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Fun Things to do on a date

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So you've asked someone out... Now what?

"So, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know. What do you want to do?"

Here are some ideas to get you started. If it is your first time out, check out our first date page too.


It is always good to work food into the equation. More tips for where to eat on a date. You can also do something fun like have a "no utencils" meal where you make something messy like spagetti and have to eat everything with your hands.


While it might not seem obvious at first, doing a service project together can actually be a great date. For example you could volunteer at the library to do storytelling for a hour. Doing service together is a great way to learn about each other without feeling self-conscious. Learn more about service.

Develop Talents Together

It's always fun to try to learn something new. Learning how to juggle or rollerblade or draw as a date activity are examples of some things you might try. The cool part is that when you learn something together it gives you a good excuse to hang out again if everything goes well. Learn more about developing talents.


Don't confuse entertainment with watching a movie. Watching a movie is not very creative and can end up being expensive too. Here is a whole list of entertainment dates that are not expensive and still fun.

  1. Take a hike in the woods
  2. Go "people watching" at the mall
  3. Go exploring around some Historical Sites
  4. Go to the mall and pretend to shop for something (like an engagement ring or a car)
  5. Go to an art museum
  6. Walk down a busy road eating M & M's and wave at the cars that are the same color as the M & M you just ate.
  7. Have a grass fight
  8. Make paper boats and float them down a stream or pond
  9. Play cops and robbers.
  10. Have a water balloon fight.
  11. Make and fly paper airplanes.
  12. Create "fine" art (finger painting, jewelry making, play dough)
  13. Play hopscotch in an empty parking lot.
  14. Make kites and fly them at a park
  15. Play croquet in the dark using flashlights.
  16. Have a nerd contest. Set a dollar limit and go to a thrift shop. Then go somewhere wearing the outfits you bought.
  17. Do improvisational games together and with a large group.
  18. Go to a friend's or relative's concert or performance. Rate them using the star system.
  19. Give your own concert for friends or family.
  20. Go to the dress rehearsal of a play. They're often open to the public the afternoon before a play starts and they're usually free.
  21. Check out your favorite childhood books from the library and read them to each other.
  22. Go ice blocking (sliding down big hills on a large block of ice--check for permission first).
  23. Take a drive in a canyon or through a scenic area.
  24. Have a bonfire/corn roast. Get permission to use someone's field. Notify local fire department.
  25. Climb a trees.
  26. Play charades.
  27. Have a sword fight with utensils or empty wrapping paper rolls.
  28. Go caroling, even if it isn't around Christmas.
  29. Play board games (Balderdash, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Encore, Scattergories, etc.)
  30. Perform lip syncs.
  31. Make a spoof video and post it on YouTube.
  32. Go to a baseball game late (you usually get in for free).
  33. Make snow sculptures.
  34. Build and igloo or fort.
  35. Write letters to friends who are far away.
  36. Play video games together (Dance Dance Revolution is a great date game).
  37. Make presents for an upcoming birthday or holiday.
  38. Be a singing telegram service for friends on Valentine's day or someone's birthday (the more goofy the lyrics the better)
  39. Play balloon volleyball inside with yarn for a net.
  40. Watch an outdoor movie (using a sheet and a projector)
  41. Make "cars" out of cardboard boxes and make the outdoor movie into a "drive-in" movie by sitting in the "cars" while you watch.
  42. day hike and picnic
  43. Regressive dinner (start with desert and work backwards to the salad)
  44. Play mini-golf
  45. Go to salvation army/deseret industries and pick out a "special outfit" that the other person has to wear for the rest of the date.
  46. Make pizza (this can be a competition if it's a group date)
  47. Play Pictionary with pudding instead of pencils
  48. Feet painting (can be made into a competition for group dates)
  49. Paper airplane contest (whoever can build an airplane that flies the farthest has to buy the other person desert)


Group Date Ideas

3 legged soccer

Go on a random picnic:
Assign the guys or girls to each make a picnic dinner. Join up as a group and
have a number assigned to each basket. Have the group who did not prepare the
food, draw a number out of a bowl. This person then eats with the person whose
basket number they chose

Scavenger Hunt:
Scavenger Hunts have always been fun dates. Here is a list of variations on
the traditional Scavenger Hunt!

Go on a prearranged scavenger hunt to the Mall. Have a prearragned list of
things to go find and a time limit to find them in!Make sure to get a
signature of the sales clerk after finding or doing each item on the list!
(Ex.  Go to the sunglass store and find the most expensive pair of sunglasses,
go into a particular store and sing "We wish You A Merry Christmas"-get a
signature, see how many times your date can go up and down the escalator in 1
minute, go into the arcade-spend .25 and see how many tickets you can get,
etc.) then they went and had fun pictures taken at the mall.

Go on a Video Scavenger hunt: Assign each team a video camera ( 2 teams)
and a list of things they have to video tape. Some examples might be: Tying a
childs shoe, flushing a toilet, video a family eating dinner, a dog barking,
etc...the odder the better!

Do a bigger, better, best scavenger hunt: assign each team with a pencil
and a section of homes to go to. When you get to the door ask the person if
they have something bigger or better than the pencil you have. Then take that
item in exchange for the pencil to the next home. Either do this as a timed
scavenger hunt or have an assigned number of homes to go to. Then take what
ever you end up with and donate it to a local thrift shop or shelter.

Halloween scavenger hunt:
Must go to a cemetary and video tape head stones with certain dates on them:
for example find a head stone with the date 1905 on it. Etc

Halloween scavenger hunt 2:
hide clues all over your town. Make sure to get permission from business
owners to hide clues on their property. Hide clues at a morturary, cemetary,
and other spooky places! Make sure that all are comfortable in hunting around
a cemetary. A note on these: Cemetaries are sacred places, make sure you act
You can make up a scavenger hunt for almost any holiday or season! Be creative
and have fun!

Have a sound scavenger hunt.video tape or tape record different sounds: a
train horn, a cash register, a toilet flushing..etc.

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