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Turning Hearts

Learn how to use the Family History Center nearest you. Have someone give a talk about the blessings of genealogy work. (Have a follow up activity in which you actually bring names and submit them for temple ordinances. Then for a youth or family temple trip, do the work).

Decorate a notebook for a journal or for holding family history information. (For ideas of what to write about, see Journal Jars)

Decorate Valentines for family members--mention specific things about each family member that you love about them (To prepare for this activity, the girls should be asked to watch their family members for a few weeks to find good things about each person)

Make I love you coupons for family members, which entitle the recipient to specific acts of service to be willingly rendered by the giver.

Have a presentation about the temple and about doing work for the dead. Talk about preparing to enter the temple, both for baptisms and for receiving their endowments in the future.

Learn how to interview family members to get family history information. Combine with a writing workshop to teach writing down family stories. Then collect family stories and share copies with other family members.

Gather family related scriptures and print them in paper booklets. Put a scripture on each page and leave a space to write thoughts and feelings about that scripture. Fill out the booklets in a YW activity.

Discuss ways to give service in the home, now and in the future. Use quotes by prophets emphasizing the role of women in the home and the righteous influence she can have there.

Learn how to make an ethnic food from each of the countries the young women of the ward came from. Invite mothers, fathers, grandparents, or older siblings to come help.

Hold a YW/Family picnic or a Daddy-Daughter or Mother-Daughter "Date". Hand out ideas for fun and family activities. (See the Family Home Evening Resource Book for more ideas)

Have a night for learning skills that wives and mothers need. Skills might include financial budgeting and paying bills, grocery shopping for economy, nutrition, and taste, learning how to take care of little children, infant and child CPR, basic cooking skills, decorating, musical or artistic talents,

Have a What Kind of Man Do You Want to Marry? Night

Have a LDS Marriage counselor or the Bishop come and talk about preparing for marriage and resolving conflicts within marriage so it can last for eternity

Make a FHE bag which contains ideas for activities, cutouts and pictures for lessons, a Family Home Evening Manual, recipes for desserts and special meals, ideas for special occasions, free places to go, and a bag of popcorn. Make several plans for FHE lessons and activities which a young woman could carry out. Have everyone volunteer to take charge of the next week's Family Home Evening.

Share ideas for fun family traditions. Have each person provide a handout so each girl will leave with a packet of ideas for her own family traditions.