which burns the onion juice and reveals your answer.

Get pink balloons filled with helium, and tape wings on all of them, and buy plastic pig noses, and put it around them, and put a sign that says, "i will go to _____ with you, when pigs can fly"  and the pigs will be flying, so it is a yes.~Reg

Get a can of spaghettiO's and open them, give them to the person with a sign on them that says, "count the number of spaghettio's if the number is even, yes, and if the number is odd no."  before you give it to them, dump out the speghettio's, put a bag in the bottom, that has a piece of paper in side that says this," if the number is odd feel free to eat some, until the number is even, because i really want to go with you."  then put the spaghetiio's back in the can.~Reg

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